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How to search for and find influencers by location!

. 9 min read

"I am a marketing manager for an arts and entertainment district and we have a new restaurant opening soon that would like to host a local influencer event. I have a few people we work with regularly, but is there a 'best practice' to find other influencers in our area without paying a service to do it for me?"

This is a question of a Reddit user asking a way to find local influencers for a possible collaboration.

A question from Reddit

Being able to search influencers by location gives you the power of local influencers who have a stronger connection with their community. They understand the local culture, speak the language, and, most importantly, they have the trust of your potential customers.

Whether you’re launching a new product in a specific region or trying to tap into a local market, finding influencers who resonate with your target audience geographically can amplify your brand’s relevance and appeal. By collaborating with them, you can ensure that your marketing message is not only heard but also appreciated and acted upon.

Having said that, the question of "how" naturally arises. But don't worry, as this article gives you numerous ways, including a tool specialized in finding Twitter influencers: Circleboom.

Find influencers with Circleboom Twitter

Circleboom Twitter enables users to search Twitter influencers by location.


Why should you search for influencers by location?

The positive effect of local influencers

Finding local influencers is essential for businesses wanting to strengthen their local connections and truly engage with area-specific audiences. Local influencers add a genuine touch that broader campaigns often lack. They know the community's culture, language, and what resonates with the people, making their recommendations more credible and impactful.

Working with local influencers helps businesses engage directly with community networks, boosting word-of-mouth and leading to better engagement and conversion rates. Studies show that local influencer campaigns can double the engagement rates of broader campaigns, significantly impacting a business’s bottom line. These influencers also offer insights into local market trends and preferences, helping businesses customize their offerings more effectively.

The effect of local influencers on businesses

Moreover, partnering with local influencers is more cost-effective than launching large-scale campaigns. They help target marketing efforts to specific groups within a region, increasing the return on investment. With local influencers, businesses can design precise marketing campaigns that increase in-store visits, enhance brand visibility, and ultimately, drive sales. In fact, localized influencer campaigns are known to generate up to 50% higher response rates than non-localized ones, making them a smart choice for businesses looking to maximize their marketing dollars.

Ways to search influencers by location

Search influencers by location via social media hashtags

Social media platforms themselves may act as treasure troves of influencer data. To search influencers by location, start by identifying popular hashtags that are unique to the area you’re targeting.

Pro Tip: You can always find the best hashtags for your location with Circleboom's Social Media Hashtag Generator. ⬇️
Social Media Hashtag Generator| Enrich Your Social Posts
Do you want to enrich your social media posts with a hashtag finder? Let’s discover the best hashtags for your social media posts with Circleboom’s Social Media Hashtag Generator!

For instance, if you’re looking for influencers in Miami, hashtags like #MiamiBlogger or #MiamiInfluencer can lead you to profiles of local content creators. You can even take a step further, depending on your area of interest, and search for #LAfashion or #LosAngelesstyle, for example, if you're looking for fashion influencers in Los Angeles.

Then, you can track these hashtags to see who is posting frequently and engaging with their audience. Look for posts that receive a high level of interaction, as this indicates a strong connection with the local community.

Keyword & Hashtag Tracker: Track Hashtags & Keywords on Twitter
Thanks to Circleboom Twitter, the ultimate Twitter hashtag tracker, you can easily monitor your hashtags and keywords on Tracker.

PRO TIP: You can also consider looking for influencers who frequently geotag their locations in their posts, and find other influencers through those tags that indicate popular places for influencers to hang out.

Manually search influencers by location on Google

Google can be a surprisingly effective tool for finding influencers. Begin by entering search terms that combine your industry with the location of interest. For example, “Seattle fitness influencers” or “Portland food bloggers” can yield a list of potential influencers. In other words, try searching for phrases like "[your industry] influencers in [city name]" and what you will find may surprise you.

Explore the search results for blogs, local news articles featuring influencers, and event coverage that might mention prominent local figures. This method requires a bit more digging, but it can uncover hidden gems not immediately apparent on social media platforms.

PRO TIP: If you are looking for local influencers on a country basis, you can head to Google's "advanced search" to pick a region and filter the web results that only belong to a specific country. So, if you are seeking, let's say, crypto influencers in the UK, this might be a fit.
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Search influencers by location through competitor analysis

Competitor analysis involves looking at the influencers your competitors are engaging with. This can provide insights into who is influential in your industry and location. For instance, if a popular Chicago cosmetics store collaborates with local beauty influencers, those influencers might also be a good fit for your brand as well.

