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Discover & Publish

Circleboom's Publish Tool makes it easy for you to discover new contents and publish them.

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Save time by automating your content

Select your area of interests

We’ve curated more than a thousand of blogs and websites and filed them in more than 300 categories. Once you select your area of interests, you can post your articles immediately to Twitter, you may schedule them to a future date, and even more, you can put them into a Queue and call it a day or month 🙂

Set your posting times and post frequency

Circleboom puts your articles to the posting queue with a precise timing by using your post frequency, start time and end time settings. If you have more items than your daily post settings, we put them to the next day's queue for the exact same time period.[2]

Add Articles to Your Queue

Once you select your area of interests from more than 300 categories, we'll start displaying the articles from them. Just click any of the articles you want to share and add it to the queue. We'll take care of the rest.

Set it & Forget it!

You can fill up to 800 corp plan in your queue. Circleboom will send each and every one of your articles exactly right on time.

Circleboom's Curated Articles Circleboom's Curated Articles

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No credit card is required for the free-tier[1]

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