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How to List all My Verified Followers on Twitter

. 6 min read

Verified Twitter accounts are the accounts with blue ticks that have been verified by Twitter as being authentic. These accounts are verified by Twitter and given a blue badge. So, any Twitter user can know that it’s not a parody account but a genuine account.

There would be times when you would be only interested in verified followers that follow you. If you are only interested in a quick scan, you can go to your followers tab on Twitter. The accounts with a blue tick are verified accounts.

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Verified Twitter accounts

But, this can be very time consuming especially if you have thousands of followers. And, if you want to filter these accounts, it would be an impossible task on Twitter.

However, if you use a third-party tool like Circleboom, you can list all your verified followers. That too, in a minute in a clean-and-simple interface. Before we learn the process to do so, it’s important to know that Circleboom is a 100% Twitter compliant tool. It takes all measures to keep your account protected. Hence, when you connect your Twitter account to Circleboom, you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

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How to see verified followers on Twitter

With the steps below, you can quickly find and see verified followers on Twitter.

Step 1: Log in to the Circleboom Twitter dashboard by authenticating your Twitter account.

Once logged in, you can see a menu on the left listing all the Circleboom features.

Authorize to access your Twitter account.

Step 2: On the menu on the left, select “The Search” -> “All My Followers”.

Within few seconds, the dashboard will prompt.

Step 3: Circleboom will list all the Twitter accounts that follow you. From the filter box at the top, tick the checkbox “Show Only Verified.”

Herein, you can filter you search to list only verified Twitter accounts.

List your verified Twitter followers.
Filter your followers by verification.

Step 4: All the verified accounts that follow you will be listed by Circleboom.

If you’re only interested in getting the list of all the verified accounts you follow, the above method should suffice.

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Here we prepared a video guide to show you how to get the list of verified Twitter accounts you follow:

Pro Tips:

  • With Circleboom’s latest feature, you can force accounts that follow you to unfollow you. Just select the accounts that you want to be unfollowed by, and select “Make them Unfollow You”
  • If you want to further filter verified accounts by keywords, hashtags, usernames, language, or location, you can use the search filter above. Type the text in your search box and all the matching accounts will be shown.
  • If you only want to look at non-verified accounts, you can click on “Don’t show verified” and Circleboom will list all non-verified accounts.
  • To add all your verified accounts to a whitelist, you can select all of them using the checkbox to select all followers. Next, click the green icon: “Add to Whitelist.” All your verified followers will be added to the Whitelist.
  • To add all the verified accounts to the Twitter list, select them, and click the blue icon “Add to Twitter List.”
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How to get Twitter verification

What if you want to get verified on Twitter? Which steps do you need to follow? All you need is here:

Step #1: On your Twitter account. Click on "..." on the left-hand menu.

After that, click on "Settings and privacy".

Step #2:  Once you clicked on "Settings and privacy", go for "Your Account" on the prompting window.

Now, it is almost done.

Step #3: On your Account Information windows, go down and find "Verified" tab.

There, click on "Request Verification" to continue. Done!

As you can see, you can get verified on Twitter by following these three steps. If you want to find out more, you can check our detailed guide on how to get verified on Twitter in 2022 here:

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Final Thoughts

Verified Twitter accounts are keeper accounts that you can always look forward to receiving first-hand information. Keeping a tab of your verified followers helps you in keeping your Twitter account healthy and active. Circleboom’s “Verified Accounts” filter also helps you in following verified accounts when following new accounts.

You can get Circleboom's amazing features at affordable prices.

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