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Why Twitter Users are searching for the answer to “Who Unfollowed Me and Why?”

. 3 min read

The most important reason is, to be famous. Let’s accept that, people want to be famous, and want to be followed. The crowds follow famous people everywhere (and also on Twitter) to see how they live, what they share, or learn how to be one like them. People have the idea that “if you have a higher follower/friend ratio, then you are popular.” It is the (Twitter's) nature of being popular. Whereas famous people do not want to follow other users.

Having a high Twitter follower/friend ratio is a reflection of this basic human instinct that encourages you to be a famous person. If people try to understand, they can see that it is only their ego.

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The main reason for social media is to reach more people. The way to do it is to have more followers. It is normal to want your follower count to be as much as possible to deliver your message. However, having lots of friends does not affect your purpose. Only the quality and the number of your followers will determine how many audiences you’ll reach. That’s why you should also follow your followers.

There are two main reasons to find out “Who unfollowed me and why?”;

  1. People feel important when they are seen as popular. It is not a must to accomplish your goals. The real thing is to focus on having “quality” followers related to your main purpose. To find the right audience, focus on “Circleboom Smart Search” filterstwitter_smart_search_1
  2. And another reason is, again, as stated above, the desire for fame rooted in having a big ego. But even then, to achieve a high follower/following ratio, Circleboom will come in handy

As Circleboom, we provide you with many filters and options to help you unfollow the correct profiles. So you can decide who to unfollow first.

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Here is a hidden gem we’d like to talk about, a Circleboom filter that we haven’t mentioned before. Use the "inactives" filter and also try filtering accounts by their joining dates when you’re on any search or account list page. The reason for that is some of the people you follow may not be very active. Sometimes they do not see the notification that you followed them. This helps you filter out who you really want to unfollow by visiting their profiles on Twitter and also prevents an unfollow action by mistake.

To reach a broader audience and find the right people to follow or unfollow, you can always use Circleboom.

Kevin O. Frank

Co-founder and Product Owner @circleboom #DataAnalysis #onlinejournalism #DigitalDiplomacy #CrisesCommunication #newmedia

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