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What is an Instagram share list? How does it work?

. 4 min read

An Instagram share list is a feature that allows you to share posts or stories with a specific group of followers, rather than your entire following. It is also known as "Close Friends".

This can be useful if you want to share something with a close group of friends or family, or if you want to target a specific audience with your content.

Sharing with a small group of people can be achieved with Instagram's "Share List" or "Close Friends" feature. On the other hand, making your voice heard by more people on Instagram and growing your reach is possible with hashtags!

You should find and use relevant, popular hashtags to make your Instagram posts viewed by more people. This is one of the best strategies to get more impressions and engagement!

Thanks to Circleboom's AI-Powered Instagram Hashtag Generator, you can find and add related, trending hashtags on any topic and expand the reach of your Instagram content!

Now, let's get back to the Instagram share list!

How can you create an Instagram share list?

You should follow these steps to create an Instagram share list:

Step#1: Go to your profile.

Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.

Step#2: Here, you will see the "Close Friends" option.

Tap on it and proceed.

Close Friends

Step#3: You can add people to your Instagram share list by selecting people.

Your share list is ready now!

Instagram Share List
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What are the other uses of Instagram share lists?

You can use Instagram's "Close Friends" or "Share List" feature for:

  1. Sharing with the Share List: Once you have set up your share list when you create a new post or Story, you can share it with your "Close Friends." This option appears either before posting the content or within the Story creation tools. You can share with your followers and your close friends, or exclusively with your close friends.
  2. Viewing Shared Content: When you share a post or Story with your share list, only the people on that list will be able to see it in their feed or view your Story. The shared content will have a green "Close Friends" label on it to indicate that it was specifically shared with the selected group.
  3. Privacy and Notifications: Your close friends are not notified that they are on your share list. However, they will receive a notification when you share a post or Story exclusively with them. Additionally, the close friends you've added won't be able to see who else is on your share list.
  4. Share exclusive content with your followers: If you have a share list of your closest friends or family, you can use it to share exclusive content with them. This could be anything from behind-the-scenes photos and videos to early access to new products or services.
  5. Gather feedback from your followers: If you're working on a new project or product, you can use a share list to gather feedback from your followers. This could be a great way to get their input on everything from the design to the marketing.
  6. Build relationships with your followers: Share lists can be a great way to build relationships with your followers. By sharing personal content with them, you can show them that you care about them and are interested in what they say.
  7. Promote your business: You can use share lists to promote your products or services if you have a business account. You could create a share list of your most engaged followers and share exclusive deals or discounts with them.

Wrapping Up

Instagram share lists are a powerful tool that can be used to target specific audiences with your content and build relationships with your followers. By using share lists strategically, you can reach more people with your content, get feedback from your followers, and promote your business.

Instagram share lists are the best ways to hide content from specific users. But, if you want to grow your reach, on the contrary, you should consider using hashtags for your Instagram posts. Circleboom will help you find and use relevant, popular hashtags with your posts!

Circleboom's Social Media Hashtag Generator provides a fantastic way to find related hashtags for almost all major social media platforms at affordable prices.

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