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Nonprofit Marketing: 5 Low Budget Marketing Ideas

. 4 min read

According to stats, the average retention of first-time donors in nonprofits is 29%, which means finding donors and raising funds is a constant pain for most of the nonprofits.

Your nonprofit might need promotion either to raise funds or hire volunteers or conduct events or raise awareness. Whatever your core reasons may be, the tips below will help you promote your nonprofit efficiently:

Invest Time in Content Marketing:

92% of nonprofit marketing revolves around creating and promoting content. Creating content comprising of your key messages and goals can go a long way in promoting your nonprofit.

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nonprofit marketing

Many nonprofits create blogs and articles to explain their purpose. Videos are created to share the message across communities and gain popularity. You can create simple content with the help of your volunteers focusing on your work and contribution to society.

Use Facebook’s Fundraiser Program:

Facebook allows users to start their own fundraiser program via Facebook posts. It allows Facebook users to make donations to a charity or organization that they want to support. It’s quite simple to create a fundraiser program on Facebook.

Here is an example of a fundraiser program that was started on Facebook for Amazon watch and amassed more than 40,000 in 5 days.

nonprofit marketing

Create Viral-Worthy Videos for Social Media for your Nonprofit:

86% of nonprofit organizations use social media marketing to reach out to the masses and promote their cause. If you can create short videos explaining how you help, who you help, and create trust, you can find many volunteers and contributors on social media.

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Share your Fundraising Campaign on Twitter:

80% of Twitter users are affluent millennials. And, millennials have been increasingly found contributing and volunteering with non-profits. Hence, Twitter can be a great place to begin your nonprofit marketing. You can be the voice of your organization on Twitter and ask for support, create live videos, participate in Twitter live, and build your community.

nonprofit marketing

Nonprofit Twitter marketing tip: Tools like Circleboom can make it easy for you to manage your Twitter account. Circleboom has a special discount plan for nonprofits making it much more affordable and easier to manage. Learn more about Circleboom features here.

Invest in Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the most personal way to connect with those who follow your nonprofit or might in the future. Sending weekly newsletters or emails when you require an urgent donation or while promoting an event can boost your growth. Using free tools like MailChimp can be a good place to being your email marketing campaigns and automate them.

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Ready to Begin your Nonprofit Marketing?

The above points are probably a must for every nonprofit to try and work upon to create maximum impact. Correct marketing strategies can help you do better for your cause and support the world even better. Also, don’t forget to automate as many marketing campaigns as you can so you dedicate your maximum time in making real changes.

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Harshita Agrawal
Harshita Agrawal

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