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Twitter follower tracker: Get unmask your Twitter circle in seconds!

. 8 min read

Have you ever needed a Twitter follower tracker and wondered “how to keep track of followers on Twitter?”

Yes, it is an excellent one.

It is not easy to track your Twitter follower analytics over time. It is because there is no way to obtain such information from your Twitter account.

Twitter Analytics only provides monthly data on overall follower gain/loss. However, you cannot learn how your followers change daily.

It is inconvenient to know which of your tweets bring you new followers and cause you to lose your followers.

Using a Twitter follower tracker consists of two steps:

Step 1: How Often and When? This step entails comprehending how your follower count fluctuates and how frequently you gain or lose followers.

Step 2: Who Are They? This step would entail tracking down the accounts that have followed or left your Twitter account.

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Why should you monitor the growth of your Twitter followers?

We are presenting you with the best Twitter follower tracker, so keep going!

Tracking Twitter follower analytics daily can help you determine:

  • How many followers do you get and lose each day.
  • Which of your tweets or kinds of tweets help you gain followers?
  • Is there a specific day when you gain or lose more followers?
  • By studying the pattern, you can find the tweet frequencies and content that work best for your profile.
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Delete tweets in bulk may seem a tricky process. However, it is quite a regular thing for any Twitter user to control their Twitter account fully.

How to keep track of followers on Twitter?

Circleboom, a complete Twitter management tool, can help you learn how your followers are growing.

It provides detailed Twitter analytics, including information on your tweet performance, audience demographics, follower growth, and follower characteristics.

Here is a step-by-step guide to using Circleboom to discover your Twitter circle and track Twitter followers over time.

Step #1: Log into Circleboom in the first place.

And sync your Twitter account.

No need to create an account, just sync your Twitter profile here

Step #2: Navigate to the menu on the left side of Circleboom’s Dashboard.

Select “User Analytics” from the Circleboom dashboard’s left-hand menu to see how many functionalities the Circleboom Twitter Analytics tool provides.

Circleboom User Analytics include details over follower demographics, their numbers, gender ratio and their interests

Here you can see features like Twitter follower analytics, friends analytics, gender stats, the best time to tweet and Interest Cloud, which will be explained in this blog one by one.

Step #3: Go to the Follower Growth option.

The Circleboom follower stats allow you to see how your followers change daily and an overview of Twitter follower growth.

You can observe Twitter follower graph daily with this handy Twitter follower tracker!

Also, you can see the change graph in bars.

Observe Twitter follower gain and loss with visual data.

Step #4: If you want to keep track of your friends’ growth, go to Friends Growth.

Learning about your friends’ growth can be useful if you want to learn which accounts you follow or unfollow regularly.

Besides Twitter follower tracker, Circleboom Twitter analytics include data about your friends.

You can also enjoy our hands-on video:

Bonus Feature I: Find out Twitter Follower Characteristics with Circleboom, Including Gender

Go to “Followers characteristics” under “User Analytics” to see how many real and fake followers you have.

In terms of Twitter follower analytics, you will also learn whether these followers are active or inactive, talkative or not and whether they are regular or verified accounts.

By going to the User Analytics menu and selecting “Friend’s characteristics,” you can get similar information on your friends.

Find out your human and fake followers, who are active, verified and more.
  • To find out the gender of your Twitter followers, go to the User Analytics / Gender Stats tab in Circleboom. If you have gender statistics, you can personalize your Twitter marketing strategy to your followers’ gender. Hence, it will be a breeze to adjust tweets to your targeted audience.
Even though Twitter itself does not provide data on gender, you can find out Twitter followers' gender with Circleboom.

Twitter Interest Cloud

Utilizing Circleboom’s Twitter Interest Cloud, you can learn about the interests of your followers. You can easily create public relations or marketing strategies based on the preferences of your target audience this way.

Interest Cloud compiles data from your followers’ bios and tens of thousands of tweets in an up-to-date database, then uses a dynamic graph to show you how your friends and followers think and tweet.

As a result, you will quickly see which keywords your target market uses.

Don't you wanna learn what you are Twitter followers are interested in? Here you can have it!

Discover Best Time to Tweet on Twitter with Circleboom

Do you have any idea when your followers are online? If you want to get more engagement on Twitter, you will need to figure out when the best time is to post.

Choosing the best time to tweet is also important for a successful Twitter campaign.

Circleboom intelligently analyzes all of your followers’ Twitter activities through their tweeting times to determine the best time to tweet and presents you with this information in the form of a smart graph.

Learning the best time to Tweet will bring you more engagement, and eventually more followers.

Track your Twitter stats

Circleboom Tweet Stats makes it simple to get your daily, weekly, and monthly tweet statistics.

As a result, you will have a better chance of staying on track with your Twitter ad campaigns in the future.

Twitter stats feature enables you to get a better understanding of your Tweets.

All of this is displayed in smart graphs, which allow you to track the distribution of your tweets over time.

Get your Tweet performance under control with one click!
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With Circleboom’s delete old tweets feature, you can delete all retweets in a single click.

Get Insights About Your Twitter Followers: Twitter Circle

Are you fed up with fake accounts with no profile pictures?

Don’t worry; Circleboom will assist you in getting rid of such egghead accounts.  Furthermore, they notify you whenever a fake account tries to intrude.

Inactive accounts, overactive accounts, and inactive accounts are all identified and classified by Twitter Circle.

Dive into details of your Twitter Circle and unmask who really follows you.

With the Twitter circle, you can list the friends who are not following you back, filtering by language, time, and keywords.

You can add certain users to your whitelist if you prefer not to see them during filtering.

Also, you can add certain accounts to your blacklist.

Find out those who are not following you back, filter them by keywords.
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Wondering how to delete all tweets? In reality, the problem has already been solved! Circleboom that lets you delete all tweets in one go!

Bonus Feature II: Manage Your Tweets in one place (delete, unlike, etc.)

Circleboom is the best app for keeping track of all of your tweets and likes. This powerful search engine can help you find and delete your tweets individually or all at once.

You can unlike multiple tweets at the same time using this method. It allows you to delete your previous tweets individually or in bulk. You also have full control over your Twitter History Archive and can delete it in a matter of seconds.

Unlike, delete your tweets in seconds

It is not easy to find and benefit from an all-in-one Twitter follower tracker.

Circleboom would be an excellent choice if you are looking for a well-designed and effective Twitter management service.

News About Circleboom Publish tool:

Join our journey and enjoy multiple social media account management, publish and schedule tools.

This fantastic publishing tool is beneficial for businesses to run multiple accounts and social media specialists who manage multiple social media accounts.

And it allows you to find and share your favorite content on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Pinterest. By automating your content, you can save a lot of time.

Circleboom Publish: Manage all social media in one place!
As Circleboom, we are now launching an all-in-one social media publish tool, Circleboom Publish to enable you to manage all social media in one place!

Wrap Up

You can find the best information to relate to your Twitter account using Circleboom User Analytics for Twitter.

Analyzing your metrics will assist you in determining how to formulate your tweets and interact with your followers.

You can get more Twitter followers with less effort and money using Circleboom’s fully automated and simple-to-use interface.

If you use Circleboom, you can take advantage of its other useful features, such as Circleboom publish tool, which allows you to schedule tweets and other social media posts.

Many businesses and non-profits, including the BBC and Netflix, and the Red Cross, use Circleboom as their primary Twitter management tool.

Explore Circleboom for more information about our many advanced features!

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