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How to Boost your Twitter Engagement?

How to Boost your Twitter Engagement?

. 3 min read

The biggest challenge in Twitter marketing is to receive meaningful Twitter engagement. You can keep growing your Twitter followers, but your purpose is defeated if they don’t interact with your content.

According to research, out of all social media platforms, Twitter engagement rates are the lowest. There could be several reasons for this, including the depth of the relationship between the followers and the growing content.

Cracking Twitter requires effort and dedication in the right direction. Sending random tweets or scheduling tweets might not get you the Twitter engagement you wish to achieve.

So, what are the right strategies to boost Twitter engagement? I have a few simple and amazing tips to get you started.

1. Use memes and GIFs in your tweets:

Memes and GIFs have always proven their impact on tweet engagement and overall social media engagement.

GIF viewers watch more than 2 million hours of GIFs per day with a very high interaction rate!

Dell saw a 6% increase in their email open rates and a 42% increase in click-through rates just by using GIFs in their email.

Tweets with Gifs and memes receive twice as many retweets as tweets with photos.

The brief exchange of humor and playfulness helps you build a connection with your followers. And, this is why you should incorporate Gifs in your tweets.

2. Engage with Brands and Celebrities:

Like the adage goes, if you want to be successful, stay with successful people. Similarly, if you want your tweets to get noticed, tag brands and celebrities in your tweets.

49% of Twitters users follow brands on Twitter and if you wish to get their attention, start mentioning brands and celebrities!

Apart from mentioning them, you can also retweet the celebrity tweets to boost your profile engagement rates.

3. Host and Participate in Twitter Chats:

Twitter chat works as a ripple effect getting more and more people to engage with you and mention you on Twitter.

It helps you build connections and establish yourself as a brand on Twitter. The key to successful Twitter chats is to prepare well in advance and invite influencers to join your chat.

Make sure to share your Twitter chat discussion summary with your subscribers and followers post the Twitter chat.

4. Use Twitter Analytics to Post at Right Time:

If you wish to increase your Twitter engagement, it’s a must to schedule your tweets at the right time.

Using a Twitter scheduler like Circleboom can help you schedule your tweets based on your Twitter analytics. You can schedule tweets at different times and then measure analytics to learn what performs best!

5. Collaborate with Twitter influencers:

1/3 of the Twitter audience engages with Twitter influencers. The numbers are huge and promising.

Collaborating with a powerful influencer in your niche can bring your Twitter accounts in front of thousands! It’s important to collaborate with the right Twitter influencers to make the most out of your influencer campaign.

So, these are some quick tips to boost your Twitter engagement. They can be easily brought into practice with little effort every day.

Before you leave, let me know in the comments below what you think of these tips and any ideas you would like to share!

Kevin O. Frank
Kevin O. Frank

Co-founder and Product Owner @circleboom #DataAnalysis #onlinejournalism #DigitalDiplomacy #CrisesCommunication #newmedia

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