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How to know your Twitter followers insights

. 3 min read

Being unfollowed on Twitter is a common thing on the platform. While many Twitter accounts would follow you, there would be many unfollowing you too. Sometimes, you should be okay with the unfollowers as it’s beyond your control. But, if your unfollower ratio is high, it’s important to know who unfollowed you.

Twitter Unfollower Checker: Track who unfollowed you!
It would be perfect to automatically know who unfollowed us on Twitter, right? No one wants to check their followers daily to find out that unfollower!

Why is it common to have unfollowers on Twitter?

Because of how the platform has been designed, Twitter users are often following and unfollowing accounts. Some of the reasons are:

  • Some Twitter users just follow accounts for a short time and unfollow them eventually. If any such accounts have followed you, they will unfollow you regardless of your activities on Twitter.
  • You have an inactive Twitter account. Twitter users often stop following accounts that are inactive. If your Twitter account is too active, even that can cause some Twitter users to unfollow you, if not mute you.
  • You do not follow them back. There’s a chance that some Twitter users might unfollow you if you don’t follow them back within certain days.

Despite the reasons why you’re experiencing unfollowers, you can identify them with the help of Circleboom.

Circleboom Twitter

Circleboom enables users, brands, and SMBs to grow and strengthen their Twitter accounts.


Find your Twitter Unfollowers

Using Circleboom, you can find your Twitter unfollowers within a few seconds. Just follow the steps below to know who unfollowed you:

  • Login to Circleboom and connect your Twitter account.
  • Hover on the left menu and select "Not Following Back" under the "Friends" tab.
  • Circleboom will give you the Twitter accounts that don't follow you back.
  • You can also select “Who Unfollowed Me” under the "Followers" tab, again from the left menu. This will show people who unfollowed you recently. You can then set up an unfollower alert.
  • Once you have all the accounts in front of you, you can choose to visit their profiles on Twitter and unfollow them.
  • If there are certain accounts that you do not wish to unfollow, you can add them to the Circleboom whitelist. This will stop showing these accounts in your search results.

As Circleboom is a safe and Twitter-compliant app, you can be assured that your Twitter account will not be suspended, shadowbanned, or disabled for using Circleboom. The app makes sure that all the Twitter guidelines are taken care of.

Twitter Shadowban Test: Check your status!
Have you ever felt that your content on Twitter or any other platform is treated as restricted and shown to very few people or completely no one? If you have, do not worry, you are not paranoid! This is called shadowban!

Unfollow Accounts you do not want to Follow

Other than finding your unfollowers, you can also use the Circleboom app to find other Twitter accounts to unfollow. You can see inactives, spam/fake accounts, eggheads, or all your friends. Though Circleboom doesn’t let you unfollow directly from the app, it still lists all the accounts based on many criteria. This makes finding the right accounts to unfollow much easier. You can quickly learn which accounts are fake and not worth your time.

Final Words:

If you do not have a lot of Twitter users unfollowing you, then you do not need to spend a lot of time stalking who unfollowed you. Rather, you should spend time focusing on your content, scheduling tweets at the best times, and analyzing your existing Twitter followers. These activities will help you grow your Twitter account in the right direction.

Harshita Agrawal
Harshita Agrawal

Social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

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