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What can I do if Twitter Analytics is not working?

. 9 min read

Monitoring your Twitter activities and measuring your success is one of the keys to building a sustainable Twitter strategy.

The first step is to access native Twitter Analytics. Twitter provides an amazing Analytics option for accounts to measure their success and monitor even their every single tweet.

However, there occurs a problem, and Twitter Analytics won't be working! What can you do if you get Twitter Analytics not working!

You can find that many people have the same problem and they are looking for answers on open forums like Quora and Reddit.

This is an example from Quora:

Before getting to solutions and alternatives, you should first know why Twitter Analytics is not working! What are the reasons?

Let me explain in detail the possible reasons why Twitter Analytics won't be accessible!

Why is Twitter Analytics not working?

There could be several reasons why your native Twitter Analytics is not working. They are:

  • Account Requirements
  • Account Settings
  • Problems with Browser or Device
  • Network Issues
  • Twitter Outage

Now let me explain them all in detail.

#1 Account Requirements

Only accounts that meet certain conditions have access to Twitter Analytics. These prerequisites include the following;

  • Tweeting primarily in Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish.
  • Being at least 14 days old.
  • Having not violated Twitter Policy.
  • Being not deleted, restricted, or suspended.

You pass the account requirements step if all these are ok for you.

#2 Account Settings

Make sure Twitter Analytics can be viewed in your account settings. Follow these steps to enable Twitter Analytics in your account.

  • Go to your profile and click the gear icon in the top right corner.
  • Choose "Settings and privacy" next.
  • Then scroll down to "Analytics."
  • Check that the box next to "Allow Twitter to collect data about your Tweets and other activity" is selected.

If you have done this, you can check the other point.

#3 Problems with Browser or Device

If you're using an old device or browser, Twitter Analytics might not function properly. Make sure you're using a compatible browser that is up to date, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Additionally, make sure your device satisfies Twitter Analytics' minimum system requirements.

#4 Network Issues

If there are problems with your network, Twitter Analytics might not function. Restarting your modem or router can help, as might joining a different network.

#5 Twitter Outage

Twitter Analytics might not be functioning if Twitter is down. Visit the Twitter status page to check for outages on Twitter.

If you checked all these and there is no problem with them, but you can't still access Twitter Analytics, I have some additional tips for you.

Delete the cache and cookies on your browser: Occasionally, this might be used to address issues with websites that are not loading properly.

Use a different browser, if possible: If Twitter Analytics isn't compatible with the browser you're using, try switching to Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Use a different device if possible: Try switching to a new device if the one you're using doesn't fulfill Twitter Analytics' minimum system requirements.

Try again in a few hours: Twitter Analytics occasionally suffers from brief outages. It might start working again if you wait a few hours and try again.

Do you still have problems in accessing Twitter Analytics after doing all these? No worries!

Now I will show you an alternative, a better alternative to Twitter Analytics! It's Circleboom!

To be honest, you shouldn't wait to use Circleboom's Twitter User Analytics feature until you can't access native Twitter Analytics because it provides better, easier and more beneficial analytics for all Twitter users!

In the following paragraphs, I will explain why and how you should prefer Circleboom's Twitter Analytics when native Twitter Analytics is not working!

Circleboom's Twitter User Analytics: Explained in Detail!

Circleboom provides full-fledged Twitter management for users who are looking for ways to grow their reach, build awareness, and boost impressions and engagement.

Thanks to Circleboom's amazing tools and features, you can amplify your tweets, measure their success, know your audience better, and draw a sustainable strategy on Twitter.

Circleboom - The Best Twitter Management

Track your Twitter actions on Circleboom Twitter to get better results!


Circleboom offers an alternative User Analytics to Twitter's native Analytics tool. It offers great features to track your performance on Twitter and insights to know your Twitter followers better!

Its tools and features include

  • Twitter Follower Stats
  • Twitter Account Analysis
  • Twitter Language Stats
  • Twitter Gender Stats
  • (User Specific) Best Time to Post on Twitter
  • Twitter Interest Targeting
  • Tweet Stats
  • Twitter Follower Analysis

Let's get each of them in detail in the following paragraphs.

#1 Twitter Follower Stats  

Use Twitter Follower Stats on Circleboom to get comprehensive Twitter follower graphs, including rich insights to help build your Twitter voice.

Here, you may also make graphs that track your followers' gender statistics and even discover your followers' language distribution!

Twitter Follower Growth Stats is a Circleboom feature that tracks Twitter followers closely and delivers expert-like Twitter follower graphs. With Circleboom's Twitter Follower Stats feature, you can easily check for Twitter follower growth stats by daily/weekly/monthly/yearly data.

Twitter Follower Stats features give you in-deep information about the Twitter new follower stats you need. The daily Twitter follower graph would show you how your new follower stats are changing day by day, thanks to the Twitter follower count tracker feature.

#2 Twitter Account Analysis

On Twitter Account Analysis, you can take advantage of Circleboom's Fake Twitter Follower Checker to detect fake Twitter accounts easily! Just check your Twitter Account Analysis chart and get your Twitter account clean and safe!

You can get the demographics of your Twitter following list. You just need to perform Twitter following analysis and receive the most comprehensive data about your following list on Twitter! You can also clean your account by searching for spammers, fake Twitter accounts or inactive Twitter accounts.

Since Twitter Analytics does not provide any Twitter gender statistics, if you want to access this data, you should address Circleboom to learn the gender demographics of your Twitter circle!

