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Twitter Influencer Marketing Guide: Find Influencers on X!

Twitter Influencer Marketing Guide: Find Influencers on X!

. 9 min read

After becoming X, one can argue Twitter’s popularity is decreasing under Elon, who is often criticized for being controversial with his tweets and all. However, it still has around 350 million unique users. This will not only make it a good platform to engage with large audiences, but Twitter claims that “when brands connect to what’s happening on Twitter, they see impressive results:

  • +70% recall,
  • +15% message association,
  • +11% brand awareness,
  • and +7% brand reference.”

However, the overall engagement rates on Twitter seem quite lower when compared with other social media platforms. So any marketing activity done here needs extra caution, and influencer marketing is no exception to that. That’s why I wanted to share some tips on Twitter influencer marketing on top of its benefits and challenges. You'll also find how Circleboom Twitter can help you with your Twitter influencer marketing efforts later in this article.

Circleboom Twitter

Circleboom enables users, brands, and SMBs to grow and strengthen their Twitter accounts.


How to Find Influencers on Twitter?

There are many ways to find influencers on Twitter, but I will try to highlight the easiest and most cost-effective ones below:  

Find Influencers on Twitter with Circleboom Twitter

You can find influencers on Twitter with Circleboom in three ways:

1- Find Twitter Influencers with Circleboom's "Find Influencer" feature: Circleboom can serve as a powerful and easy-to-use influencer marketing tool to help you find and analyze influencers on Twitter. Its advanced Twitter influencer search feature lets you search for influencers that are suitable for the niche and the size of your business, both in terms of the activity level and the areas of interest.

You can simply type in a keyword, and it will conduct a search going through the profiles, bios, and tweets of the users. All you need to do is identify your targeted keywords and pick the influencer tier.

Find Influencers on Twitter

2- Find Twitter Influencers with Circleboom's Smart Search: Circleboom Twitter's smart search feature helps you identify users talking about specific topics. Once you conduct a smart search on Circleboom, it searches for those keywords on users' bios and tweets.

Then all you need to do is apply the relevant filters to your search based on location, followers, activity level, and whether the account is verified or not.

So let's say you are looking for NFT influencers in the U.S with a minimum of 100,000 followers. You can start by simply typing in the word "NFT" on the smart search bar. Then you can enter the minimum follower number as 100,000 and add the United States as the location to filter the accounts. You might also want to filter out inactives to avoid seeing passive accounts with no recent tweets. Or you can add any other filters to your search. You'll see the accounts listed as a result.

Of course, going for huge accounts will boost your brand visibility and awareness. But do not underestimate the power of micro-influencers, as they usually have higher engagement rates and work in a more budget-friendly manner.

Applying Circleboom's search filters (which are not provided by Twitter's search itself) can enhance your influencer search in many more ways.

  • You can filter verified accounts that are prevalent among Twitter influencers, making it advisable to filter for authenticity.
  • Checking joining dates can also be beneficial; older accounts are generally more trustworthy as Twitter tends to suspend or terminate fake/spammy accounts promptly.
  • Additionally, utilize filters in the "Friends" section, as genuine influencers typically follow fewer accounts than their followers. Besides, high follower-to-following ratios not only attract new followers but also tend to generate higher engagement, making them valuable criteria for your selection process.

3- Find Twitter Influencers in Your Network with Circleboom Twitter: Circleboom also allows you to identify influencer followers and friends on Twitter. While on the dashboard, you can hover over "Friends" or "Followers" on the left menu and spot influencers in your network with a simple click. After listing the influencers, you can then apply the aforementioned filters here too.

Either way, the rest is up to you. You can add them to Twitter lists for later consideration, check their profiles and engagement rates on Twitter to see if they will suit your needs, choose to contact them on Twitter directly, or go ahead and look for other ways to get in touch with them.

Use Influencer Platforms to Find Twitter Influencers

Another way to find Twitter influencers is to use dedicated influencer platforms. These tools may have different features that help you discover and connect with a wide range of Twitter influencers across diverse categories and niches.

These platforms often provide detailed metrics on an influencer's profile, demographics, reach, and engagement, offering a comprehensive view of their suitability for your brand. I can name some of these platforms as Upfluence, Klear, and Grin.

Other Ways to Find Twitter Influencers

  • Navigate Twitter Lists to discover curated groups of users organized around specific themes or industries. Users on these lists are often influential within their respective niches.
  • Check relevant Twitter communities. You can see discussions going on there and uncover potential influencers to keep track of noteworthy accounts.
  • Find influencers on other platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Linkedin to see if they are also that influential on Twitter.

If you want to see more tips on how to find influencers on Twitter for free, you may check our following blog post:

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Top Twitter Influencers

To give you some inspiration and examples of successful Twitter influencer marketing campaigns, here are some of the top Twitter influencers in different niches:

This list could be much longer, but these are just some examples of successful influencers on Twitter. I hope the methods above help you find influencers on Twitter who can meet your criteria.

