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Can I delete old tweets by year? Yes, in 2 steps!

. 4 min read

“That summer of 2015 wasn’t a good year at all. All those tweets I sent out in that year, I wish I could delete them all at once.”

Do you feel the same? Is your Twitter account carrying regrets from the past too? If you have a lot of tweets that you are remorseful of and want to delete old tweets, I might be able to help you.

Circleboom launched a series of features last year that helps you in deleting old tweets in a few clicks. The features have been working so seamlessly that thousands of Twitter users rush to Circleboom to delete their tweets. It is also a complete Twitter tool that helps you in scheduling your tweets, managing your Twitter followers, and learning from your Twitter analytics. The combined features make it a powerful tool to try for your Twitter needs.

However, in this article, we are going to focus on the step-by-step instructions to delete old tweets by year or date. We will look at simple steps with which you can get rid of your tweets from the past.

Steps to delete tweets by year using Twitter archive:

When you use Twitter archive to delete tweets by year, you can delete all tweets within a time period by just mentioning the exact dates. All tweets within that period will be deleted immediately. Here are the two steps to remove tweets by year:

Step 1: Login to the Circleboom dashboard. Go to the menu on the left, select -> My Tweets -> Delete Old Tweets. Circleboom will load a new page asking you to upload your Twitter archive. Upload your Twitter archive and click next. ( How to download my Twitter history archive )

Step 2: Once your Twitter archive is uploaded, you will see the filters to delete tweets. In the “Filter by date,” you can enter the year by entering the start date and end date. For example, to delete all tweets from 2019, enter the start date as of 01/01/2019 and the end date as of 12/31/2019.

When deleting tweets, Circleboom will include tweets from the start date and the end date as well.

Click on “Approve” after adding the dates.

Filters like keywords and languages can be also added if you want to delete tweets by year with selected keywords or in particular languages.

You must know that once you select a time period with additional filters, all tweets following the criteria will be deleted. It’s important to note here that all tweets deleted are non-recoverable and once deleted, you lose them forever.

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Steps to delete tweets by year by selecting tweets:

There are times when you might not know the exact time period to delete tweets from.

Or, you might not want to delete all the tweets from a time period.

If you want to select which tweets to delete, before you hit the delete button, follow the steps below:

Step 1: From the Circleboom menu, select -> Delete Tweets -> My Tweets. Circleboom will list the last 3,200 tweets tweeted by you. Twitter only allows users to access 3,200 tweets at a time, hence, the number.

Step 2: In the search box, enter the year from which you want to delete tweets. For example, to delete tweets from 2020, enter 2020 in the search box, and all tweets from 2020 will be listed. Click on the checkbox next to each tweet that you want to delete and select “Delete Selected’ at the top.

This allows you to have a look at the tweets that you are deleting before you actually lose them forever. It’s safer to use this method if you are not certain of tweets you want to delete.

Final words:

The steps above are very easy to follow and I hope they will allow you to delete old tweets by year efficiently. If you have any questions regarding the steps or the article, please share with us in the comments below.

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