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15+ Twitter reaction memes make you burst into laughter!

15+ Twitter reaction memes make you burst into laughter!

. 6 min read

Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms for many reasons. It has also become one of the most fantastic places to share memes. After all, we all need a good laugh, especially nowadays!

Twitter reaction memes are always popular as humor and sarcasm are the most effective ways to take a stance on social media. They allow us to make a statement less defensively, and the good ones have a high chance of becoming viral in seconds.

If you want to give a break to ease your mind and body, you can check out the best Twitter reaction memes we have collected for you.

#1 Twitter take-over

Recently Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp went down for roughly six hours, leading 2.7 billion social media users worldwide to Twitter.

The very first of Twitter reaction memes came from Twitter itself which was the uncontested monarch of social media for about six hours. Their Twitter reactions received more than 3 million likes with only three simple words.

Many global brands also engaged with the tweet with creative and funny Twitter reactions. Here, you can check some of the most popular Twitter reaction memes to the take-over.

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#2 Netflix's Twitter reactions to the take-over

Netflix has expressed their opinion about the take-over with Twitter reaction memes about their new trending series Squid Game.

Squid Game was a popular source for Twitter reaction memes in 2021.

#3 Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey entering the scene

Dorsey jokingly showed his interest in purchasing the domain by retweeting a user's post claiming that someone had really placed the site up for sale.

#4 A Squid Game reference joke

One Twitter user utilized one of the Squid Game Twitter reactions to highlight that three of the most popular social media applications are owned by the same corporation.

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#5 Changing perspectives about working from home

With the COVID-19 pandemic, everything has changed in a very short period, including our work life. In time, working from home has been perceived in a very different way with lockdown burn-outs.

March 2020 vs. March 2021 comparison has made us laugh a lot with many creative Twitter reactions

#6 March 2020 vs. March 2021 Twitter reactions on the rise

#7 Twitter reaction memes about working from home have a serious point, right?

All these Twitter reactions surely make us burst into laughter, but this doesn't mean that these Twitter reaction memes don't have a serious point.

#8 Richard Branson's trip to space articulated many Twitter reactions

One of the funniest of these Twitter reaction memes was about the famous The Simpsons show.

#9 The My Fall Plans vs. the Delta variant Twitter reaction memes

While we are all waiting to return to normal impatiently, unpredictable surprises disrupt the plans. And, of course, this has led to many funny Twitter reactions.

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#10 The Love Island show also gets its share from Twitter reaction memes

#11 And it looks like they give good materials for Twitter reactions

#11 Christopher Meloni's interesting pink and green outfit

Celebrities' extraordinary choices always provide quality content for Twitter reactions.

Twitter reaction memes also have a long history with Met Gala. In the era of social media, it's no surprise that the Met Gala has climbed to new heights of pop-culture significance. It is truly a source of creativity for Twitter reactions. Here are some of the funniest Twitter reactions for Met Gala 2021.

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#12 Kim Kardashian made an appearance, ditching her regular style

#13 Surely she helped us to take Twitter reaction memes to the next level

To be honest, We have all been waiting for the Twitter reaction memes to flood our Twitter feed.

#14 While Kim Petras has chosen to horse around

#15 Frank Ocean made its appearance with a fake alien baby

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#16 It was a sure move for many creative Twitter reaction memes

Wrapping Up

There is no way we'll get tired of Twitter reaction memes. They are truly a good source to laugh out loud and have a break for the sake of our minds.

If you are feeling a bit down, you can always check for Twitter reactions of humorous Twitter users to get help with low moods.

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