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How to Download Instagram Videos

. 6 min read

Want to download and share your favorite Instagram videos quickly and easily without spending any money? You are knocking at the right door.

If you are looking for a perfect tool to download your favorite Instagram videos to share them with your friends and followers, this article will provide you with the perfect solution. So you can easily download Instagram videos through a swift and hassle-free process.

We will guide you through the whole process through this article. We will provide the Step by step guide for you to get your favorite Instagram videos quickly and effortlessly!

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Why We Love Downloading Instagram Videos:

Instagram is one of the giant socializing networks with over 1 billion of active followers. This socializing app is mostly focused on visual stuff i. e videos and pictures. Via this platform people share their common interests and ideas by posting and sharing their favorite stuff.

There are almost all kinds of videos on Instagram based on everyone's interests. We want to save some of them and also to share such interesting videos with our friends. This becomes possible only through sharing links but if we want to post them directly on our behalf as stories or want to send them to friends individually or in groups. Then we can only do this through downloading them first.

Secondly, many celebrities and people usually prefer to share their videos solely over Instagram because it is more video oriented as compared to Facebook and other socializing apps. There are many videos that are only available on Instagram and hard to find anywhere else. Therefore if you want to save and share those videos with friends, you have to download them first.

Circleboom - A Perfect  Downloader for Instagram Videos:

Being a part of the Instagram family we love to share our ideas and interests through posts. A great portion of our everyday posts usually comprises videos that we love to watch and to share with our extended family, friends, and followers. So we are always looking for a way to save these valuable Instagram videos, IGTV, and reels to share them individually rather than through reposting and sending links.

Circleboom which is basically a social media account management tool that provides an excellent solution in the form of a fully automated and most efficient Instagram video Downloader for all users who want to download and share their favorite videos. With this amazing tool, downloading videos is just a matter of a few clicks.

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How it makes video downloading more convenient and more fun:

Hassle-Free Downloading:

Circleboom provides the best video downloading solution in the market that is super fast and super convenient with its Instagram video downloader. From signing up to downloading countless videos, everything is based on some simple and quick steps.

No Extra Plugins Required:

With Circleboom Instagram video downloader, it is literally a piece of cake. There are no formalities and complexities of how to download Instagram videos. Their plugin is totally compliant with any type of browser that you use.

No Safety Concerns:

Circleboom is an absolutely safe platform to work with. It is always compliant with the policies of social media platforms. It is a reliable website to choose. It enables you to download multiple videos without making your system vulnerable to malicious softwares and ads.

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How To Download Instagram Videos using Circleboom :

Thanks to this advanced tool, everyone can now easily download videos both on the desktop or on multiple mobile devices i. e iPhone and Android phones.

Download Instagram Videos on your Desktop :

If you like watching your favorite Instagram videos on a bigger screen of your computer and want to share them with others as well or to keep them stored on your PC, you can easily get benefited from this downloader. All you have to do is to follow the following simple steps.

Step # 1: Create a free Circleboom account. It's an easy process.

Step # 2: Now log in to your Circleboom account. You will be directed to the main page. Now go to the user interface.

Step # 3: Here you will see this heading "publish" click on that and you will see some other options, out of those select "video Downloader"

Step # 4: The search field will be opened. Now copy the link of any Instagram video that you want to download, and paste that link there in the search box of the Instagram video downloader.

Step # 5: Find and select the size and quality in which you want your video to be downloaded. There are multiple formats available.

Step # 6: You will see an option saying " Right-click here to save Instagram video" right-click on that and select " download linked file".

Here you go!

Download Instagram Videos to Your Mobile Devices:

You can easily download and keep your favorite Instagram videos on your mobile devices i.e Andriod and iPhone. Just follow these simple steps:

Step # 1: Sign up to Circleboom through your iPhone or Android phone and create your free account.

Step # 2:  Head towards the user interface. Here you will see this heading " publish". Click on it and a mini list will be opened. Out of those options, select "video Downloader"

Step # 3: Now you will see the search field. Copy the link of your desired video and paste that into the search field.

Step # 4: Now hit " Grab that Video File". Select the format and size in which you want the video to be downloaded and displayed.

Step # 5: Long touch on the download link on your phone and select "download linked file"

You will find the downloaded videos in your phone's files app. Enjoy and share your videos!

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Final Thoughts:

Instagram videos are easy to download. All you need is a quick and efficient plugin. With Circleboom your countless video downloads are just a few clicks away! So try this free tool today and have fun.

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