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What to tweet: 18 Tweet ideas to hit the jackpot!

. 8 min read

Choosing what to tweet might be difficult! But what if we gave you all of the available possibilities to produce multiple tweet ideas when you schedule & publish your tweet?

Twitter is a one-of-a-kind platform. It might be tough to determine what posts do well on each social media site because each requires distinct techniques and content.

While some tweet ideas work well, others should be saved for more professional media like LinkedIn or purely visual platforms, like Instagram and Pinterest.

Finding things to tweet will be a breeze after reading this post. Would you mind looking at some of our bright ideas below and utilizing them to plan out weeks of tweets with ease?

What to post on Twitter (in general)

If you want to establish a Twitter following, Twitter could be the key to reaching the widest possible audience. Hence, asking what to tweet to get followers is a good place to start.

While not all of the tweet ideas below will work for every business or industry, you should be able to find enough inspiration to start.

1. Sectoral news and updates as blog content

In theory, you should browse the Internet, follow other news or information websites, and generate material based on them and your thoughts.

Isn’t it a little scary to examine Google’s seemingly limitless search results for a single word?

Hence, we urge you to use the Circleboom article curator and RSS feed connection tools to find useful and up-to-date Twitter content such as industry news and blogs.

Circleboom Publish Article Curator monitors hundreds of sites and blogs to provide articles with similar topics based on your areas of interest. You can select from thousands of categories.

You may share these curated articles in seconds with just one click.

In this manner, you can present new and relevant content to your Twitter audience, and suggested content by Circleboom will always keep your interests at the forefront.

Circleboom will automatically post the selected articles based on the posting time interval and frequency you specify once you have uploaded them to your queue and set your queue parameters.

Note that you can schedule items for Twitter but not add multiple articles to the queue in bulk due to Twitter regulations.

Hence, you can schedule those articles in advance and enjoy the well-distributed Twitter engagement with Circleboom's Twitter Scheduler. So that, Twitter algorithms will like and possibly promote you even if you are not expecting it.

2. RSS feeds

Circleboom RSS Tweets feature allows you to add RSS feed URLs to your dashboard and have them immediately published.

RSS should have been in your life for a long time if you are constantly visiting new websites.

Why not utilize them as things to tweet to get retweeted?

After adding & arranging RSS URLs and timelines to check those feeds, the Circleboom algorithm will handle the rest.

3. Polls & Questions

Asking questions in tweets is a fantastic approach to getting to know your audience and encouraging them to interact with you.

Using polls to ask questions about your customers’ perceptions of your brand is also beneficial.

Polls can assist influencers and brands in creating content that is most appealing to their target audience.

4. Pro-Tips

If you want to enhance your reputation among your followers and give them a cause to follow you, pro tips are ideal. If your professional advice is beneficial, your followers will eagerly read and share your informed tweets.

To avoid embarrassment, make sure your expert advice is entirely accurate.

5. Inspirational Quotes

Sharing a motivating #quoteoftheday or #qotd with your audience is a wonderful approach to inspiring them.

People also enjoy statements that speak to them, increasing the likelihood that they would Retweet it to their feed.

Another example comes from Nike. They blend their company motto with quotes from professional athletes.

6. Special Day Celebration

It’s a great approach to engage your audience by jumping on appropriate social media holidays – or even real holidays that your audience celebrates.

That message should be hyper-relevant to their target demographic, niche, product - and services, and it’s a terrific method to connect with your online followers and consumers.

What to tweet to get followers

If you’re ready to start getting recognized on Twitter, we’ll give you some suggestions on what to tweet to get followers. This advice can help you develop your following and increase engagement on social media, which is precisely what we all desire.

Twitter chats are online talks that take place in real time using a specific hashtag.

However, when discussing, reposting, or tweeting, using the same popular hashtags may not perform well. Because the hashtag contains so many tweets, yours is likely to be lost among the popular accounts.

With Circleboom’s hashtag and keyword tool, you can get result-driven and optimized hashtags that will help tweet ideas go viral.

You may easily detect popular terms and hashtags and find individuals with similar interests by simply looking at the keywords of that particular interest.

After that, do not forget to add relevant hashtags in each tweet.