You can check your competitors’ social media accounts to see who they’re tagging in their posts, who is featured in their content, and any mentions of local events they’re participating in. This strategy not only helps you identify potential influencers but also gives you an idea of the influencer partnerships that are working well for others in your market.

Don't know how to conduct a competitor analysis? You can't even imagine how Twitter can serve you for that if you use it correctly! For more details, check out our article below ⬇️:
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Use networking to search influencers by location

Networking remains one of the most effective ways to connect with people, including influencers. Personal connections can lead to collaborations that feel more authentic because they’re built on real-life interactions. And it's even easier in today's world as you can network with new people both online and offline.

You can attend local industry events, workshops, and conferences to meet influencers in person. You can also join local business groups on social media, such as Facebook or LinkedIn groups, and look for active members who are knowledgeable, have a following and could be potential micro-influencers⬇️

Where can you find Micro-influencers?
In the quest for micro-influencers, social media platforms are your treasure troves. Let’s discover more!

Let's say you're a hostel owner in Barcelona. You could join the "Tourists Visiting Spain" Facebook group and see who influences the conversations. You can also attend industry summits or join local business networks to meet more influential profiles in person.

HEADS UP! You might already have some influential friends and followers in your social circle with a high follower/following ratio. Check out how to identify them below:
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Influencer marketing tools to search influencers by location

There are many influencer marketing tools and platforms out there that allow you to search for influencers based on location, demographics, interests, and other criteria. These platforms, such as Brandwatch or Buzzsumo often provide detailed analytics on influencer performance, making it easier to find the right fit for your campaign.

Among these tools, Circleboom stands out, allowing you to search for influencers by location with precision, specifically for Twitter. Its intuitive interface and detailed analytics not only help you identify influencers who align with your brand values and reach your desired audience effectively through collaboration with Twitter influencers but also help you watch out for fake influencers.

Fake Twitter Account Checker | Find Fake Twitter Accounts
Get sick of possible fake Twitter accounts around you? You can spot those fake Twitter accounts with the Fake Twitter Account Checker provided by Circleboom!

Search influencers by location with Circleboom

Local influencer search by Circleboom

Here's a step-by-step explanation of how to search influencers by location with Circleboom:

Step #1: Log in to your Circleboom Twitter and connect your account.

You and your Twitter profile are safe with Circleboom!

Step #2: Navigate to the left menu and click “Find Influencers” under the “Search” tab.

You will proceed to the advanced search tab.

Step #3: Then type in your keyword and pick the engagement levels of the influencers you'd like to find.

Let's stick with the example of NFT promoters, and pick medium and high engagement influencers.

Step #4: Now's the time for adding location filters.

You can also work with many other search filters, including verification status, follower count, join date, etc.

Once you're done, you'll have the influencers listed before you. You can sort them by popularity, inspect other metrics, and visit their Twitter profiles to contact them.

You can also add them to your Twitter lists or export these accounts as a CSV file.

You can also identify influencers in your network with a single click with Circleboom.

Again, navigate to the left menu on your dashboard and then you'll find "Influencer Friends" button under the friends tab, and "Influencer Followers" button under the followers tab.

Last but not least, Circleboom lets you search Twitter influencers within the network of your competitors too. Just go for Circleboom's "Account Search", again to be found via the left menu under the "Search" tab and type in the Twitter handle you'd like to inspect the followers and followings of.

The rest goes the same: You can apply your filters for follower count, verification status, activity level, etc., to find accounts that are likely to be Twitter influencers. You can also export these accounts, visit their profiles, or add them to your Twitter lists.

Don't want to limit yourself to Twitter? After listing the influencers, you can also check whether they are active on other social platforms or not to get a better understanding of their audience and reach.

Final Words

Searching for influencers by location is a strategic move that can bring authenticity and localized appeal to your marketing efforts. By leveraging tools like Circleboom and combining them with manual searches and networking, you can build a strong, location-based influencer network that drives your brand’s message home.

Remember, the goal is to find influencers who not only have a significant following but also a genuine connection with their community, as this will resonate more deeply with potential customers.

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