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Twitter Account Management Tips for 2024

. 2 min read

New year, but same old problems? Well, Twitter unfollow is a constant issue for many Twitter users ever since they join Twitter. When you lose followers despite doing everything right, it can be frustrating. 

Another issue follows when you want to unfollow Twitter accounts who unfollowed you or don’t follow back. This can be troublesome as there’s no way to know on Twitter who unfollowed you unless you have memorized it. Also, once you have followed an account, you cannot know how genuine or real those accounts are unless you perform a Twitter audit.

The problems are countless, but thankfully we have some amazing Twitter unfollow tips to solve all your issues. The tips below will help you sail through Twitter even when it gets windy and followers/unfollowers make it hard for you to go forward.

Twitter Unfollow Tip #1: Unfollow Non-English Accounts:

Have you mistakenly followed a lot of Twitter accounts that are not English-speaking and you just don’t get their tweets? With Circleboom's advanced account filters, you can filter the accounts based on their languages to see non-English accounts in a few seconds. 

Then, you can visit their Twitter profile and unfollow them individually. 

Twitter Unfollow Tip #2: Unfollow Fake/Spam/Inactive Twitter Accounts:

It’s easy on Twitter to confuse fake accounts with real accounts as they are made to look like real accounts. Many Twitter users end up following bot accounts or spam accounts when following on Twitter. Inactive Twitter accounts are also not follow-worthy as these accounts have not used Twitter over a long time or they are not regular Twitter users. 

To quickly get rid of these accounts, you can use Circleboom. It helps you detect inactive or fake/spam accounts. If you follow any fake accounts, Circleboom will list them under your followers. You just need to click on the corresponding button from the menu. 

Twitter Unfollow Tip #3: Unfollow Noisy/Overactive Accounts:

The kind of Twitter accounts everyone wants to get rid of! Yes, noisy Twitter accounts are those accounts that send more than 20 tweets per day hence, filling your entire Twitter feed.

Circleboom allows you to easily get rid of overactive accounts as its algorithm shortlists highly active accounts for you. To get rid of overactives, go to your Circleboom dashboard and list your overactives. Then you can visit their Twitter profiles and unfollow them individually.  

Twitter Unfollow Tip #4: Use Filters and Search to Shortlist Followers:

Would you like to unfollow specific accounts based on location? Or unfollow them as you don’t want to be associated with small accounts with very few followers? Circleboom can help you filter specific accounts amongst all your followers with many variables.

For example, when you enter the maximum follower count to be 100, you will have all the accounts you follow with less than 100 followers listed before you. Or if you only want to see verified accounts, you can also do that by checking the related box in your filters. 

Final Thoughts:

To be easily able to unfollow Twitter accounts without wasting time and energy is a blessing. And, with the tips above, I’m sure you will be able to make the most of your time.

Harshita Agrawal
Harshita Agrawal

Social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

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