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Can you permanently delete tweets? Answers to tweet deletion FAQs

Can you permanently delete tweets? Answers to tweet deletion FAQs

. 4 min read

Yes, any tweet that you’ve ever posted can be permanently deleted. You can make sure that the tweet never sees the daylight again and no Twitter user can ever read it. Now, this is true for as many tweets you want to delete no matter how old or new the tweet is. Infact, tweets are only permanently deleted on Twitter and once deleted there’s no way to recover the deleted tweets.

In this article, we will look at many other FAQs related to tweet deletion and the right way to do it.

What happens to replies and retweets when you delete a tweet?

Does deleting the tweet also deletes the associated retweets and replies? Yes and no. Here’s how it works:

Retweets: Well, deleting a tweet does delete simple retweets. But retweets with comments stay. The retweets are shown but only the comment is seen and the content is shown as deleted.

Replies: Replies work the same as deleted retweets with comment. The replies remain but you can’t find the original tweet it’s linked to. The replies are also often disappeared from the Twitter feed and can be only found in Twitter profiles.

Can you restore deleted tweets?

Tweet deletion is a permanent action that cannot be undone. If you delete any tweet on Twitter, you can see the Twitter warning clearly stating the deleted tweets are deleted from your profile, timeline of accounts that follow you, and Twitter search results.

How can you find a tweet that someone has already deleted?

If someone has deleted a tweet then you cannot find it on Twitter. The only way to access the tweet is if someone has taken screenshots (which might only happen with viral/celebrity tweets) or if the tweet is still present somewhere in the search engine’s data.

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Is there an easy way to delete all tweets?

As Twitter doesn’t give you an option to delete all tweets at once, it’s ideal to use third-party websites to delete all tweets. An efficient tweet deleter is Circleboom. It allows you to delete some of your tweets or all your tweets as required.

To delete all tweets using Circleboom, follow these steps:

  • Login to your Twitter account and download your Twitter archive.
  • Login to the Circleboom dashboard and upload your Twitter archive by navigating to: Circleboom menu -> “My Tweets” -> “Delete old tweets.”
  • Once your Twitter archive has been uploaded, you will see an option to add additional filters and delete all or some of your tweets. To delete all tweets just click on Approve.
  • To delete selected tweets/retweets/replies, select the filters based on your requirement. With the date filter, you can delete tweets between a start date and end date. With the keywords/hashtags, you can delete tweets with specific keywords, hashtags, usernames. With the language filter, you can delete tweets in a specific language.

Follow all the steps above and you will be able to delete all or some of your tweets in no time.

Can I only delete retweets?

If you’re only interested in deleting your retweets and not tweets, then you can navigate to Circleboom menu -> “My Tweets” -> “Delete RTs.” Circleboom will list the last 3,200 retweets posted by you. You can select which retweets to delete and delete them. You can use the search filter to look for specific tweets and then delete.

Final Words:

We hope we have cleared all your queries regarding tweet deletion in the article above. If you still have some unanswered questions, then please share with us and we would be happy to assist.

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