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8 Easiest hacks to make money on Instagram for 2024!

. 9 min read

While Instagram started its journey as a photo-sharing app, it then has evolved into a commercial platform. From service providers to nonprofits to wholesale e-commerce business owners, millions of entrepreneurs use its selling power.

You might be wondering, “How can people make money on Instagram?” Is it possible for me to pull it off on my own?

How can I make money on Instagram in 2024, too?  

What sets selling on Instagram apart from other forms of e-commerce?

This article will briefly examine a few strategies you may use right now to join the people you admire.

Why not become an Instaceleb this year?

Can you make money on Instagram, for real?

Definitely, you may attract the attention of Instagram’s millions of users and start making money on Instagram if you have some stunning and unique photographs to use, a story to tell, and energy and time to devote to your Instagram profile.

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You might be thinking to yourself, “OK, I know that it’s doable, but where do I begin?”

OK, then, continue reading.

Then, how to make money on Instagram?

Let’s name some ideas to make money on Instagram right away:

  • Become an affiliate and earn money by promoting products from other companies.
  • Grow your followers with effort and time and start with the objective of becoming a micro-influencer.
  • Offer to help an Instagram influencer as a virtual assistant. Many of them are looking for assistance to relieve themselves of their responsibilities, such as checking comments, replying to inquiry DMs and emails.
  • Become a social media content writer for companies that don’t have in-house content creators.
  • Instagram is a great place to sell. You can sell a physical or digital item, as well as a service.

Now, let’s get into the details. Even though these tips look good as ideas, there are many things to consider when making money on Instagram.

#1: Everybody’s dream: Becoming an influencer

If you can achieve a certain level of influencer status, you can utilize your Instagram account to promote different products from a wide range of firms.

Influencers and brands frequently collaborate to create sponsored posts that help spread the word about their products. To get to this point, you will need to increase your Instagram following and consistently create posts that engage your followers.

Instagram bio is the ultimate place for promoting what you sell or advertise

Anyways, don’t forget that it may take a long time and a lot of effort to achieve your goals. Many firms, such as Sephora, Lululemon, and Savage X Fenty, actively recruit rising influencers for ambassador programs. Do your homework.

If you have established a great internet presence, big businesses are likely to reach out to you. However, as you grow, you will discover companies that you believe best reflect your personality and values.

You can attempt to settle a deal, reach out to them personally (through Instagram or their websites). You can also create an account on an influencer marketplace to improve your chances of being discovered by a major company.

#2: Join Affiliate Marketing Platforms

An affiliate differs from an influencer in that an affiliate works to increase sales for the associated brand in exchange for a commission. The influencers are primarily concerned with raising awareness.

Affiliates make money on Instagram by using trackable links or specific promotional codes that allow the affiliate and the brand to see exactly which sales are made through your posts.

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Affiliate links can be URLS or unique promo codes.

Specific Promo Codes help affiliates to work in a transparent manner

Without a doubt, the Amazon Associates Program is the godfather of affiliate marketing. It’s typically easy to join, and they have everything you need for marketing campaigns, but as an affiliate, you must follow their link-sharing policies.

Share A Sale- Their network connects online retailers to over 225,000+ affiliate partners globally, making it a great location for content creators, influencers, and website owners.

Clickbank - Another affiliate marketing hub for vendors who wish to sell their products, affiliates who have a target market, and numerous campaign tools such as landing page builders, ad optimization, and so on.

#3: Investing in personal branding and paid advertisements is not a burden or luxury

Affiliate marketers, on the other hand, use the same ad that the brand or organization does. Perhaps the content of other affiliates. If you want to do high-ticket affiliate marketing, on the other hand, you will need to spend on your reputation.

Here are some excellent affiliate marketing advertising tips.

  • You can market your content, website, or social media profile.
  • Alternatively, you can set aside tiny sums of money to advertise your affiliate content marketing.

Why not boost your content if the projected return from the affiliate link is significantly larger than your cost?

