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Why Circleboom is the Best Twitter Tool for NonProfits

. 4 min read

See numerous nonprofits and foundations doing a brilliant job on Twitter raising awareness and confronting stereotypes. It’s accounts like these that make Twitter a perfect multifaceted social media platform.

While nonprofits are fighting several causes and symptoms, the major hurdle that keeps their Twitter profile from reaching more people is inadequate use of Twitter functionalities. They could serve their institutions even better if they could use the right Twitter tool. A Twitter tool for nonprofits can make their Twitter account more effective, less time-consuming, and improve their reach.

What makes Circleboom an Amazing Twitter Tool for Nonprofits?

Recently, the entire Circleboom team decided to encourage participation of nonprofits on Twitter and help them spread the word better with Circleboom. So, we have decided to offer 30% off on all plans for all the nonprofits that are willing to use them.

While Circleboom’s free plans are always accessible to anyone, with the paid plans, you have access to features like whitelisting, blacklisting, Twitter lists, and many more. Let’s quickly learn below on what Circleboom has to offer and why it makes the perfect Twitter tool for nonprofits:

Find People Interested in your Cause:

Are you supporting awareness for breast cancer or malnourished children? Whatever your social cause maybe, Circleboom can help you find Twitter accounts that are interested in your cause.

For example, if you’re organizing an event in awareness of breast cancer and you want to reach out to those accounts who are interested in it. Then, all you need to do is to go on Circleboom, go to the hashtag search and type #breastcancerawareness. You will get a list of all the accounts who tweet on this hashtag. You can follow them or get in touch with and let them know about your awareness campaign.

If you wish to target specific geographies, then you should use Circleboom’s smart search. You can simply set filters like geography that you’re interested in targeting and you will get a list of Twitter accounts.

Quickly Create Twitter lists:

Twitter list is one of less used Twitter feature because it’s time-taking but if you can do it correctly, Twitter lists can be a good way to maintain your Twitter account and network better.

Circleboom helps you in creating Twitter lists in accordance with the Twitter rules. You can create your Twitter lists within seconds with Circleboom. You can learn the entire process of creating lists here:

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Circleboom makes it really easy for you to connect your RSS feed to Twitter and automate posting your blogs to Twitter. This is a huge time-saver as you do not have to post tweets manually every time.

What makes it more interesting is that you can also add trending hashtags to your tweets. For example, if you want to add #givingtuesday to all your tweets from the RSS feed, you can add that. Learn more about connecting your RSS feed here.

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Final Words:

If you’re a nonprofit, you must try Circleboom and see if it helps you improve your Twitter reach and foster close relationships with people who believe in your cause.

You can simply reach out to the Circleboom support with your Twitter handle and after a quick verification, you will be eligible for the 30% discount. Try Circleboom, the perfect Twitter tool for nonprofits here. Learn more about Circleboom for nonprofits here.

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