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6 Brilliant ideas for Instagram questions

. 8 min read

Communication means engagement on Instagram; we share our experiences and moments of our lives, we like and comment on our friends’ posts, tag friends. In short, we engage with our social circle.

You can also get inspired by the examples in the tips! In this blog, we hope to help you come up with some awesome ideas for Instagram questions. You can also get inspired by the examples in the tips!

Instagram offers many different features through which we can engage with our audience. One of the trending ways to create engagement is the Stories. With Stories, you can share quick updates and share engaging content like giveaways or questions.

With many benefits Stories offer, they are used by 500 million users every day. In terms of brands’ share, one-third of the most-viewed stories come from businesses, and one of every five Stories receives a direct message from the viewers.

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Instagram Question Ideas for Engaging Instagram Stories

A popular way to create engagement through Instagram Stories is questions and poll stickers. In 2018, Instagram introduced the Questions Sticker, a new tool that makes it easier than ever to increase engagement with your audience.

I am sure that you have come across at least one Instagram question game like ask me anything questions on Instagram Stories.

#1 Organize a Q&A session with your audience

Do you remember the times we read interviews of our favorite music bands in magazines? Well, times have changed. Nowadays, influencers, public figures, celebrities and brands frequently conduct Q&As with their followers using Instagram questions.

This can be a fun and interesting activity for your audience as generally, they are very curious about your personal life and thoughts.

Influencers, public figures, celebrities and brands frequently conduct Q&As with their followers using Instagram questions | Image Source: @phoemelabaranda

As you answer your followers’ Instagram questions, this will surely strengthen your relations with them. On the other hand, it will also give you a chance to promote your brand and explain your ideas.

You can increase your brand awareness with interactive Instagram questions | Image Source: @airbnb

#2 Use Instagram Questions for Customer Insights

You can make use of Instagram questions to collect customer insights. It will help you to directly gather data from your customers and allow you to advertise your products.

Let’s imagine that you run a pizza restaurant. You can ask your followers about their favorite pizzas at the time. As you start receiving answers, you can share those on your Stories with great visuals of your products.

You can make use of Instagram questions to collect customer insights.

There is a concept called too much advertising. Customers get bored and feel targeted if you constantly push your product and services. So, you can use Instagram questions to gather user-generated content to prevent this undesired situation.

Further, you can also use this data in terms of customer insights. What is better than asking directly to your customers about their opinions right?

#3 Organize takeovers with experts in the field

A takeover can help you to spice things up with a new and different voice on your Instagram. Takeovers give your account a boost by exposing it to a new audience who may not know your brand. Instagram questions are a fun and easy method for these new audiences to learn more about your brand.

A takeover can help you to spice things up with a new and different voice on your Instagram. | Source: Shopify

For example, if you have a skincare business, you can do a takeover with well-known skincare experts and offer a Q&A session with them through Instagram questions.

This way, you can introduce your brand to the followers of the experts. It will increase your brand awareness by directly reaching the target audience.

Don’t forget to announce the takeover beforehand!

#4 Conduct an Instagram Question Game

We become bored quite often, right? Well, it's simply human nature. So, to engage your audience with fun and interesting content, you can conduct a pop-quiz related to your business.

Here is an excellent example of an Instagram question game from Netflix. Who doesn't want to be tested about their favorite TV shows?

To engage your audience with fun and interesting content, you can conduct a pop-quiz related to your business with Instagram questions | Image Source: Netflix

With these pop-up Instagram question games, you can help your audience engage with a fun activity while promoting your products and services.

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#5 Create a learning community

You can also use Instagram questions as a way to learn from your audience and help them learn from each other. Try to come up with Instagram questions that help your audience think about your industry, trends and tips. We learn as we share our experiences and knowledge.

This strategy can also help you show your audience that you value their voice and ideas, and you are eager to learn from them, too!

For example, if you have a make-up brand, you can ask about their mostly-used make-up tips. Or, if you are a food influencer, you may ask about your audience's favorite dessert recipes.

#6 Conduct surveys with Instagram questions

Are you looking for fresh approaches for market research? Do you need an engaging way to collect feedback from your active Instagram followers? If so, Instagram questions can be an answer to your needs. Every customer wants to be heard. On Instagram Stories, you can ask multiple choices questions to learn your customers' preferences.

Let's have a look at Sephora's case. During an event, Sephora has asked some questions to celebrities about their make-up preferences.

Then, as they shared those moments on Instagram Stories, they included a poll sticker to let their audience vote for their native preferences.

On Instagram Stories, you can ask multiple choices Instagram questions to learn your customers' preferences to collect in-depth insights | Image Source: Sephora
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Bonus Tip: Schedule your Instagram posts to save time and effort!

We know that coming up with creative content for Instagram takes time and effort.

Engagement is one of the key factors for a successful Instagram marketing strategy, you need to make sure that you have two-way communication with your customers.

This means that you need to reply to their comments, direct messages and create interactive content.

Besides creativity, time management is an important skill to be successful on Instagram.

As social media managers, we know that you have a very hectic schedule. So, as Circleboom, we are here to take some of the burdens on your shoulders.

With Circleboom Publish, you can discover new content, schedule posts and publish them from a single dashboard.

Let us introduce you to Circleboom Publish, the ultimate all-in-one social media management tool.

With Circleboom Publish, you can schedule your Instagram posts beforehand for a future date. This way, you can get ready for the following weeks when your social media calendar is ready to go.

Instead of sparing half an hour each day to post your content at the right time, you can schedule them on a specific day and time.

You can dive right into your design with the quick design templates without wasting any time!

Further, you can create and enhance videos and images with the Canva extension of Circleboom Publish.

Built-in Canva tool of Circleboom Publish can help you to create engaging content for your Instagram account.

If this sounds appealing, check out our blog to learn how to schedule Instagram posts automatically with Circleboom Publish.

With Circleboom Publish, you can schedule your Instagram posts beforehand for a future date.

So, in a nutshell, Stories helps brands increase their brand awareness and customer loyalty by offering engaging content strengthening their bonds.

And by increasing your engagement with your audience, you can understand their needs and expectations better. It is a form of customer insight, right?

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Wrapping Up

Engaging with your audience through interesting content can help you increase your brand awareness, boost your sales, and build a loyal community on Instagram.

Also, direct communication with your consumers can help you to understand your customers' needs, desires and expectations.

Is there any better way to learn their needs than directly asking your customers? It is surely the most direct way to collect consumer insights!

Instagram offers many features to engage with your audience. One way to do so is by creating engaging Instagram questions and polls through Instagram Stories.

But always keep in mind that your audience may become tired of answering your questions if you overuse the Instagram questions features. And eventually, they may skip your Stories once for all or even unfollow you.

To avoid this scenario, use Instagram questions wisely and always try to keep it creative and interesting. We hope that we could give you a good start to come up with sparkling ideas about Instagram questions to boost your brand and increase customer loyalty.

If you are interested in discovering more about Instagram Stories, you can check our blog about creative Instagram Stories ideas to get inspired!

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