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How to delete a resume from LinkedIn

How to delete a resume from LinkedIn

. 5 min read

Job seeking is a dynamic process, and if every aspect of it will be affected by constant changes, the resumes can’t stay out of it. Therefore, people need to update their resumes or CVs frequently.

What if they have uploaded a resume on a digital platform, most probably LinkedIn, some time ago and forgot about it? Then, they must know how to delete resumes from LinkedIn for their own good.

LinkedIn's popularity grows each day, and currently, almost 800 million people use this professional networking website. The projections estimate that LinkedIn users number in 2025 will be above 1 billion worldwide.

In LinkedIn, people create their profiles and list their education(s), work experience(s), certification(s), etc. They don’t make only their personal profiles, but also they use LinkedIn for businesses effectively.

Anyway, we can say that LinkedIn profiles already serve as a resume or CV for job seekers or employers in that sense. Still, some people upload their resumes on LinkedIn and try to ‘hunt’ some job opportunities in this way.

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Why do people want to remove resumes from LinkedIn?

There may be various reasons to delete a resume from LinkedIn. Sometimes people create resumes with very, let’s not say, incorrect but wildly ‘exaggerated’ information to find a job in a hopeless situation.

Sometime later, maybe after they find a job based on their ‘true’ qualifications, they may want to remove their resume from LinkedIn to prevent any unpleasant development.

Also, people even can create resumes with a blank page. However, there are continually new templates for resumes to influence employers, at least visually.

Therefore, people may want to replace their old resume with a new one created on a better resume template and delete their previous resume from LinkedIn.

How to delete a resume from LinkedIn?

Removing a resume from LinkedIn is an easy process. Below, we listed some simple steps to delete a resume from LinkedIn smoothly:

Step #1: Open LinkedIn on your browser.

Sign in if it is needed.

Sign into LinkedIn to delete resume from LinkedIn.
Sign in to LinkedIn to delete resume from LinkedIn

Step #2: Click on the ‘Me’ icon on the right upper corner.

And, press on ‘View Profile’.

Tap on View Profile to continue removing your resume from LinkedIn
You can manage multiple LinkedIn profiles on Circleboom Publish

Step #3: You need to click on the ‘More’ tab on the profile page.

Then, you will choose ‘Build A Resume’. It shouldn’t confuse you. We will not build a resume, but we will be directed to where LinkedIn resume(s) are.

Click on 'More' and then 'Build a Resume'

Step #4: You’ll see your existing resume(s) on the pop-up window. Click the ‘three dots’ next to them.

Then, you need to choose the ‘Delete’ option on the last row of the opening list.

You can connect RSS Feeds to your LinkedIn.

Step #5: The final window will appear.

Click on ‘Delete’ and finish the process. Now you learned how to delete a resume from LinkedIn.

Last step is to press on 'Delete' to finish the process to delete resume from LinkedIn

Wait for a second! Do you want to learn how to delete a resume from LinkedIn because you couldn’t find a job on LinkedIn yet? If this is the reason, I can say that your resume may not be the reason! You should consider using LinkedIn more effectively.

Bonus Feature: Schedule LinkedIn posts ahead!

Circleboom Publish provides users with an excellent LinkedIn scheduler to manage their multiple LinkedIn profiles and company pages and design their LinkedIn content.

Here we listed simple steps to use the Circleboom Publish LinkedIn scheduler.

Step #1: Open Circleboom Publish on your browser and log in.

If you don't have an account, you can create one in a few seconds!

Log into Circleboom Publish
Log into Circleboom Publish

Step #2: You can start by connecting your LinkedIn Profile or LinkedIn Page to your Circleboom account.

You can also manage your Twitter, Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Instagram, Google Business Profile accounts along with your LinkedIn profiles on Circleboom.

Step #3: Your LinkedIn account(s) will be connected after authorization.

Then, you can click on 'Create New Post' on the left menu or the big blue button at the center.

You can design excellent content with Circleboom Publish.

Step #4:  A new post-creation screen will appear.

Click to see your social media accounts.

You need to select the accounts.
You need to select the accounts here

Select the social media account(s) you want to create and send posts.

You can have multiple LinkedIn profiles and pages at the same time
You can have multiple LinkedIn profiles and pages at the same time

Step #5: Produce your post as text or images. You can create images with add-on tools such as Canva.

Once you select your social media account and Canva, you need to choose the post type.

Select ready-made LinkedIn post templates.

On Canva, you can use many templates, photos, elements, and filters as you wish. So, you can easily design your social media posts with the built-in Canva extension on Circleboom Publish.

Step #6: You can send your content immediately by just clicking on 'Post'.

Or, if you want to deliver your content later in your head, you can 'Schedule' it for a planned time.

Schedule your LinkedIn posts for the future.

Step #7: You can make more with Circleboom Publish.

You can discover articles from excellent magazines worldwide and share them with your LinkedIn network.

Discover articles from reputable magazines
You can curate amazing articles to share with your LinkedIn audience

Additionally, you can connect RSS feeds to your LinkedIn accounts to keep them fresh.

You can connect RSS Feeds to your LinkedIn accounts.
You can connect RSS Feeds to your LinkedIn accounts

To manage your multiple LinkedIn pages and profiles and keep them evergreen is easier than ever with Circleboom Publish social management tool.

You can also follow these steps through a hands-on video:

Wrapping up

It takes a few steps in a few minutes to delete a resume from LinkedIn easily. There may be various reasons to remove your resume from LinkedIn, but finding a job shouldn’t be one. You should focus on how to use LinkedIn effectively.

Circleboom Publish’s LinkedIn scheduler opens the way for a more productive, more interactive experience of LinkedIn with affordable prices.

You can also connect your or your company's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), and Pinterest (soon) account/s to do cross-postings between your profiles to get more engagements and a wider audience.

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