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Save Time and Money with Free Twitter Thread Maker Tools

. 8 min read
I know AI can do amazing things nowadays, so you can use any simple text generator as a Twitter thread maker. But there are two main aims of using tools specialized in Twitter thread making: Saving you time and allowing you to benefit from other features.

Using Twitter threads paves a great way to share longer and more engaging stories, insights, tips, or opinions on the platform. By posting threads on Twitter, you can break down your message into multiple tweets that are linked together, creating a seamless reading experience for your audience.

But how do you make a thread on Twitter in terms of best practices? And what free tools may help you create Twitter threads? In this blog post, I will try to answer these questions and introduce you to some of the free Twitter thread maker tools that can help you create captivating threads in minutes.

But I'd like to remind you that most of these free Twitter thread maker tools come with limitations. So if you are looking for a one-stop solution to power up your Twitter game, I recommend you check Circleboom and its dedicated Twitter thread maker, which I will also cover in detail later on in this post. And if you are looking for a more comprehensive approach, check our other blog post on Twitter thread makers below.

Best 15 Twitter Thread Generator Tools
So, you’d be better off utilizing a Twitter Thread tool to organize your tweets in the best manner. I created a list of the best 15 Twitter Threads Generator tools to help you decide which one is best for your needs!

How to Make a Thread on Twitter: Useful Tips

Making a thread on Twitter is not difficult. You may even check Twitter's related help page on this. But making it an engaging one does require some planning and preparation. Here are the basic steps to follow:

  • Write down your main idea and the key points you want to cover in your thread. You can use bullet points, outlines, or mind maps to organize your thoughts.
  • Decide how many tweets you need to convey your message. Each tweet should have a clear purpose and a logical connection to the previous and next ones.
  • Check the length of your Twitter threads as you may lose the attention of your readers if your content is too long.
  • Draft your tweets using a text editor, a note-taking app, or a Twitter thread maker tool. Make sure each tweet is concise, clear, and engaging. Use emojis, hashtags, images, videos, GIFs, or polls to add some variety and visual appeal to your thread.
  • Don’t forget to add a catchy title to grab the attention of your readers. You may also want to add a call-to-action at the end of your thread.
  • Publish your thread on Twitter. You can either do it manually by replying to your own tweets or use a Twitter thread maker tool that can post or schedule your threads automatically.
Schedule Twitter Thread | Twitter Thread Maker
Create, design, and schedule Twitter threads with more than 25 tweets on Circleboom Publish.

Benefits of Threads on Twitter When Compared to a Single Tweet

Threads on Twitter have several advantages over single tweets, such as:

  • They allow you to share more information and context than a single tweet can fit due to Twitter's limit of 280 characters on a single tweet (if you are not a Twitter Premium subscriber).
  • They increase the visibility and reach of your content, as each tweet in your thread can be liked, retweeted, or commented on separately.
  • They boost the engagement and loyalty of your audience, as they encourage them to read, interact, and follow your story until the end.
  • They showcase your expertise and authority on a topic, as they demonstrate your ability to explain complex or nuanced ideas in an accessible and compelling way.
  • They help you build relationships and trust with your audience, as they show your personality and voice through your writing style and tone.

With all these tips and benefits, I believe you'll be making more Twitter threads. So I hope you find the following list useful.

Free Twitter Thread Maker Tools Listed

If you want to create threads on Twitter without spending too much time or effort, you can use one of these free Twitter thread maker tools:

1- Easy-Peasy.AI

Easy-Peasy.AI is a free AI-powered tool claiming to help you write threads on Twitter with its Twitter thread generator. But it actually works no differently than ChatGPT itself. You enter your main topic or idea, and the tool will generate bulk text in a bullet-point flow to serve as a series of tweets for you.

It has no connection to Twitter, so you need to be posting the text created manually. And its free version comes with a limit of only 3,000 words.

2- Thread Creator

Thread Creator is a web app that also lets you write threads on Twitter. It provides you with a writing environment where you can see how many characters you have left for each tweet, and how many tweets you have written so far. You can also add images and videos to your tweets.

The free version allows 5 posts. To lift this limit, you need to upgrade to the paid version, which simply offers no other features.

3- Typefully

Typefully has similar features to Thread Creator, allowing you to make Twitter threads and schedule them with your Twitter account connected to the platform.

On the free version, you can directly publish your thread as it connects to your Twitter account. When it comes to scheduling, however, you'll be limited to 1 post. And you need to pay for a subscription if you want to use it for multiple Twitter accounts.

4- Chirr App

Chirr App automatically turns any text you provide into threads. You can also split your text manually or add numbering if you want to. It also has a Google Chrome extension. With its free version, you can create threads with up to 10 tweets. So if I wanted to share my insights on this blog post as a Twitter thread, I'd be over its limit even after summarizing the contents.

If you really want to use it as a Twitter thread maker instead of a text splitter, you need to use the paid version. The free tier does not offer features like using unlimited tweets on one thread, uploading images, GIFs or videos, or publishing or scheduling your threads.

5- Hypefury

Hypefury actually markets itself to be "your personal assistant to grow & monetize your 𝕏." But as far as its Twitter thread maker is concerned, it succeeds at giving the basic features of writing threads, adding visuals, and posting and scheduling on Twitter. Also, it provides you with, again in their words, "viral Tweets from 14 Niches". But you may stumble upon tweets with around 150 likes among these too, so you may not go that viral with them.

The free tier limits you to 1 Twitter account and allows you to schedule your Twitter threads within 2 days of time at most.

Free Twitter thread maker tools usually have limited features. Their paid versions may not fully address your needs when creating Twitter threads either.

So if you are looking for a fully comprehensive Twitter thread maker, I suggest you look no other than Circleboom Publish.

Best Twitter Thread Maker: Circleboom Publish, a One-Stop Solution

Circleboom Publish lets you create, design, post, and schedule your Twitter threads, for multiple accounts in one dashboard. So let's take a deeper look at it below.

After registering on Circleboom Publish and connecting your account, you can proceed with your Twitter thread by clicking on the "Twitter Specific or Thread" button on your dashboard.  

You need to pick the account from which you want to post threads. According to Twitter rules, you can only tweet from one account at a time.

While creating your content, you can click on the ‘Plus’ (+) button at the bottom right and add more tweets. Unlike posting threads directly on Twitter, you are not limited to 25 tweets at once. You can also enrich your content with emojis and hashtags.

Feel free to add media to your Twitter threads. You can select and design images and GIFs with Circleboom's built-in tools like Canva, Unsplash, and Giphy.

Surely, you can upload your own media files too. But believe me when I say you'll love Canva's ready-made post templates, which also save you time by automatically adjusting your image size.

When you are done creating your Twitter thread, you can choose to post it immediately or schedule it for later. Don't forget to check your best times to post on Twitter.

And if you don't know how to determine it, check our related blog post on that. Circleboom provides the user-specific best time to post for maximum engagement!

Circleboom Publish has many other features, allowing you to manage multiple social media accounts on multiple platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Google My Business.

And the best part is that you can use its 14-day trial for free. Give it a try now!

Circleboom Publish

Circleboom supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, and TikTok (soon).



Creating threads on Twitter can be time-consuming and challenging if you don’t have the right tools. That’s why we have listed some of the best free Twitter thread maker tools that can help you create captivating threads in minutes.

And for a comprehensive solution, I'd say look no other than Circleboom Publish.

Fatih Kemal Oksuzoglu

Passionate about the latest trends and developments in the digital world, all the way from social media marketing to cybersecurity, and enjoys sharing his insights and tips.

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