You can now find Twitter influencers easily, so let's talk a bit more about how they can help you.

Benefits of Twitter Influencer Marketing

1. Targeted Audience Engagement with Twitter Influencers

Twitter influencers possess the ability to engage with niche audiences effectively. By collaborating with influencers who align with your brand values and resonate with the interests of your target audience, you can create a more impactful connection with potential customers.

One of the unique advantages of Twitter is its real-time nature. Twitter influencers can leverage current trends, hashtags, and discussions to keep your brand relevant and part of ongoing conversations. This real-time engagement enhances the visibility of your brand, making it more likely to be discovered by users actively participating in trending topics.

3. Influencers on Twitter Diversify Their Content Formats

Twitter influencers are adept at producing diverse content formats, including short-form videos, captivating images, and engaging live streams. This versatility allows your brand to explore different avenues of creative expression and cater to the varied preferences of the Twitter audience.

4. Community Building and Advocacy Through Influencers on Twitter

Effective Twitter influencer collaborations can foster a sense of community around your brand. Influencers, with their dedicated followers, can become advocates for your products or services. This advocacy not only bolsters your brand reputation but also generates a loyal customer base that trusts the endorsements from their favorite influencers.

5. Influencers on Twitter Can Also Go Cross-Platform

Many Twitter influencers maintain a presence across multiple social media platforms through multiple accounts. This presents opportunities for cross-platform integration, enabling your brand to extend its reach beyond Twitter. Coordinated campaigns across various platforms can amplify your message and engage audiences on different channels simultaneously.

6. Influencers on Twitter Can Help with Crisis Management and Communication

In the event of a crisis or negative publicity, Twitter influencers can play a crucial role in crisis management. They can act as brand ambassadors, addressing concerns, and disseminating accurate information to their followers. This proactive approach helps in maintaining transparency and mitigating potential damage to your brand image.

7. Forming Long-Term Partnerships with Twitter Influencers

Building enduring relationships with Twitter influencers can result in long-term partnerships. Establishing ongoing collaborations allows influencers to develop a deep understanding of your brand, leading to more authentic and impactful promotional content over time.

Like anything else, there are of course challenges to working with Twitter influencers. So let's be aware of them before we dive into the game.

Challenges of Twitter Influencer Marketing

1. Authenticity and Alignment is the Key to Twitter Influencer Marketing

Ensuring that influencers authentically align with your brand is a perpetual challenge. Authenticity is vital, not only in their content but also while you are choosing influencers. Selecting influencers whose values genuinely resonate with your brand requires extensive research. Superficial partnerships can lead to disengaged audiences and potential damage to your brand's credibility, not to mention the ineffective spending of your marketing budget.

2. ROI Measurement Is Complex with Twitter Influencers Too

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) for Twitter influencer marketing campaigns can be intricate. While metrics like impressions, reach, and engagement are important, tying these metrics directly to tangible business outcomes such as leads or sales can be challenging. Establishing clear and realistic KPIs from the outset is crucial for a comprehensive assessment of campaign success.

3. Twitter Influencer Selection and Due Diligence

Identifying the right influencers entails more than just assessing follower numbers. Thorough due diligence is required to ensure that influencers have an authentic and engaged audience. There is always a risk of association with influencers who may have a history of controversial content or engagement in unethical practices, especially on a highly politicized platform like Twitter. Not everyone deletes their old tweets or unlikes their likes, you know.

4. Effects of Evolving Algorithm Dynamics on Your Twitter Influencer Marketing Efforts

Twitter's algorithms are dynamic and subject to frequent updates, especially after becoming "X". Staying abreast of these changes is crucial for optimizing the visibility of influencer-generated content. The ever-evolving nature of the Twitter algorithm poses a challenge in maintaining consistent levels of engagement and reach over time.

5. Adapting to Industry Shifts

Industries and market trends can also shift rapidly. Adapting influencer marketing strategies to align with these shifts requires agility and a proactive approach. Failing to stay ahead of industry trends may result in campaigns that feel outdated or out of touch with the current market landscape.

6. Twitter Influencer Relationship Management

Effectively managing relationships with influencers is an ongoing challenge. Communication must be clear and expectations should be well-defined by both ends. Also, a balance between creative freedom and brand guidelines must be maintained. Additionally, navigating potential conflicts and ensuring the continued professionalism of influencers can be demanding.

7. Saturation and Consumer Skepticism with Influencers on Twitter

The increasing prevalence of influencer marketing can lead to audience skepticism and a sense of oversaturation. Consumers may become wary of promotional content, and distinguishing genuine endorsements from sponsored ones becomes challenging. Crafting campaigns that cut through this skepticism and maintain a sense of authenticity is a persistent hurdle.


I hope this blog post has given you some useful insights and tips on how to leverage Twitter influencer marketing for your brand. So what do you say? Should you work with Twitter influencers or not?

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