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How to Use Twitter Lists More Effectively

How to Use Twitter Lists More Effectively

. 4 min read

According to Statista, Twitter has more than 275 million daily active users. This freshness and the platform's transparency make it the perfect medium to make yourself the shining one. Furthermore, when Moz says the life of a unique tweet was a long 18 minutes. However, it 'was,' a statistic from 2012, when the active user number was just over 150 million, nearly half of the current. So, let's guess the actual life of a tweet today.

Data has strategic importance, especially in our business life. It has become indispensable for companies, institutions, and professionals to quickly access target audiences, sectors, competitors, technology, and innovations. So, It should be used right with timely decisions.

Moreover, digital communication has become an integral part of our lives. We maintain our contact instantly in many communication platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, both in our personal and business lives. There are facilitating tools in digital media to follow information processes effectively.

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The Classic: Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists, one of the oldest but not very popular element of Twitter, is not used very actively. Still, it is a Twitter feature that can be quite useful by bringing together the subjects you are interested in and the users you like to follow their tweets.

By creating Twitter Lists, you can categorize your followers and avoid wasting time weeding out their tweets within your entire timeline, as well as not missing significant tweets. Let's consider you are interested in social media or establish your career on social media. You can gather the users related to this sector under the roof of a list to reach the tweets about social media, and you can follow the real-time tweets from here. In this way, Twitter Lists save you time, and you can quickly access the information you need without distracting other tweets.

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The Easiest List Management via Circleboom

You may understand me if you have tried to manage Twitter Lists, which may sometimes be a real pain, and you take loads of time. Here I want to share with you the unique Twitter list management  feature on Circleboom. You can create Twitter lists in bulk with Circleboom Twitter list management feature.

The useful facilities "select all" and "create a new Twitter list / add to existing Twitter list " lets you create your impressive following list, which makes you more efficient, and save enormous time for you.

Well, How To Then?

If we consider you are on All Your Friends and you would like to create a Twitter list out of them. To do that, let's go through;

Menu>The Circle> All Your Friends

Step #1: You can ease the listing via using the checklist at the upper left side corner according to your desire.

Step #2: Besides, you may want to use the 'Keywords' search bar just below the checklist to specify your search for preparing your list in a shorter time.

Step #3: Select accounts by clicking the "select all" at the upper left side corner of the list or on by one via using the checkbox on the left side for each row.

Step #4: Then, click the <Add selected to Twitter List> button, and you see the dialog window.

Step #5: On the dialog window, either you may add the selected ones to an existing list, or you can create a new Twitter List in bulk.

Note: If you would like to have a new list, please consider the list name cannot exceed 25 characters

For further,  may you want to see the process, we have a tutorial video too!

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