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Best public Twitter lists to follow in 2024

Best public Twitter lists to follow in 2024

. 10 min read

Over its 300 million monthly users, Twitter provides a wide network of individuals and companies to interact with. In every second, 6,000 tweets are posted on average, which means 500 million tweets per day are tweeted. So, you might easily have a hard time keeping up with your Twitter account due to this mass volume.

Luckily, there's a quick and easy method to categorize your Twitter feed into specific categories so you can stay on top of the most relevant tweets in your field: Twitter lists.

Although Twitter lists were around for a long time, it wouldn't be a surprise if you haven't ever used them, as they are not one of the most popular Twitter features. Nevertheless, Twitter Lists come with many benefits.

So, in this blog, we aim to help you discover this effective categorization tool, its benefits and the best public Twitter Lists to follow.

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Why use Twitter Lists?

Twitter lists are basically a curated collection of Twitter accounts based on any topics or categories. You can follow Twitter Lists made by other users, or you can create your own.

There are many different ways you can benefit from Twitter Lists.

#1 Organize your connections

First of all, you can organize your followings into categories of your choice. No matter how many people are on your Twitter following list, there is a great chance that you might miss some of your best friends' tweets in your crowded timeline.

So, what you might do is to create a dedicated Twitter List with your closed ones. When you look at the timeline for a list, you'll see a stream of tweets from solely the accounts on that list.

If you want to organize your Twitter connections before creating Twitter Lists, we suggest you check out the ultimate Twitter management tool, Circleboom. With Circleboom, you can find out spammers, fakes, eggheads, inactive and overactive accounts in your following list and unfollow them to keep your feed clean.

As you clean your following list, you will have a better following/follower ratio which will eventually help you to boost your popularity on Twitter.

#2 Keep track of the competition

Twitter is an excellent tool for keeping track of competitors. However, you don't want to follow competitors or let them know that you actively track their tweets.

A good feature of Twitter Lists is you don't need to follow a user to add them to a Twitter List. But you need to be careful about making your List a private one. If not, the users you add to your public Twitter List will be notified.

One of the simplest ways to manage your Twitter Lists is to use the utmost Twitter management tool, Circleboom. As Circleboom offers an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard, you can easily organize your following list by creating different Twitter Lists with specific categories such as competitors.

#3 Social listening

Twitter Lists are basically used to create mini versions of Twitter feed with fewer users in a specific category or for a unique purpose.

So, creating Twitter lists based on industry-related subjects is a fantastic way to stay on top of the most significant conversations in your area. Or, instead of creating your own Twitter List, you can check out the public Twitter Lists to follow.

#4 Keep up with engagement opportunities

You can create a Twitter List or find Twitter Lists to follow with influencers and important people in your industry.

Then, you can check this list out to keep track of engagement opportunities with these people by retweeting, liking or responding to their tweets.

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#5 Get updates about your industry

Let say that you are in marketing; there is a great chance that you follow a couple of industry-related accounts on Twitter. But it can be hard to keep up with these accounts as your Twitter feed can be too crowded.

Instead of checking every Twitter account for new updates one by one, you can create a Twitter List to monitor your industry. Or, you can basically find public Twitter Lists to follow to keep up with the new trends.

Best Twitter Lists for Follow in 2021

If you don't want to create Twitter Lists on your own or want to check out the Twitter Lists to follow to get inspired, we have gathered Twitter Lists to follow in different categories.

Twitter Lists to follow for social media

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Twitter Lists to follow for news

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Twitter Lists to follow for business

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Twitter Lists to follow for lifestyle and fashion

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Twitter Lists to follow for fitness & health

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Twitter Lists to follow for food

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Bonus: How to create great Twitter lists!

Instead of searching for public Twitter Lists to follow, you can also create your own Twitter Lists. While doing so, to find interesting Twitter accounts to add to your List, you can get inspired by the public Twitter Lists to follow.

Even though Twitter Lists are there to keep our Twitter neat and organized, it can get a little bit harder to manage as you create many Twitter Lists. Also, if you don't keep your Twitter Lists updated, they might get outdated.

This is why we want to introduce you to Circleboom; one of the ultimate Twitter management tools around the globe! To create great Twitter lists, first, we suggest you clean your following list by detecting and deleting the spammers, fakes, inactive and overactive accounts.

Then, you can start creating Twitter Lists to organize the Twitter accounts you follow with Circleboom.

If you want to manage the Twitter Lists more easily, Circleboom is the answer to your needs! To learn how to create and edit a Twitter List with Circleboom, you can follow the simple steps below.

Step #1: Log in to Circleboom.

You can easily connect to Circleboom with your Twitter account.

Managing Twitter lists can be overwhelming. Circleboom can help you to get organized with Twitter lists more efficiently.

Step #2: Locate the "Search" menu in the navigation bar on the left side and click it.

Once you click "Search," a dropdown menu will open.

Circleboom is the ultimate Twitter management tool to boost your Twitter profile.

Step #3: Select the "Account" option to manage them with Twitter Lists.

In a couple of seconds, a page where you can display all followers of any Twitter account!

Step #4: You can now start searching people to check their followers to create your Twitter List out of them.

The filters on top of the page and the keyword search bar can help you find the specific Twitter users followed by that account.

Step #5: Once you finalize your selection, tap the "Add to Twitter List" button.

As you click it, a new window will pop up.

Step #6: Here, you can either create a new Twitter List or add your selection to an existing Twitter List.

If you want to create a new Twitter List, you need to enter the name of it.

To finalize your Twitter List, click the "Add selection to this list" button. Hence, you can create Twitter lists made of thousands of quality accounts!

Pro Tip: Another way to create quality Twitter lists is Circleboom's Smart Search Tool. With Smart Search, you can search for any specific term or topic to find accounts through Twitter and create your well-prepared Twitter lists in almost no time!

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Wrapping Up

Despite its unpopularity, Twitter Lists can help you get organized and keep your Twitter neat. If you are new to Twitter Lists, you can always get inspired by the public Twitter Lists to follow.

These Twitter Lists to follow can also help you find popular people in your interest areas. In this blog, we have gathered some trending Twitter Lists to follow in specific categories. Once you start discovering them, you will see that they can be very inspirational, too!

Even though Twitter Lists are here to help you get organized, they can get a bit hard to manage. In that case, Circleboom can always help you create and manage your Twitter List through its intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.

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Digital marketer & social media enthusiast focusing on content and brand marketing.

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