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How to mass delete tweets: Mass tweet delete in 3 simple steps

. 4 min read

Mass Tweet delete is a regular process for regular Twitter users who manage their Twitter profile by deleting old tweets. To mass delete tweets is also required by many Twitter users when they change jobs, have significant transformation in personal lives or career change. Though the reasons for deleting tweets may vary, the process remains the same.

Twitter is an ever evolving platform that allows you to schedule tweets and send audio tweets, but deleting tweets is a cumbersome process on Twitter. If you’re willing to get rid of your old tweets in bulk at the fastest pace with the least number of steps, Circleboom can be your savior.

With Circleboom, you can perform tweet delete in several ways. In one method, you can upload your Twitter archive and mass delete tweets by adding filters. In another method, you can access each tweet and select the ones you want to delete. Let’s have a look at how to mass delete tweet when required.

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How to mass delete tweets with a few clicks!

You can delete thousands of tweets with Circleboom in a few minutes. Tweets once deleted cannot be recovered so before you follow the steps below, make sure you want to delete your tweets.

You will also need to download your Twitter archive to enable bulk/mass tweet delete. Request your Twitter archive from Twitter by following these steps.

Step 1: Login to Circleboom dashboard and from the menu on the left, select “My Tweets.”

From the sub-menu, select “Delete Twitter Archive”.

Step 2: Upload tweet.js file from your Twitter archive zip folder to the Circleboom dashboard.

Once uploaded, Circleboom now has access to all the tweets published by you since your Twitter account was created.

Step 3: To mass delete tweets, apply the filters based on tweets you want to delete.

With the date filter, you can delete tweets by date. Select year or dates between which you want to delete your tweets.

With the text box filter, you can delete all tweets that contain specific keywords/hashtags/usernames. While adding text to the text box, make sure that the text selected by you is only present in the tweets you want to delete.

If you tweet in multiple languages, then with the language filter you can delete tweets by languages. If you don’t need this filter, you can leave it blank.

If you want to delete all the tweets from your Twitter account, then you can ignore all the filters and just click on “Approve.”

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Ready to mass delete tweets?

We hope the simple steps above have helped you learn the entire process of tweet delete with Circleboom. If you still have any questions, you can refer to additional articles and help sections.

Other than deleting tweets, Circleboom is also an effective Twitter manager that helps you in queuing tweets, understanding Twitter analytics, and performing complex Twitter search functions. It’s the most affordable way to manage your Twitter account and grow your Twitter network.

We have also a hands-on video tutorial to make your job easier:

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