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Can too many followers get you banned from Twitter?

Can too many followers get you banned from Twitter?

. 3 min read

Being followed on social media is the purpose of being on the platform for many people. More followers, more likes, comments, rts, etc., are the signs of popularity, and most users are after them.

But have you ever thought that can too many followers get you banned from Twitter? Is it possible that too many followers can be the reason for account suspension?

In the following sentences, we'll try to make it clear if you get banned from Twitter because of too many followers.

Can too many followers make you banned from Twitter?

Actually, there is no clear statement that on Twitter, too many followers could be the reason for a ban.

But the critical question here is, who are your followers? Maybe you posted a viral tweet, and people noticed your Twitter profile. This might be the reason for too many followers!

On the other hand, if your followers are mostly fake accounts, then there might be a probability that you can get banned from Twitter.

So, how can you spot fake followers on Twitter? This is the vital question to save your Twitter profile from any suspension or ban.

Circleboom Twitter is the most comprehensive Twitter management tool on the market. You can spot inactive, fake, spammy, bot Twitter followers.

Then, you can remove fake followers from your Twitter account and save yourself from a ban or suspension.

These are the steps that you should follow to remove fake followers on Circleboom Twitter:

  • Login to Circleboom Twitter and authenticate your Twitter account.
  • Once logged in, head to the Circleboom menu on the left and select “Search” -> “All My Followers” to list all fake accounts that follow your Twitter account.
"All My Followers"
  • All your followers will be listed. You can use boxes at the top of the page to filter your followers. Pick the "Show Fake/Spam Accounts" option to detect fake, spammy, ghost Twitter followers you have.
"Show Fake/Spam Accounts"
  • You can also filter your followers by keyword or language. If you are after a specific account, you can use the keyword bar to filter your Twitter followers.
  • Once you listed fake followers, you can select some or all of them. Then, you should click on the red "Remove Selected Followers" button.
Remove Selected Followers
  • As the last step, Circleboom will ask you, "Are you sure?" If you are, click on the green "Remove Follower" button to clean your Twitter account of fake followers.
Remove Followers
  • You can also add selected Twitter accounts to the whitelist if you never want to unfollow them and don’t want them listed again in your future searches.
  • Other than fake accounts, with the "Search" menu, you can also remove dead/inactive accounts, overactive, and egghead accounts.

Thanks to Circleboom Twitter's iOS app, you can find and remove fake, spammy, and bot followers wherever you are and save your Twitter profile from being banned because of too many fake followers.

Circleboom Twitter iOS App

Final Words

If you are afraid of being banned from Twitter because of too many followers, don't worry! There is no clear statement by Twitter that an account can be banned for too many followers.

However, if your followers are mostly fake accounts, then there might be a danger that your account is also considered a fake account. This may be the reason for a ban or suspension.

The good news here! You can find and remove fake followers in bulk with Circleboom Twitter. You can clean up your account and save yourself from being banned or suspended from Twitter.

Thanks to Circleboom Twitter, you can clean up your Twitter account from fake followers anywhere.

You can take advantage of this and many other Circleboom features at affordable prices.

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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