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How to find, list, and export your high-quality followers & friends on Twitter! Know your X audience better!

How to find, list, and export your high-quality followers & friends on Twitter! Know your X audience better!

. 4 min read

If you know your Twitter (X) audience better, you can draw a proper Twitter strategy for your goals and it would be easy to know what to expect in a given amount of time.

Among your Twitter audience, there are high-quality and low-quality followers & friends. Quality always matters over quantity. If a Twitter profile has a high follower/following ratio, this mostly means that this account represents the highest quality.

A high follower/friend ratio is when an account is followed by many but follows few people. It reveals that this person doesn't follow a "follow-for-follow" strategy on the platform. It gained all its followers just for its quality content. It doesn't need to follow people to be followed.

Now, I want to show you a way of listing and exporting your high-quality followers and friends: Circleboom! Plus, you will be able to discover a method to find influencers and high-quality people on Twitter to follow them and grow your audience with people who can level your Twitter (X) experience up.

Circleboom: Professional Twitter Management

Find high-quality followers and friends on Twitter with Circleboom!


Find, list, and export high-quality Twitter (X) followers and friends

I will show you the necessary steps to view your high-quality, influential (X) Twitter followers and friends with Circleboom.

Let's begin:

Step #1: Log into your Circleboom Twitter account on your browser.

Be a Circleboomer right away! You can create a new account easily and quickly.

Step #2: When it is your first time on Circleboom, you should connect your Twitter profile with your Circleboom account.

Open your Twitter profile on a tab. It will be linked automatically.

Step #3: For your high-quality followers, navigate to the left menu and open the “Followers” tab.

Under it, you will see “High-Quality Followers”.

You can easily export your high-quality Twitter followers if you have any.

Step #4: For your high-quality friends, you should again navigate to the left and click on the “Friends” tab.

Under it, you will see the “High-Quality Friends” option.

You can easily export your high-quality Twitter friends if you have any.

Step #5: Also, if you want to find new Twitter profiles with a high follower/following ratio, you can easily narrow down your search results with minimum and maximum followers and friends. Also, you can hide inactive, fake accounts from your search results. Listing only verified accounts can be another method to find high-quality people on Twitter.

First, you should navigate to the left and select the “Search” tab. Then, you will click on the “Smart Search”.

You can search for specific keywords with advanced filters.

You can apply advanced filters and narrow down your search results.

Step #6: I did this search. Typed “SEO” for the keyword, and looked for verified accounts with a minimum of 5000 followers and a maximum of 500 friends.

Most of the accounts that came with this query will probably be high-quality Twitter accounts.

You can easily export them in Excel and CSV.

That's it! You know how to list and export your high-quality Twitter followers with Circleboom's advanced Twitter management tool!


High-quality Twitter followers and friends are the real value that one profile can get! It doesn't matter how many followers and friends on Twitter you have. In the end, what matters is the engagement and if you have low-quality followers who don't engage with your posts, your account is worthless and people will think that you are fake! or you bought these followers!

Move and check how many high-quality followers and friends you have on Twitter with Circleboom! If you try to do it manually, it will take time, right? And, do you know how to identify whether an account is high-quality or not? You probably do not! So, counsel Circleboom and find out immediately!

There is more on Circleboom! You can take advantage of amazing features at affordable prices!

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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