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Twitter User Analytics

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Circleboom User Analytics


Daily Followers & Friends Change and Tweeting Performance

CircleBoom keeps an eye on your account and keeps a record of the followers you've gained or lost to help you to track Twitter unfollowers, track Twitter followers, and track not following back as well.

You can easily get your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly follower stats with Circleboom’s follower stats analytics. The daily change graph would show how your followers have changed every day.


Friends & Followers characteristics

Would you like to know how many of your followers are inactive, overactive, verified, and most importantly, human? Then, this is the chart that you need to focus on. It will give you a clear information on who your followers are.

Clicking on the “friend characteristics” in the sub-menu will also give you information on who your friends are

Plan Your Posts

Language Stats

Language stats is a valuable metric especially for multinationals and companies with global customers. Knowing languages your followers are predominantly using will help you plan your tweets.

Best Time To Tweet

Find your best times to post on Twitter and increase your tweet engagement.

Gender Stats

Curate your contents by taking your follower's gender under consideration.

Friend & Follower Interests

Interest cloud is the perfect way to know who your friends and followers are and what interests them.

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