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Common Hootsuite Problems #1: Hootsuite disconnects all accounts

Common Hootsuite Problems #1: Hootsuite disconnects all accounts

. 4 min read

Having issues with Hootsuite? If so, you are already at the right place where you can have an answer to all your questions.

In this column, you will find the answer you were looking for a common Hootsuite problem "Hootsuite disconnects all accounts" issue.

However, before starting we would like to ask you beforehand;

  • Are you sure enough to continue with Hootsuite while having such weird problems?
  • Do you know you're paying a lot for sophisticated Hootsuite features that you are not using at all?

Against all the odds, Hootsuite is quite popular for scheduling posts for a later time.

However, it is now more than a social media publisher. It comes with a quite complicated interface and features promoting social media campaign planning & ads. But finding a suitable plan for only publisher features can be cumbersome.

We highly recommend you our brand new multi-platform social media management tool, Circleboom Publish!

While you have a better experience at a smartly designed dashboard where you can create social media graphics and curate social media content, you can also schedule your social media post to Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Google My Business (and Pinterest soon).

Circleboom Publish dashboard

In Circleboom, you don't have to need to pay for the features you will never use and save at least 150$ on an annual basis!

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As Circleboom, we are now launching an all-in-one social media publish tool, Circleboom Publish to enable you to manage all social media in one place!

Hootsuite disconnects all accounts

The most common causes for a Hootsuite account being disconnected are security reasons.

As a precaution, when you change the password on a social network account, Hootsuite instantly disconnects all accounts. To grant it access, reauthorize or login in after changing your password.

Hootsuite normally disconnects Facebook and Instagram after 60 days.

If you use LinkedIn with Hootsuite, you should be advised that after a year, LinkedIn will automatically disconnect or restrict access to third-party services, such as Hootsuite.

So, you can try sign in for your account again to solve the issue.

Hootsuite Problems #1: Hootsuite disconnects all accounts
One of the most common Hootsuite problems is that Hootsuite accounts disconnect all accounts. In this brief column, we explain how to solve the solution.
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Final Verdict

You do not need to pay for the features you do not need or want.

Circleboom Publish offers way more feasible and flexible plans with a much cleaner and more intuitive user interface.

Hence, social media management becomes less expensive and easier with lots of must-have features for a successful social media experience like; content curation, scheduling, sent & scheduled items management!

Try it out now!

By the way, if you are not sure to continue with Circleboom Publish yet, you can check our comprehensive lists for the most popular social media management tools of 2021 below:

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