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Instagram Automation: Auto post on Instagram without spending hours!

. 8 min read

Are you tired of producing content, following trends, making weekly and monthly social media strategy plans? That is why sharing a post feels like a hassle?

It is quite foreseeable for you to feel this way. If you are already working on content production, it is crucial to look for a tool to auto post on Instagram.

In this way, you can save time for more strategic works such as focusing on Instagram marketing tips, trends in your niche, advertising strategy for more conversion and more.

Instagram is a game-changer for online businesses, so scroll down to learn how to use Instagram effectively.

We are glad to introduce you Circleboom Publish tool, a great tool for the auto-post for Instagram. All-in-one social media management tool Circleboom offers more than Instagram automation features. Let’s look at all wonders created by this social media publisher:

• You can manage multiple social media networks at the same time (from different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business and Pinterest)

• You can auto-post your content to go live at a specific time and date.

• Create a bulk queue for your Instagram posts based on date and time intervals and have them posted automatically.

• Find articles for your Instagram page or profile and have them posted automatically.

• Create your posts using one of its kind photo and video editor - Canva’s built-in tool for each social media platform’s size.

• You can find stock photographs for your posts using Unsplash’s built-in feature.

• You can design, organize, schedule, and manage everything from a single dashboard.

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How to choose a tool to auto post on Instagram?

When looking for a reliable third-party solution for  Instagram automation, the most crucial elements to consider are reliability, functionality, and pricing.

As a result, Circleboom provides a magical blend for each customer without compromising any of the above requirements.

Note: Make sure you have an Instagram Business Account before you start producing and scheduling your Instagram posts.

Now it is time to get to the business.

How to auto post on Instagram?

You can Design, Plan, Automate, and Post your content using Circleboom Publish from a single dashboard. Also, bear in mind that you can and will be charged for the features you use, allowing you to choose the Circleboom plan that best meets your business goals.

Step #1: Go to the Circleboom Publish page first.

You must log in; if you do not have an account, you can create one in seconds.

You can easily auto post on Instagram once you created your account.

Step #2: Right away, you will see the various social media platform icons.

Select the Instagram icon and sync the account to continue auto-posting to Instagram.

Isn’t it amazing to auto post on Instagram and multiple social media platforms at the same time?

Step #3: Complete the authorization process to link your Instagram account to Circleboom Publish’s intuitive dashboard.

In a couple of seconds, your Instagram account will be integrated into the Circleboom Publish dashboard.

As you can guess, in the Circleboom Publish dashboard, you can add multiple accounts (max. 5 accounts on Pro plan)

Step #4: It is time to show your magic!

Go to the left-hand side menu and select Create a Post option.

Create and design new posts on Circleboom Publish

Step #5: If it is your first time creating a post, you will be asked to select the account.

Choose the Instagram account that you want to auto post to.

Click on select account
  • A new window will open after you click the account selection box. You can choose the accounts you want to manage by social media platform or create clusters of social media accounts.
You can group by platform or get your client accounts into one group.

Step #6: You may now begin composing your post and preview it on the right-hand side.

When you’re done, beneath the post preview, you’ll find options to “Add to my Queue,” “Schedule it,” and “Post.” To auto post to Instagram, proceed with “Add to My Queue.”

You can auto post on Instagram with one click

Step #7: Next, you will see the below screen.

Select “Go to Queue Settings” to set up the automation process.

In this way, you will auto post to Instagram in a row.

Step #8: Choose “Choose Your Time Zone,” then “Queue Settings and Intervals” on the next screen.

This feature allows you to publish to Instagram multiple times in a sequence.

Your queued posts will be published at the intervals you choose here.
  • You can use Circleboom Publish’s “Advanced Plan” option to create a more specialized queue plan.
  • In the Advanced plan, you could set queue intervals based on days and unselect specific days without changing the time interval. (You can take Sundays off, but auto-posting will resume on Monday.)
Advanced Plan Auto-post options for Instagram Automation

That’s it! Now, you can confidently lie on your back, take a breath and boost your effectiveness by forgetting post-sharing tasks!

Pro Tip: Circleboom Publish not only functions to auto post on Instagram; it also has many other useful capabilities. One of these time-saving features is Circleboom Publish’s built-in Unsplash, Giphy, and Canva APIs, which you can use to edit and improve your content.

Without leaving the Circleboom Publish dashboard, you can effortlessly create and update your posts using Canva’s graphic templates and edit tools for images and videos.

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How to design Instagram posts via Canva’s built-in tool on Circleboom Publish?

Step #1: From the “Create New Post” dashboard, select “Design on Canva” from the below options this time.

You don’t need to open a different page or tab to edit your content on Canva with Circleboom Publish, and a Canva pop-up page will open right away.

Benefit from all Canva features without leaving the page

The tool will guide you to select the right visual size for Instagram, and other platforms.

Before opening Canva interface, select design type.

Step #2: Create a Canva account or log in to your existing one.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Canva account already. With just a few clicks on the same page, you can sign up for free.

You can create a free Canva account with Google or Facebook account with one click here

Step #3: After logging in, you can use Canva’s unlimited graphic features to start producing your content.

To enhance your Instagram content, you may choose from thousands of customizable and editable ready-to-use layouts, background visuals, and effects.

You can upload designs, create new ones and archive them on board

Step #4: In Canva, click the “Publish” button in the top right corner when you have finished your design.

The preview of your post will appear on the Circleboom Publish dashboard after hitting publish.

You may use Circleboom Publish to publish your Canva design, or you can schedule Instagram posts for later!

Step #5: Here, you can add the design to your queue, as we learned above.

Or, if you want to schedule an Instagram post for a specific date and time, go to the post’s preview and click the “Schedule it” button.

If you want to auto post on Instagram, scheduling for a specific time is also an option.

Remember to provide a caption in the “what would you like to share” box of the Circleboom page on the left.

Next, the calendar to select time and date will open.

You can schedule a single Instagram post with the “Schedule It” function.

What if you want to change your scheduled or auto-posted content?

Step #1: Click “Outbox & Sent Items” on the left-hand menu to see your social media calendar and upcoming posts which are scheduled before.

You can always check your planned posts and see what’s coming up next.

Auto-posting will never be out of control; check out your outbox and sent items in real-time.

Step #2: Now, you can click on the “Edit” button next to the relevant post if you wish to edit one of your scheduled Instagram posts.

There will be a new window open. You can quickly revise or delete your posts from this page.

It is never too late! Click to edit or delete to update already scheduled or auto-posted items
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Wrap Up

Social media management and especially keeping up with Instagram trends, tactics and strategies can leave you with burnt-out employees or an exhausted mind.

We totally hear you!

And that is why we equipped Circleboom Social Media Publisher with design, plan, auto post, and schedule capabilities. And it works with the most important social media platforms with options to add multiple accounts and filter by the platform when it is time to publish.

Drive your business for efficiency. Don’t let the everyday tasks drive you into a panic loop, and start Circlebooming today!

With affordable and flexible plans appealing to everyone, whether on a budget or in need of large-scale enterprise solutions, Circleboom Publish plans got everything you need.

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