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Twitter Analytics - A Step-by-Step Guide For Marketers

Twitter Analytics - A Step-by-Step Guide For Marketers

. 7 min read

Do you want to use Twitter as the best marketing platform?

Do you want to get better marketing results from the social platform?

Are you a Twitter user? The chances are quite high that you might have been using it merely for the socializing purpose just like maximum Twitter people do.

But you will be literally amazed after knowing how much marketing potential it carries. If you are a digital marketer, Twitter can serve you better, helping you in spreading the word and creating your brand awareness.

Twitter is denoted as the most active social media website which is specially used for communication purposes but now it is also used as the best platform for business and social media marketing purposes. Through many social platforms, we can start digital marketing and business but if we want an effective interaction with the audience then Twitter wins at connecting with people within minutes via tweets.

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Not only Twitter is used to tweet and get responses and approvals or just getting connected with your friends and family by sharing your personal life for being adored by your friends and family and funny trending Tweets for keeping yourself alive in this busy world. But with the change of time now Twitter has been used in the world as the best platform for creating and expanding business being the most efficient social media network.

It offers a great advertising interface and the most efficient and effective targeting capabilities which is intuitive yet easy for the users for starting the best of their brand awareness by reaching the desired audience engagement.

If you want to know how Twitter is used for marketing? And how Twitter analytics Emerged as the best guide for marketers?

Then let’s end your wait because, in this article, we are going to share with you everything you need to know about Twitter Analytics. Which provides its users with the best complete guide about the Twitter account and its performance.

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Want To Know How Twitter Analytics Works?

Don’t worry we are providing you with the complete know-how about Twitter Analytics. And how it helps people who own business at Twitter and use it as a business platform. Twitter analytics works as a monitor to your account which keeps a proper check and balance by informing the account holder about the tweets management, performance, and audience engagement.

Twitter analytics is a free tool by Twitter and helps in all of the aspects to gain insight into the Twitter account which directly relates to the marketer's community. Gives a complete monthly overview and insight of Twitter account by analyzing historical Twitter performance metrics and tells about the stats of tweets engagement, visitors, and how many times it is retweeted. And gives a complete report about tweet engagement on the Tweet Activity Dashboard and ads performance on the Campaign dashboard.

Want To Know The Benefits Of Twitter Analytics?

Here is a list of benefits which are provided by Twitter analytics to its users especially marketers or business holders and helps them gain more knowledge about their audience, trends, and people engagements.

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Helps Track Audience:

Knowing about the audience is the topmost priority of twitter marketers. Without having any idea about the audience who is listening to them and what content is the topmost priority of the audience and without understanding the age, gender, household income, language, and geography of the audience it is impossible by the marketer to judge what kind of product is to produce and of what quality.

Reaching and knowing the audience with the insight perspective through Twitter Analytics helps marketers to reach and attract more public towards itself.  Because by keeping an eye on the metrics provided by twitter analytics that which content connects you with the followers and helps marketers in a great way for creating a better strategy for attracting people towards the content. You can also use the Circleboom search tool to track and find your target audience.

28 Day Performance Overview:

Is it possible and easy by a marketer to calculate and note the whole month's performance manually?

Noohh! It is completely impossible yet difficult to calculate and keep the record of 28-day performance. But with the help of this Twitter extension named as Twitter analytics helps its users and marketers by providing them a complete 28-day performance summary in the form of a spreadsheet and datasheet of audience engagement and other details that took place on the account on its dashboard.

And gives a piece of complete insight information about the 28-day performance of the tweets and activities that have taken place on the account. By displaying complete metrics of the top tweet, top followers, top media tweet, top mentions, and top twitter card including the ones from other accounts that received the most top impressions.

This will help marketers to keep the campaign structured and enhance and develop more ideas to keep public engagement on track. All these characteristics help marketers to gain more knowledge about their business and its reach and helps them gain more benefits from this microblogging platform.

Analyzing Ads Performance:

Every business requires a defined advertisement campaign so that the content and brand might effectively reach the audience and to let them know about the brand and its orientation. As every Twitter ad needs investment like other social platforms.

Twitter analytics helps in the best way to marketers by giving them a complete insight about the comparison between the organic one and the paid ads performance and how it is reaching the community. This helps marketers to know about which kind of ads are most visited and watchable and are more effective to get audience engagement. And basically tells what kind of return on investment you’re actually getting.

What Content To Post?

Before starting a business campaign it is very important to list down which kind of content resonates the most on the social platform which is highly demanded and attracts the audience towards itself. As it is very hard for a marketer to know this deep down fact about the audience.

But Twitter Analytics made it easy for marketers to let them know about which type of content is most demanded by its users and of what quality. Whether ads or tweets with pictures are easy for the audience to remember or with videos or text.

For knowing all these insights, twitter analytics works as the most helpful Twitter extension and helps marketers in growing their followers and business by acknowledging all the drawbacks they have in their business campaign and which content should be added.

Tracking Screen Time Accuracy:

Setting business or business campaigns on any of the social platforms requires a high rate of audience reach and engagement. And for this, it is important to post content and tweets on the best possible times without missing the right time to tweet and to attain the most public engagement and impressions. But there is nothing to worry about if you are using twitter analytics.

Because not only it defines facts and figures it also shows the right time to tweet with the most defined audience engagement so that you can easily get to know which time is best and suitable to post tweet and content and within how much time it reaches public engagement to gain more public engagement.

Wrapping up

Twitter as the best microblogging platform provides its users with great services. But Twitter analytics turns as the best twitter extension which helps marketers to know about the insight of the account by keeping a whole monthly record of followers, reach, trending content, top mentions, top tweets. And helps them gain more public engagement. Thus the insights provided by Twitter Analytics are extremely useful and helpful for marketing purposes nowadays.

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What Are Your Thoughts on This  Information About Twitter Analytics?

Found it useful? Want to use Twitter analytics for your business marketing?

And if there any other things that you wish and want to know about Twitter analytics then feel free to ask us about more via comments. :)

Kevin O. Frank

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