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Twitter follow limit: What is exactly that? How to manage? All you need to know!

Twitter follow limit: What is exactly that? How to manage? All you need to know!

. 8 min read

Twitter has been growing its capacity to facilitate a space in which you can widen your network for various reasons. The more people want to exist and spend time on Twitter, personal or professional.

It is vital for either type of Twitter account to grasp what a Twitter user can or cannot do.

Of course, it seems that it is more crucial to know the restrictions and the opportunities on Twitter for professional business accounts. You might lose or expand the power of your brand in the market.

The Twitter follow limit is one of the significant constraints on the use of Twitter you should know. Understanding this feature would shape the moves of your Twitter account.

What is the Twitter follow limit?

The following is one of the fundamental things that accounts do to hear about current trends and what people do.

Twitter wants to prevent followings from being spam or misused to guarantee the website's trustworthiness. There are technical limits to curb such cases.

What is the technical Twitter follow limits?

Twitter says that there is no such thing that the number of accounts a Twitter user can follow in total is restricted. You can follow many accounts as you wish in general.

However, there are some limits, such as daily limits and ratio limits to the tempo of your following action.

Everyday Twitter follow limit:

If you have a regular Twitter account, you can follow up to 400 accounts each day. If your Twitter profile is verified, you can follow up to 1000 Twitter accounts per day.

Ratio Twitter follow limit:

If you have followed a particular number of Twitter accounts, you might have to wait to a certain level to further the following new accounts on Twitter.

After reaching up to 5000 friends or followers, you might have to get new followers to balance the number of friends and followers. Then, you can continue to follow new Twitter accounts.

Since every Twitter account has different friends and followers, the optimal ratio can change from one account to another. Twitter automatically makes this calculation based on your account's particular balance of followers to following.

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Twitter Rules

Twitter has a set of rules to curb any activity that might alienate people from participating in public conversations on Twitter. For instance, content including violence and harassment is prohibited on Twitter.

These Twitter rules involve warnings on deceitful followings, which might make your Twitter account suspended.

The Twitter rules, concerning the following action abusive, aim to forbid spam or platform manipulation.

Twitter describes platform manipulation as

"...using Twitter to engage in bulk, aggressive, or deceptive activity that misleads others and/or disrupts their experience."

Twitter follow limit is about "misuse of Twitter product features" under the ways of platform manipulation and violation of Twitter rules.

"Following" is one of the product features of Twitter, which can be misused.

How is the following feature misused on Twitter?

According to Twitter, particular ways of the following Twitter accounts are restrained. Some possible following misleading actions are below:

  • Following a huge number of accounts, then undoing the followings to create an upsurge in the number of your followers, which is called "follow churn".
  • Following and/or undoing following an enormous number of accounts haphazardly in a short moment, specifically in a programmed way.
  • Copying another Twitter account's followers, mainly in a programmed way.
  • Utilizing automation services that generate followers.

Hence, you might face a warning about Twitter follow limit, which states, "You are unable to follow more people at this time.".This notification occurs in the cases of ratio changes.

How long does Twitter follow limit last?

You might have arrived at the Twitter follow limit per day. If so, you can follow more Twitter accounts only after a day passes.

You might have rapidly followed too many accounts. You can continue to follow Twitter accounts after a while, like an hour.

You might have reached the Twitter follow ratio limit. You can attempt to further the following new accounts when your account gets more followers or decrease the number of friends your account follows.

Your account might have been suspended and restricted by Twitter. Twitter operates this action because your account is found breaching the Twitter Rules or Terms of Services. Restricted accounts cannot act freely as accounts that are not limited. The locked Twitter accounts are limited in using the features of Twitter. The following action is included those limited use of features on Twitter.

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How to manage Twitter follow limit?

If you want to enlarge your Twitter connections, namely increasing the number of your followers and friends, you need to move carefully. In this process, you might find your account locked or limited by Twitter because of the way you follow other Twitter accounts.

Plan and check your Twitter actions!

As a business, it is good to follow many Twitter accounts. However, you might miss the chance to follow the accounts that will be relevant and crucial for your business due to the Twitter follow limit.

You can easily manage your Twitter network and follow limits by using Circleboom's Twitter management tool, Circleboom Twitter.

You can sort out Twitter accounts that unnecessarily occupy places in your following/ friends list.

Step #1: Go to Circleboom and click "Get Started" for Circleboom Twitter.

You will arrive at the page leading you to the Circleboom Twitter, in which you can benefit from many features that will ease your Twitter management.

You can navigate Circleboom's Twitter management tool product through Circleboom Twitter

Step #2: Log in to your account on Circleboom Twitter.

After you enter your personal account, you will see the dashboard.

Step #3: You can find "The Circle" feature in the sidebar, on the left-hand side of the page.

There are many tools under The Circle feature.

The Twitter accounts you are following are also named friends. If you want your Twitter account not to be limited by Twitter in following new accounts, you need to eliminate some accounts from your list of friends.

Removing Twitter users from the list of friends would make room for the new Twitter accounts. In other words, you would be in line with Twitter's following ratio. Here, Circleboom Twitter can save your time and energy to throw out the Twitter accounts you would not want to follow anymore.

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Some accounts are really significant to follow, even though they do not follow you back. However, you do not need to continue to follow the accounts not following you in return most of the time. Therefore, as a business aiming to grow its Twitter network, you might want your account to unfollow the Twitter users who are not following you back.

Under The Circle feature, you can find a tool that indicates accounts that do not follow you back.

Step #4: Find "Not Following Back".

You can get the list of accounts that are not following you back. You can decide whether you still want to follow them or not.

There are filters you might want to utilize, such as "hide the profiles I visited by using The Circle tool within X day (s)", "include White Listed", "Show only Verified", and "Don't show Verified".  

In addition to the "not following back" tool, you can benefit from categorizing the accounts by Circleboom Twitter.

You can detect fake/spam, inactive, overactive, and egghead Twitter accounts by using The Circle feature.

Video Instruction:

Step #5: Find the "Fake/spam" section under The Circle.

If you follow fake or spam accounts and do not know them, you can easily detect and remove those accounts from your list of friends.

There is video instruction for finding fake/spam friends:

Step #6: Find the "Inactive" section under The Circle.

You can access the Twitter users that are not actively engaging or participating in the network on Twitter. You might want to unfollow those accounts since they are not contributing to the public interaction among Twitter users.

You can also watch the video below:

Step #7: Find "Overactives" section under The Circle.

Overactive Twitter users might frustrate your timeline. You might prefer quality engagement rather than being too much.

Step #8: Find the "Eggheads" section under The Circle.

You might want to follow accounts that have a proper and complete profile. To be able to follow such accounts more, you might need to get rid of ones that have incomplete profiles, like eggheads.

Using these tools regularly would relieve your Twitter account's following ratio limit. You do not need to check your friends manually on Twitter to decide if they would stay as friends or not.

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If you have an iOS device and prefer to use Circleboom on iPhone or iPad, Circleboom has announced its Circleboom Twitter iOS app, with you can perform all these steps with just a few tabs.

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To Sum Up

Learning how you can maneuver on Twitter would enhance your experience using Twitter. If you know how to deal with the Twitter follow limit, you can improve the quality of the network your brand's account has on Twitter.

Circleboom offers a product that specializes on Twitter. Utilizing Circleboom Twitter would be both practical for the social media strategy of your brand and preventive from making the Twitter account of your business locked or limited.

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