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50+ Best Twitter quotes of all time

50+ Best Twitter quotes of all time

. 7 min read

Most of us like Twitter quotes to explain or emphasize who they are and what they would like to be brief.

Occasionally, you may need a break from making clever tweets. So, you may need someone who can fill in your Twitter feed with some Twitter quotes that can get your audience. Either way, well-written Twitter quotes about life or simply Twitter quotes about relationships may hit your follower in the feels, and you can address them in the way you want.

Well, we went to the depths of Twitter to spot and evince the most interesting, funny, and smart Twitter quotes that are under 280 characters.

In our list of Twitter Quotes, you will find not only Twitter quotes about life or Twitter quotes about relationships, but also funny Twitter quotes and inspirational quotes for Twitter too!

What are you waiting for then? Let's dig in our list of Twitter quotes about life, relations, and love!

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Twitter Quotes about Life

  • "Begin by changing your thoughts; wrap up by changing your life"
  • "Choose goals that fit you despite the pressure of others' expectations, judgment, or competition"
  • "You can't prevent what you can't predict."
  • "Where there is life, there is hope"
  • "No one saves us but ourselves. No one can, and no one may. We must walk the path ourselves"
  • "I decided it is better to scream. Silence is the real crime against humanity"
  • "Life itself is your teacher, and you're in a state of constant learning"
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  • "If you only walk on a sunny day, you'll never reach your destination"
  • "Solitude helps you to see life the way it is"
  • "Do wait for the right moment to start, start and make each moment right"
  • "Physical reality in the human mind, and nowhere else"
  • "Happiness in your heart is directly proportional to the quality of thoughts in your mind"
  • "Nothing has value without self-worth"
  • "Pick your best wishes close to your heart and watch what happens"
  • "Be brave to hold for what you believe in even if you remain alone"
  • "This really doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down. Everything that matters is you get up one more time than you were knocked down"
  • "Life's challenge are not supposed to paralyze you, they supposed to help you discover who you really are"
  • "In order to thrive your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure"
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Funny Twitter Quotes

  • "Sometimes the wallet is like the fridge. You open it, and it's empty"
  • "Is it possible to party alone?"
  • "Strange people who don't have time for old friends but still search for new ones"
  • "Twitter does provide us with a wonderful platform to discuss/confront societal issues. We trend Justin Bieber instead"
  • "I wonder if the earth teases other planets for having no life"
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  • "Everyone says to follow your dreams, so I went back to bed"
  • "People who smile while they are alone used to be called insane until we invented smartphones and social media"
  • "How I talk: 25% swearing 25% sarcasm 50% a combination of both"
  • "Imagine you go to bed, have a dream and the next day it's the second episode of your last dream"
  • "My memory is so bad." "How bad is it?" "How bad is what?"
  • "White people be like "I'm not just white, I'm" 22% Irish, 18% German, 28% Italian, 30% French, and 2% Milk"
  • "Life is like a roller coaster, but some people are still in the line"
  • "That strange moment when someone says "good luck with that" and you don't know whether that person is nice or sarcastic"
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Twitter Quotes about Love

  • "Love. Everyone wants it, but only a few are willing to show love, especially when it isn't easy to be loving"
  • "Protect her, battle for her, kiss her, love her, and hold her, laugh with her. And just don't make her fall, if you don't plan to grab her"
  • "Love makes the relationship. Trust makes the difference in the success of the relationship"
  • "The one you miss most is usually the one you need most"
  • "If they takes time to argue with you, they cares about you more than you think"
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  • "You know you have experienced real love, when you have lost it"
  • "Just because you care about someone, doesn't mean you'll do everything to make them happy. Don't make them take you for granted"
  • "Your smile shines brighter than the sun, your eyes sparkle more than a diamond, and I'm missing seeing that right now"
  • "It's so much easier to just say, "I don't like him, "than to have to explain all the reasons I still do"
  • "In the middle of night, when all the world is sleeping, I stay up thinking of you. And just I wish on a star somewhere that, you are thinking of me, too"
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Inspirational Quotes for Twitter

  • "Don't rush your life. Walk at your own tempo. There will be time enough to discover all you need to know to go as far as you're meant to go"
  • "Pursue your goals even in the face of difficulties, and convert adversities into opportunities"
  • "The superior man blames himself. The inferior man blames others"
  • "Take time to step outside your world to understand someone else's to give of your kindness and compassion to make their problems look smaller"
  • "The road to our dreams is a process of trial and error, and sometimes our greatest success is simply that we tried"
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  • "Once you have a dream, you have got to grab it and never let go"
  • "Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye"
  • "Everyone likes the witch hunt as long as it is someone else's witch being hunted"
  • "Good books make you ask questions. Bad readers want everything answered"
  • "Will inevitably grow up and get a real job. Till then, will keep making things up and writing them down"
  • "What you get by succeeding your goals is not as vital as what you become by achieving your goals"
  • "Success is not final, and failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts"
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Wrapping Up

We hope you have liked our list of Twitter quotes.

Before using one of those Twitter quotes, it better be considered that they are fit within Twitter policies and do not violate any human rights and common social values considering the ethnic, cultural, religious, and sexual identities of people. Don't forget, a Twitter quote that harasses those values may end in temporary or even permanent suspension of your account.

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