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How to Search Old Tweets on Twitter: 3 Simplest Methods

. 4 min read

Have you been losing your breath trying to find that one tweet you posted ages ago and you can’t spot it? Any keyword you type on Twitter gives you thousands of results and it gets frustrating? If you know the right methods, it can be quite easy to search old tweets within seconds. And, if you don’t, you can spend hours with no results.

You can search old tweets either on Twitter or using third-party apps. Both are simple to learn and follow. In this article, we will learn how to search for old tweets using three different methods.

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Method 1: Search Old Tweets with Twitter Advanced Search:

Twitter advanced search is a sophisticated way to look for old tweets from yours or any Twitter account. It lets you search by keywords, dates, places, and accounts. So, whether you want a particular tweet from your account or just remember tweets with some hashtag, you can use a Twitter advanced search.

Go to Twitter and search for a keyword on the search bar on the left. You will see search results and on the top left you can see “Advance Search” under Search Filters.

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Click on Advanced Search and a dialog box will appear where you can type the keywords, hashtags, accounts, you want to search tweets for.

search old tweets

By combining fields in advanced search, you can refine your results and find the tweets you want to. Learn more about using the Twitter advanced search here.

Method 2: Find your Old Tweets with Circleboom:

Are you looking for your own old tweet? If you are having difficulty finding any tweet that you posted in the past then you can use Circleboom and find your tweet in a second.

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To find your old tweet, login to the Circleboom dashboard and click on “My Tweets” -> “Delete Tweets.” This will list your last 3,600 tweets that you have posted on Twitter. Circleboom’s grid power search can help you quickly find the tweet you have been looking for by typing the keyword/name/hashtag on the grid power search.

Once you have your results filtered, click on the eye button next to the tweet you want to look on Twitter. If you just want to delete the tweet, you can do so from the Circleboom dashboard.

Learn more about deleting old tweets, retweets, and likes from Twitter here.

search old tweets

Method 3: Find your Old Tweets using Twitter Archive:

If you want all your old tweets at one place to search, analyze, or filter, then you can download your tweets on Twitter.

Twitter allows its users to request their Twitter archive which then enables Twitter to send you a zip file with all your tweets. The Twitter archive is sent to your email within a few hours to a few days. Then you can download and find the tweet you’re looking for in the archive.

To end with:

Whether you search old tweets using Twitter or Circleboom or by requesting Twitter data, all the methods are simple to perform and should help you find the exact tweets you are looking for. If you have any issues finding old tweets, you can let us know in the comments below.

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Want to manage your Twitter account efficiently? Try Circleboom – one place to manage everything on Twitter including followers, publishing, analytics, and tweets.

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