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How to see your most liked tweets!

. 9 min read

After a while of using Twitter for creating content and interacting with people, you may wonder which one is your most successful tweet so far! If you do so, you probably asked yourself and Google, "how can I find my most liked tweets"!

Am I right?

In this article, we will give a concrete answer for those who are searching how to see the most liked posts on Twitter.

Why do you want to see your most liked tweets?

Finding the most liked tweets can be important for a few reasons:

Understanding engagement

Seeing which tweets have the most likes can give insight into which content resonates most with a user's audience. This can help them understand what type of content is most likely to be well-received and adjust their Twitter strategy accordingly.

You can compare your most liked tweets and Twitter interest targeting results on Circleboom Twitter. This feature enables you to find interesting topics by your followers so you can create Twitter content accordingly.

You can also watch our hands-on video guide here ⬇️ (Just click on the image)

Evaluating performance

By identifying their most liked tweets, users can evaluate the overall performance of their accounts. They can see if the account is growing, If the account is reaching the desired audience, and if the engagement is increasing or not.

Is there a free way to Track Twitter Follower Growth over time
How to track Twitter followers over time? Learning your Twitter follower growth over time can be difficult.

Identifying top performers

By identifying the tweets with the most likes, users can identify their top-performing tweets, which may be useful for reposting, reusing, or promoting in the future.

Improving marketing strategies

By understanding which tweets are popular, users can fine-tune their marketing strategies. They can see if the content aligns with their brand if it appeals to their target audience, and if their marketing campaigns are successful or not.

Overall, finding the most liked tweets can help users better understand how their content is being received, evaluate the performance of their account, and identify top-performing content that they can use to improve their overall Twitter strategy.

How to find your most liked tweets on Twitter

There are two methods that I will explain to find the most liked tweets. Let's start with the easiest and quickest one!

Find your most liked tweets with Circleboom Twitter

If you want not to waste time and find your most liked tweets quickly, you should use Circleboom Twitter.

All you need to do is so simple! Download Circleboom Twitter's iOS app, and sort your tweets by likes (favorites).

Sort your tweets by like (favorites) count

Then Circleboom will list your tweets by their like counts. You can find your most liked tweets on Circleboom Twitter.

Circleboom Twitter provides a mass deleting service for tweets, retweets, likes, replies, mentions, Twitter media, and archive.

So, once you list your tweets by their like counts, you will find your unsuccessful tweets with fewer or zero likes. So, you may want to delete your tweets in bulk.

Circleboom - Delete All Tweets

You can delete your tweets, retweets, likes, and Twitter archive on Circleboom in bulk.


You can clean up your Twitter account from less successful tweets and retweets and create a more professional look for your profile. Also, if you are not sure what you liked on Twitter, you can delete all your Twitter likes!

To delete your likes on Twitter with Circleboom, you should follow these steps:

Open your browser and log in to Circleboom Twitter.

If you don’t have a Circleboom account yet, you can get one quickly with a few clicks.

Bulk delete your all Twitter favorites.
Circleboom Twitter

After you sign in, continue and quickly connect your Twitter account to Circleboom’s dashboard.

It’ll be done in seconds!

Unlike all your favorites on Twitter in mass.
Connect your Twitter account with Circleboom.

Open the left-hand menu and click “My Tweets.”

Once you click it, a dropdown menu will open. Select “Unlike” to delete your favorites on Twitter.

On the Unlike Tweets board, the red “Unlike my Likes” button is located at the right of the page. You can click on it to delete all your Twitter likes in one go. Or, you can exclude some of your likes with filters. You can delete likes by keyword, hashtag, username, or other filters.

Thanks to Circleboom Twitter's iOS app, you can take your Twitter Fav Cleaner wherever you are!

Then, you can bulk delete all your Twitter favorites/likes at once.

You can also watch our video guide here ⬇️ ( Just click on the image)

Find your most liked tweets with Twitter Analytics

The native analytics tool on Twitter, Twitter Analytics, allows you to find your most liked tweets.

You need to follow these steps to see your most liked tweets with Analytics:

Step#1: Log into Twitter

The biggest benefit of using built-in networking site capabilities is that you avoid having to grant further access to your data to any outside software. Your data is protected in this way. Log into your Twitter account using your favorite search engine.

Step#2: Navigate to the left menu

After logging into your account, select "More" from the menu in the left-hand column. Then, you should click on "Creator Studio".

Twitter Analytics

Step#3: You are in!

You will be directed to Twitter Analytics. Your Twitter involvement over the previous 28 days will automatically be displayed on the page by default.

Step#4: Tweets

Using the panel at the top of the page, select "Tweets" from the list to get the precise information you're looking for.

Step #5: Top Tweets

The "Top Tweets" option may be found under the chart as the last stage in this process. The page, by default, displays analytics going back 28 days. Now, alter the time period to suit your preferences.

