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Looking for a More Targeted Twitter X Account Search?

Looking for a More Targeted Twitter X Account Search?

. 2 min read

This blog mainly touches on basic keyword searches, but diving into advanced account searches can unlock more precise strategies.

For anyone looking to specifically analyze and engage with Twitter accounts, understanding advanced search techniques is crucial. This approach is especially valuable for pinpointing and interacting with key audiences effectively.

To find the right audience on Twitter, Circleboom's advanced account search by keywords is really handy.

For instance, if you're selling a specific gym product, like protein shakes, you can use Circleboom to search for tweets where people are talking about protein shakes. This allows you to identify and target those accounts for your marketing efforts. You can export all those Twitter IDs to use in your Twitter ads, ensuring that your ads reach the people most likely to be interested in what you're offering.

Advanced Twitter X Keywords Search:

Circleboom's Twitter X advanced search filters let you zero in on your exact audience with ease. Here’s how you can tailor your searches:

  • Verification Status: Focus on verified or non-verified accounts. ( Get the list of your verfied followers )
  • Followers and Friends Count: Filter by how many people they connect with.
  • Account Activity: Choose between active or inactive accounts.
  • Join Date: Find users based on when they joined Twitter. ( Check Twitter X Account' Join date )
  • Location and Language: Target by geographical area and language.
  • Fake or Bot Followers: Eliminate fake and bot accounts. ( Fake Twitter Account Checker )
  • And many other useful filters.

These options help you find the right crowd for your campaigns, making your advertising more effective and relevant.

Advanced Influencer Search:

Circleboom's 'Find Influencer' feature really simplifies finding the right influencers. You can search for influencers based on their location, which is super handy when you want your message to resonate in specific areas. It’s all about making sure your marketing punches above its weight by connecting you with the right people where they matter most.

Twitter Account Followers and Friends Search:

You can search any account's followers or friends to use them for ads, or you can add them to your Twitter list in one click. Many users target competitors' followers for ads. You can search any brand's followers and export them to use for targeted Twitter ads.

Use Search Result on Hyper-Targeted Ads

Real-World Scenario:

Imagine you're running a vegan food brand. With Circleboom's advanced features, you can explore Twitter (X) to identify potential customers who are truly passionate about veganism.

Consider this: individuals who frequently mention 'vegan', 'plant-based', or related terms in their bio or tweets are likely vegan enthusiasts and ideal targets for your products.

Circleboom’s Smart Search feature is engineered to sift through millions of accounts, pinpointing those who talk about veganism more than any other topic. This isn’t just a wide search; it’s a precision tool to find those who are most likely to be interested in what you offer.

Once you’ve identified these vegan-focused individuals, Circleboom allows you to effortlessly export their account IDs, making your outreach process smooth and efficient.

Kevin O. Frank

Co-founder and Product Owner @circleboom #DataAnalysis #onlinejournalism #DigitalDiplomacy #CrisesCommunication #newmedia

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