#3 Twitter Language Stats

Twitter Language Statistics monitoring your friends & followers' distribution by language will be delivered in a single interactive graph! You will always know which language your Twitter audience is tweeting in, and you will be able to post pinpoint tweets in that language addressing them!

Twitter's Language Statistics is an extremely useful measurement, particularly for individuals and companies with international audiences and customers. Knowing which languages your followers are mostly using can help you determine the best tweets to send out in that language that you should do.

Consider you have followers from all over the world, across the globe. It is more efficient to create tweets that are in different languages for every group.

#4 Twitter Gender Stats

Twitter Analytics does not provide any Twitter gender statistics. For this reason, if you want to access this data, you should check out third-party applications that perform Twitter gender analysis. Circleboom becomes prominent with its Gender on Twitter algorithm, providing you the most possible account-specific Twitter gender statistics.

By unlocking this mystery of Gender on Twitter of your friends and followers, you can find your voice on Twitter and define your social media branding strategy by considering your audience's expectations varying according to their identity of gender on Twitter.

Twitter Gender Stats helps you understand your friends' and followers' most possible gender status and how you should perform social media content creation for maximum engagement rates. Hereby, Circleboom comes with Twitter Gender statistics to let you focus on objective-oriented social media content creation.

#5 Best Time to Post on Twitter

Your real "best time to post on Twitter" come from your followers, not your country, city, or language! Those general "best times" for countries, continents, and languages do not work for you if you want to increase your likes, comments, RTs, etc.

Circleboom Twitter statistically analyzes all of your followers' activities to determine the best time to post on Twitter for you. Circleboom's "Best Time to Tweet" feature basically tells you the times when most of your followers are online. It will surely give you the most accurate, user-specific data about the best time to post on Twitter just for you.


Circleboom Twitter analyses all your followers' activities on Twitter and renders it into an interactive graph! Hence, you can schedule your tweets considering your special best time to tweet statistics and get maximum impression and engagement rates!

#6 Twitter Interest Targeting

Twitter Interest Targeting is of great use to anyone attempting to grow their Twitter accounts. With User Analytics by Circleboom, you can learn about your followers and tweets and take correct measures to boom your impressions and engagements.

Twitter Interest Targeting by Circleboom is superior to Twitter's native analytics tool, Twitter Analytics, with its unique Twitter audience insights features. While Twitter Analytics does not give you a complete study of your Twitter friends, followers, and target audience, you get in-depth analytics about your followers, friends, and tweets with the Twitter Interest Targeting feature of Circleboom.


All you need is delivered in a single interactive Twitter audience analytics graph! You will always know what your Twitter audience is talking about, and you will be able to post pinpoint tweets!

The Interest Cloud is the advanced Twitter Interest Targeting graph that provides you the perfect way to know who your friends and followers really are and what their interests are!

#7 Tweet Stats

Tweet Stats simplifies the process of obtaining daily, weekly, and monthly tweet data. Tweet stats allow you to gain a more profound knowledge of your Tweets in different periods. All data is displayed in smart graphs, which allow you to see how your tweets are distributed over time! As a result, you'll have a better chance of sticking to your Twitter ad campaigns in the future.

It's a negative sign if you post a lot one day and then nothing for weeks. So, to maintain your tweet frequency, keep an eye on your tweet stats. Using Circleboom's tweet stats, you can determine whether your tweets are being sent at the appropriate frequency. Your engagement will eventually improve if you continue to evaluate your tweet engagement and use the analytics information to arrange your tweets.

#8 Twitter Follower Analysis

Find everything you need to know about your followers. The search for spammers or fake Twitter followers, inactive Twitter followers, or amount of verified Twitter accounts who have followed you back is not an issue whatsoever. You just need to analyze your Twitter followers and receive the most comprehensive Twitter Follower Analysis that you've ever had!

Do you wonder how many verified Twitter accounts follow you back? Then analyze your Twitter followers and get the list of verified Twitter accounts that follow you!

Utilize Circleboom's Fake Twitter Follower Checker to identify possible fake and spammy Twitter accounts in a matter of seconds! Look at your Twitter Follower Analysis chart and create a Twitter account that is healthy and safe!

Everything you need to learn about your Twitter users is right here. Inactive Twitter accounts are easy to locate on Circleboom. Analyze your Twitter followers to get the most precise information about your Twitter follower analysis.

Thanks to Circleboom's iOS app, you can have all these tools and features on your iPhone and iPad!

Circleboom Twitter iOS App

These statistics and analyses will help you improve your Twitter experience and better your Twitter management.

Once you know your Twitter audience well, you can create your content accordingly and draw better results. And, Circleboom will again be your assistant in this process.

Circleboom's AI Tweet Generator helps you auto-generate tweets easily and quickly. You can write texts on any topic quickly and find your style and voice with ChatGPT!

To enrich your message, you can also find accompanying images with Canva, Unsplash, and Giphy on Circleboom.

Once your post is ready, you can share it immediately or schedule them for a later time!

Final Words

Sometimes you try to log into native Twitter Analytics but you realize that it is not working. I outlined the possible reasons above but still, there can be any other reason you can't solve.

And, if there is a better alternative, why should you use Twitter Analytics?

Circleboom provides the best Twitter User Analytics that will help you organize your tweets, build a Twitter strategy and generate better results.

This is not the end for Circleboom! There are more and you can take advantage of amazing tools and features at affordable prices!  

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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