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How to boost your Twitter engagement!

. 7 min read

The biggest challenge in Twitter marketing is to receive meaningful Twitter engagement. You can keep growing your Twitter followers, but your purpose is defeated if they don’t interact with your content.

Quality and relevant content is the first step towards getting engagement from followers! Let AI do the business for you! AI Tweet Generator helps you bulk create captivating tweets about anything!

According to research, Twitter's engagement rates are the lowest of all social media platforms. There could be several reasons for this, including the depth of the relationship between the followers and the growing content.

Cracking Twitter requires effort and dedication in the right direction. Sending random tweets or scheduling tweets might not get you the Twitter engagement you wish to achieve.

Circleboom - Twitter Management

Scheduling alone won't make you get a better engagement. You need to schedule the "right" Twitter content. And, it needs full-fledged Twitter management.


So, what are the right strategies to boost Twitter engagement? I have a few simple and amazing tips to get you started.

How can I increase my Twitter engagement?

These simple practices will boost your impressions and engagement on Twitter without any additional cost.

1. Use memes and GIFs in your tweets

Memes and GIFs have always proven their impact on tweet engagement and overall social media engagement.

GIF viewers watch more than 2 million hours of GIFs per day with a very high interaction rate! Dell saw a 6% increase in their email open rates and a 42% increase in click-through rates just by using GIFs in their email.

Tweets with GIFs and memes receive twice as many retweets as tweets with photos. The brief exchange of humor and playfulness helps you build a connection with your followers. This is why you should incorporate GIFs into your tweets.

AI-Powered Twitter Hashtag Generator can help boost your engagement effortlessly with AI-driven hashtag suggestions.
Amplify your tweets with AI-Powered Twitter Hashtag Generator!
Circleboom’s AI-Powered Twitter Hashtag Generator helps you find trending hashtags for your tweets! Utilize the tag generator and enrich your tweets!

2. Engage with Brands and Celebrities

As the ad goes, stay with successful people if you want to be successful. Similarly, if you want your tweets to get noticed, tag brands and celebrities in your tweets.

49% of Twitter users follow brands, so if you wish to get their attention, start mentioning brands and celebrities!

Apart from mentioning them, you can also retweet the celebrity tweets to boost your profile engagement rates.

Scheduling tweets ensures consistent posting, maximizes your reach during peak times, and saves you time for other important tasks.
AI-Powered Twitter Scheduler to Schedule Your Tweets
As Twitter is a fast-paced network, research says that a user can send out an average of 12 tweets per day to boost engagement on their Twitter profile. Hence, it’s a must for every busy Twitter user to use a Twitter scheduler to schedule their tweets and Twitter threads

3. Create Content That Teaches

Twitter is an open library, among many other things. But you should look in the right places! People value content and users that teach! You can convey ideas and information that hundreds of pages couldn't with a single tweet! To do this, you should learn how to teach on Twitter!

The most effective way of doing this is by following users who are good at providing valuable information on Twitter. How can you find them?

Circleboom Twitter enables users to conduct an advanced search in Twitter bios and profiles!

For example, you can type "agriculture" in the search bar on Circleboom, and find Twitter accounts that use that word in their bios, profiles, and tweets. Then, you can filter them by their follower numbers, join dates, etc., find reliable, rooted accounts, and follow them. This way, you'll learn how to teach on Twitter!

The second step is creating engaging and valuable content. Again Circleboom helps you with that! Canva and ChatGPT integrations allow you to create captivating, meaningful tweets easily and quickly!

Circleboom Publish comes with ChatGPT-4 included, which normally costs $20 per month, but with Circleboom Publish, there is no extra charge for this feature.

4. Use Twitter Analytics to find what to post and when to post!

If you wish to increase your Twitter engagement, knowing what to post and when is a must!

If you know what attracts your followers, boosting your engagement on Twitter becomes much easier. Circleboom's Interest Targeting feature helps you find niches that your followers are interested in.

This is not enough! It'd be better if you knew when to post for maximum engagement! Circleboom's "Best Time to Post" feature analyzes all your followers' activities and creates a detailed graph showing you the best times to tweet!


5. Collaborate with Twitter influencers

1/3 of the Twitter audience engages with Twitter influencers. The numbers are huge and promising.

Collaborating with a powerful influencer in your niche can bring your Twitter accounts in front of thousands! Collaborating with the right Twitter influencers is important to make the most out of your influencer campaign.

Finding the right influencers has never been easier with Circleboom Twitter. Circleboom's advanced search and filtering tools allow you to quickly identify and connect with influencers who are perfect for your niche.

Here's a step-by-step explanation of how to search influencers by location with Circleboom:

Step #1: Log in to your Circleboom Twitter and connect your account.

You and your Twitter profile are safe with Circleboom!

Step #2: Navigate to the left menu and click “Find Influencers” under the “Search” tab.

You will proceed to the advanced search tab.

Step #3: Then type in your keyword and pick the engagement levels of the influencers you'd like to find.

Let's stick with the example of NFT promoters, and pick medium and high engagement influencers.

Step #4: Now's the time for adding location filters.

You can also work with many other search filters, including verification status, follower count, join date, etc.

Once you're done, you'll have the influencers listed before you. You can sort them by popularity, inspect other metrics, and visit their Twitter profiles to contact them.

You can also add them to your Twitter lists or export these accounts as a CSV file.

You can also identify influencers in your network with a single click with Circleboom.

Again, navigate to the left menu on your dashboard and then you'll find "Influencer Friends" button under the friends tab, and "Influencer Followers" button under the followers tab.

Last but not least, Circleboom lets you search Twitter influencers within the network of your competitors too. Just go for Circleboom's "Account Search", again to be found via the left menu under the "Search" tab and type in the Twitter handle you'd like to inspect the followers and followings of.

The rest goes the same: You can apply your filters for follower count, verification status, activity level, etc., to find accounts that are likely to be Twitter influencers. You can also export these accounts, visit their profiles, or add them to your Twitter lists.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, boosting your Twitter engagement is essential for growing your online presence and connecting with your audience. You can effectively increase your Twitter engagement by implementing the strategies mentioned in this article, such as creating compelling content, using relevant hashtags, engaging with your followers, and leveraging multimedia.

It's important to remember that building a strong engagement rate takes time and effort, so be consistent and stay patient. With consistent effort and a thoughtful approach, you can boost your Twitter engagement, increase your followers, and establish a thriving online community supporting your brand or message. So go ahead and put these tips into action, and watch your Twitter engagement soar to new heights! Happy tweeting!

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