Top Tweets

Users cannot view Twitter analytics through the mobile application like they do on a desktop. To access the built-in analytics feature, you must open Twitter in the phone's browser. The procedure is nevertheless the same as when using a desktop.

If you don't have access to a desktop, there is another, more difficult option you can take. The "Analytic Button" is located to the right of each tweet on the Twitter mobile app. You can use this to learn the specific statistics for each tweet.

Circleboom Twitter also has Analytics features. You can track your followers' growth over time, tweet statistics, the best time to post, Twitter interest targeting, gender/language distribution of your followers/friends, follower insights, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about this topic.

Are my top tweets safe?

If your tweets contain sensitive or personal information, it may be a good idea to protect them so that only approved followers can see them. Additionally, if your tweets contain copyrighted or proprietary information, it is important to protect them to prevent unauthorized use. However, if your tweets are simply popular and do not contain sensitive or protected information, there may be no need to protect them. Ultimately, the decision to protect your tweets is up to you and what you feel is best for your personal and professional goals.

Can I see my most liked tweets by user?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to see your most liked tweets by users on Circleboom. You can't see who liked your tweets. You can only list your tweets by total like number.

Can I use Twitter Analytics for marketing?

Leveraging Twitter analytics is pivotal for refining your social media strategy and ensuring your efforts align with audience preferences and marketing goals. By tracking engagement metrics such as likes, retweets, and replies, you gain valuable insights into which content resonates with your audience, allowing you to adjust your approach accordingly. Monitoring follower growth is another critical aspect, as it reflects the effectiveness of your marketing tactics over time, providing a clear picture of your account's expanding reach.

Delving deeper, analyzing your audience's demographics, including location, gender, and interests, equips you with the knowledge to tailor your content, ensuring it speaks directly to the people you aim to engage. Tracking conversions from tweets to website clicks and further actions is essential for understanding how well your Twitter activity translates into tangible outcomes, guiding you to optimize your tweets for conversion success. Additionally, determining the optimal posting times, content types, and hashtags can significantly enhance engagement and audience growth.

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) from Twitter allows you to weigh the costs against the benefits, ensuring your marketing budget is used effectively. Furthermore, keeping an eye on your competitors through Twitter analytics can reveal what strategies are working for them, offering inspiration for your own campaigns.

Altogether, these analytics-driven strategies provide a comprehensive toolkit for boosting your Twitter presence, engaging your audience more effectively, and achieving your marketing objectives with precision.

Does Twitter analytics show who viewed your profile?

Twitter analytics does not provide information on who specifically viewed your profile. However, it does provide some information on how many people viewed your profile, as well as some information on the demographics of those viewers. Twitter analytics will show you the number of profile views and provide you with information on the location, gender, and interests of the people who viewed your profile. Additionally, it will show you the time of day when your profile was viewed the most and the most viewed tweets.

It's important to note that Twitter's privacy policy does not allow third-party tracking of users' activities. So, there isn't any external tool that can show you who viewed your profile.

How can I find the most liked tweet of a hashtag?

Discovering the most liked tweet of a specific hashtag on Twitter can be achieved through several methods, each catering to different needs and levels of technical expertise. Twitter's own advanced search feature offers a straightforward option where you can input the hashtag of interest and sort the results by popularity to see the top-liked tweets.

For those preferring a more hands-off approach, third-party platforms like Circleboom, TweetDeck, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social provide user-friendly interfaces to search by hashtag and filter tweets based on engagement, including likes and retweets.

Additionally, specialized tools such as Circleboom, Keyhole, Tweet Binder, and Hashtracking focus on hashtag performance analysis, offering insights into the most liked tweets, among other valuable metrics. For those with programming knowledge, leveraging the Twitter API with custom scripts can afford the most flexibility, allowing for detailed, tailored searches and the ability to monitor hashtag trends over time.

Lastly, Twitter Moments presents a curated selection of tweets on various topics, including those tagged with specific hashtags, making it another resource for identifying highly liked tweets within a hashtag's context. Each of these methods provides a unique avenue for engaging with Twitter's vast and dynamic content landscape, ensuring you can find the standout tweets that resonate most with users.

It's important to note that the tweets with the most likes will change over time, so you should check the hashtag regularly or use a tool that tracks it over time.

Wrapping Up

If you want to see your most liked tweets, you have some methods to use. Using Circleboom Twitter to sort your tweets by their like counts and find your most liked tweets is the best and quickest method. Other than this, you can use Twitter Analytics.

When you find your most-liked tweets, you will also find your less-liked tweets. These are the unsuccessful content that you may want to remove! On Circleboom, you can delete all your tweets, retweets, likes, mentions, replies, and Twitter media and archive them easily!

There are many other great Circleboom features! You can have them at affordable prices!

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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