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The ultimate mass tweet Deleters: How to delete all tweets at once!

. 8 min read

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Want to find out how to delete all your tweets at once? If you feel like that and need to clean up your profile or business profile, this article will provide some tactics for deleting all your tweets (posts) at once.

Presume a tweet was sent years or maybe just months ago; it is no longer in context when you or someone else looks at it. When looking back at somebody’s timeline from years ago, it is impossible to say what topics were common, what the political climate was like, or what everyone was pretending to be outraged about.

Twitter (Later X) is an outpouring of emotion in response to a stimulus. On the other hand, the tweets persist after the stimulus has faded; they become jokes no one else understands.

According to the Pew Research Center 2021 Social Media Factsheet, 46% of US adults check their Twitter profiles daily.

The number of daily tweets on Twitter was estimated to be over 500 million as of the most recent official statistics. This was in 2022, and the number may have gone up since then.

Deleting tweets in bulk becomes possible with a few clicks with Circleboom

There are several points you need to consider if you consider deleting all your tweets:

  • Have you ever sent a tweet that was offensive to someone you know or a group of people? Delete these tweets if you do not want to get in trouble later.
  • Has someone else posted from your Twitter account and made a mistake? Maybe it was a coworker or a friend, and now that tweet isn’t enough? That is a good enough excuse to get rid of it.
  • Are you spreading misinformation on Twitter? If you have posted it mistakenly, retweeted it, or shared information that you assumed was accurate but then debunked, you need to remove all misinformation.
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If you don’t want to be associated with some part of your past anymore, a tool that can quickly delete Twitter likes for you can be extremely useful.

Twitter says there is no way in its app to delete tweets in bulk; you can only remove them one by one.

Also, they suggest that if you want to start over with your Twitter account without losing your username, the easiest way is to make a new account with a temporary username.

What about trying Circleboom’s delete tweets feature?

If you want to remove any of your Tweets, such as those containing a particular word or those from prior years, Circleboom's Delete Tweets feature will show the last 3,200 tweets in a single dashboard.

How to Delete all Tweets at once?

Follow the instructions below to delete your retweets and tweets with Circleboom:

Step #1: Authenticate your Twitter account to gain access to the Circleboom dashboard.

It will take only a few seconds to log in.

Circleboom only requires you to be linked to your Twitter profile

Step #2: From the left-hand menu, choose “My Tweets.”

Go to the Circleboom left-hand menu of the dashboard once you have logged in.

In the “My Tweets” section, see the delete options.

Your most recent 3,200 retweets will be mentioned on Circleboom. Since Twitter only allows 3,200 tweets to display on your timeline, and third-party applications have default access to your Twitter profile, you will only see the most recent 3,200 tweets.

Step #3: If you have a specific word, hashtag, or keyword, you can filter them.

For example, if you want to delete all your tweets about a specific word, you can list them in the grid power search.

Deleting tweets by keywords can help you clean up tweets on a certain topic

Step #4: After filtering keywords, you can now click on Delete Selected.

Or you can manually delete all your tweets with the Delete button placed on each tweet’s right side.

Step #5: Delete All Tweets with One Button!

If you want to delete all tweets at once, click Delete all Tweets; go for the “Delete All Tweets” button, and all of your tweets will be removed.

You can delete all of your last 3,200 tweets with one button
Handy Twitter tools to remove inactive Twitter accounts
Some of the accounts you follow may be spam or fake. So that, you may eventually need a tool to remove those inactive Twitter accounts.

How to delete tweets at once by date?

Remove all tweets from a specific day, month, or year with a grid power search.

When you are ready to delete all tweets by date, you should follow the steps below:

  • Open the Delete Tweets dashboard from the My Tweets menu bar again.
  • Enter the date in the grid power search on the right to search for tweets from that date.
  • Circleboom will show you a list of all your tweets from that date. You can choose the tweets you want to delete by year by clicking “Delete Selected.”
You can manually type the date that you want to delete the tweets of

Is there a way to delete all tweets, even for older tweets?

Yes, indeed!

If you need to delete old tweets in one shot or filter and then delete them, you may use Circleboom’s Twitter archive eraser. In this way, you can list older tweets (older than the last 3,200 tweets).

For this, you must have your Twitter archive file downloaded from the Twitter data center beforehand. You can look at our guide on how to download the Twitter archive before following the steps below.

How to see deleted tweets in 2021
How to see deleted tweets? You easily apply these methods just via a web browser to see deleted tweets.

How to delete old tweets via Twitter Archive Eraser?

Step #1: Once you’ve downloaded your Twitter archive, you’ll now have to log in to the Circleboom portal.

It can take a few seconds to link your Twitter account for this.

Yet again, start with syncing your account

Step #2: From the Circleboom dashboard, go to the left-hand menu and select “My Tweets” and “Delete all Tweets or Apply Filters.”

After that, you will automatically see the dashboard, where you can uninstall all of your posts, retweets, and Twitter media.

Go to the dashboard of the "Delete all Tweets or Apply Filters" sub-menu

Step #3: You’ll see the Delete your Archive screen, which summarizes the bulk Tweet deletion method.

You can see the guidelines of Circleboom’s Twitter Archive feature as described before starting too.

With Twitter Archive, deleting tweets in bulk saves time and avoids the hassle of doing it one at a time.

Step #4: Search for the “tweets.js” file in your Twitter Archive file that you received from Twitter.

"After unzipping" the Twitter archive file, search for “tweets.js.”

.Tweet.js is the archive file you need!

Step #5: Import the “tweets.js” file to the dashboard.

All of your Twitter history will be shown in seconds after the upload is completed.

Tweets, retweets, and replies are examples.

You will embed the Twitter archive data by dropping the .js file

Step #6: Lastly, to remove all tweets, go to the My Tweets dashboard. You can filter them by date, language, and any keyword.

Also, you can choose to delete tweets, retweets, and replies to delete in bulk at the top of the selections.

Circleboom's Twitter Archive eraser comes with several options

If you want to keep Tweets and Retweets containing any media, choose “Delete Only Tweets Without Any Media Attached” at the bottom of the list or vice versa if you wish to delete tweets with media attached.

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Bonus Feature: Delete Retweets in bulk with Circleboom!

Deleting retweets(reposts) with Circleboom has the same steps as described below.

However, it would help to choose the Delete Retweets option in the left-hand menu bar after you click the My Tweets menu.

Similar to deleting tweets, you can delete retweets in bulk and also by filtering and selecting too

After that step, you can delete all retweets in bulk up to 3,200 items, filter them by age and language, and then delete selected retweets.

Final Thoughts

Circleboom simplifies a time-consuming process, and if you value your time, it is one of the best options for deleting tweets in bulk. Circleboom also allows you to delete Twitter likes.

When you use the Twitter archive to remove all of your messages from Circleboom, they are permanently deleted. So, before you settle and proceed, please be careful.

All Twitter users on the pro, multi, business, and corporate plans can access the remove Twitter archive feature. To start using Circleboom immediately, learn about the plans and pricing and subscribe.

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