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#4: Working for brands and influencers as a Social Media Manager/Content Creator or Virtual Assistant

Many influencers require assistance with various tasks, including reviewing sponsorship requests, running advertisements, identifying fraudulent followers, and more. You might offer to be their virtual assistant and charge by the hour.

The same goes for Instagram shop accounts or any business accounts. They need people for content creating, scheduling Instagram posts, and managing comments and DMs every day.

You can work per hour or piecework with several brands and make money on Instagram by managing their Instagram accounts.

Sounds cool, right?

Also, with Instagram Schedulers like Circleboom, you can manage multiple brand accounts at the same time.

In this way, you can literally boost your income or even double and triple it.

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Circleboom Publish also helps you in finding content and creating Instagram post designs.

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So, you can set a comprehensive Instagram account management deal, including content creation, scheduling and managing inquires with influencers and brands, and handling most of the work in the Instagram scheduler app.

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#5: Start your Instagram shop or consider drop-shipping

You can sell any physical goods you manufacture or purchase from suppliers.

You may also need a storage area, such as a spare room at home or a rented storage facility.

This is especially necessary when you plan to save money by purchasing in bulk. You will need a place to store anything before it’s ordered by customers and delivered to them.

Instagram shop example

Dropshipping is another possibility. It’s a business concept that allows you to operate your store without ever having to carry inventory.

Once you have completed a sale, your vendor will ship your products directly to your consumer from their warehouse. You won’t deal with issues such as your products being stored, packaged, or shipped.

Instagram is a great place for sharing e-commerce links in bio, stories and posts with the help of hashtags

Instagram works as a showcase hub in this case. When you start to build a follower base, you can increase your sales too. Organizing giveaways and contests for more engagement and using influencers to promote your products yield good results.

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How to make money on Instagram in 2022?

Instagram also has some plans for creators. And these plans will boost opportunities to make money on Instagram in 2022.

Leverage IGTV Ads launch

Following an early test of IGTV advertisements with US artists in May of last year, Instagram has announced that the program has been expanded, with chosen creators in the UK, USA, and Australia now able to enable ads on their IGTV uploads.

If you live in specified areas, you can begin monetizing your IGTV videos (it is estimated that 55 percent of purchases will go to the artist).

You can enable monetization and begin monetizing your IGTV videos with only a few taps.

  • Go to your Account Settings in the first step. Select “Creator” and “IGTV Ads” from the drop-down options.
  • Start by reading and accepting the terms, then enabling “Allow Monetization” for your current IGTV videos and tapping Continue to complete the process.
IGTV ads activation

Earn money from Instagram Live Session Badges

Viewers can give “tips” in the form of heart badges to creators who broadcast Instagram Live videos. A heart icon appears next to a user’s name in the live chat when purchasing a badge.

Badges range in price from $0.99 to $4.99, with a maximum of $250 per viewer per session.

How Instagram Live badges work

Consider using remarketing for your website.

Unfortunately, a quite small percentage of website visitors to your site are ready to make a purchase. Retargeting is when you show your adverts to folks who have already visited your site but have not made a purchase.

Because this includes up to 98 of every 100 visits, it is a huge potential to boost sales by focusing on people you’ve already interacted with.

Popular Instagram hashtags: The Ultimate guide with 400+ examples
One word can change everything on social media. So, in this blog, we have gathered the popular Instagram hashtags for trending categories.

Retargeting reaches people who have already visited your website at least once. They are more inclined to trust you and thus buy from you because they are already familiar with your brand.

You can show remarketing ads on Instagram and Facebook too. Previous visitors of the e-commerce site will be reminded of your service or product in this way.

Wrap Up

Successful Instagrammers can teach you a thing or two.

  • Combine your knowledge in marketing, photography, storytelling, and photo style with what you’ve learned from them.
  • Increase your following as much as possible, hold contests, and keep your account alive by posting fresh photos once or twice a day.
  • While you’re doing all of this, don’t be afraid to use tools like an Instagram scheduler, Canva designer, stock images, graphic editor, and content curator tools to assist you.  
  • If you wanna optimize your efforts, keep an eye on your analytics.

Also, don’t quit quickly. Persistence, as you know, is key!

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