8. Useful content: Discounts & Promo Codes

It’s a terrific approach to increase engagement and sales by sharing discount codes or sales on Twitter, especially if they’re only available to your Twitter followers.

9. Using Rich Visuals

Sharing visual information on Twitter may attract people’s attention while browsing, whether photography, customized graphics, or infographics.

Circleboom Publish's social media post design tool, Canva, provides its users an excellent experience for social media content creation within the Circleboom Publish dashboard.

Here you will find several graphic templates, video templates and styles. You can also download free stock images from Unsplash and edit them on Canva within the same Circleboom dashboard.

When you are finished, you can publish those tweets right away or switch to Tweet scheduler.

10. Personal questions & polls for followers to react

Influencers do that a lot. They create polls for what to wear, use for their makeup, or other shopping decisions.

But even if you are running a company profile, you can use the same attitude for your products and services like below.

11. Sharing breaking news

Breaking news is kind of Twitter’s thing. Many people do not read mainstream media but look up Twitter to learn about what is going on in their region or globally.

Here, you can post the latest news directly through RSS feeds as discussed above or comment/share your view on recent news.

Nike’s stance against Covid-19 effect on Asian hate.

12. Responding and Retweeting

Can’t your buyers/fans/followers stop talking about you? Or have you recently received a mention from a blogger or another influencer?

Retweet anyone who mentions you on Twitter, whether it’s by spreading your items or reviewing your work.

To ensure you don’t miss any, use Twitter User Analytics to track all of your circles.

Or, you can start these conversations with peers or followers. Look at the below great mentioning example.

Actually, you do not need to guess what your followers and friends were talking and thinking about on Twitter.

With Circleboom’s Twitter Interest Cloud, you can find out what attracts your followers with just one click. This tool assists you in tailoring your tweets to your target audience’s preferences.

Circleboom Twitter Interest Cloud dashboard

Interest Cloud gathers the most recent information from your followers’ profiles and hundreds of tweets.

It then organizes it in a dynamic visual representation of what your friends and followers think and talk about.

Tweet when it is the best time

Do you know exactly how many of your followers are currently active on social media?

Your tweet ideas may go viral, but timing is essential.

The optimal times to tweet should also be known to a successful Twitter strategy. Circleboom Twitter Analytics uses a smart graph to analyze all of your followers’ Twitter behaviors throughout their tweeting hours to decide the optimal moment to tweet.


Funny things to tweet

Some Twitter pages and user profiles are only dedicated to funny things to tweet; why not brands get the most out of it? With this approach, you can see that even big brands can use humor when building their Twitter following.

14. GIFs and Memes

Because of Twitter’s short-form content constraints – after all, we only get 280 characters – GIFs and memes have become a popular method of entertainment and promotion on the platform.

Users frequently use GIFs (either designed or from the built-in GIF library) in their tweets and responses, sharing memes, and even seizing viral memes.

Check out the free GIPHY integration with the Circleboom Publish tool to find GIFs for funny tweet ideas on the spot.

It is both a joyful, fun and result-driven approach to use Internet challenges to create Twitter content.

The best examples can be #20yearschallenge, #sumup2020withasong, #Twittercrush.

Also, during lockdowns in 2020, many Tik Tok challenges were extensively shared on Twitter, such as the “Level-Up Challenge” and the “Flip The Switch.”

16.“Nobody:    Me:” Trend

This “nobody:” meme trend has been around for a while. And if you are a regular Twitter or Instagram user, you had seen it everywhere.

Who said that funny tweet ideas are not ideal for brands?

17. Funny Interview Tips

As another funny Tweet idea, you can combine humor and pro tips in one pot. Funny interview tips which are sarcastic can result in great engagement with RTs.

18. Famous Photoshop Fails

All of us enjoy playing detectives when noticing photoshop fails on the Internet. And it is especially joyful if the subject is not us.

Retweeting popular photoshop fails of famous people is one of the top things to tweet to get retweeted.

Wrapping Up

Now is the time to start sharing your Twitter content ideas.

Have you gotten any excellent ideas from this article? With Circleboom Twitter and Circleboom Publish, you can start organizing and scheduling your latest content. Create a content calendar and use the platform to track engagement numbers.

Finally, if you frequently tweet content from this list, you should see a boost in retweets and follower numbers. Let us know about the results!

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