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The ultimate guide to get verified on Facebook

The ultimate guide to get verified on Facebook

. 9 min read

Are you trying to figure out how to get one of those lovely blue checkmarks next to your company’s name on Facebook? You have arrived at the right location.

Getting verified on Facebook is a major issue for both new and existing businesses. Because the blue mark is not given out to just anyone, it demonstrates you are someone trustworthy enough to receive the Facebook verification.

The process of getting a Facebook Page verified with the blue tick on the side is known as Facebook verification. The verified blue mark on a Page indicates that Facebook has validated that the profile belongs to a certain public personality, creator, or brand, not a fan or impersonation.

On Facebook (and Instagram), verified blue badges appear next to the username of the Page or account, both on the Facebook profile and in search.

Get Verified on Facebook, why?

A blue badge on Facebook indicates that a page or individual of public interest has been verified by the company (like celebrities or big brand names). There’s also a gray check to indicate additional genuine pages for individuals who don’t fit the “public interest” requirement.

  • The reputation and legitimacy of being verified on Facebook is the first and most obvious incentive to do so. People will knowingly or instinctively see you as someone recognized enough to get Facebook verification when they see the blue checkmark next to your account.
  • Your prospects and customers will be able to easily find you in the search bar and follow your official Page, as well as receive up-to-date, correct information about your brand, thanks to the verification badge.
  • It may be too ambiguous to tell if a Facebook Page is genuine without the badge. As a result, the ability to distinguish your legitimate account from fan accounts, brands with similar names, and fake accounts are critical.
  • Lastly, Facebook verification allows you to receive instant access to some new Facebook services that aren’t yet available to all users. As a result, you will have a competitive position in the marketplace who may not have the same access.
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How to get verified on Facebook?

For business Pages and personal pages, the process of getting verified on Facebook is different.

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

If you want to verify a personal profile, you must use the same form mentioned below (as a public figure or celebrity). A copy of your official photo identification, such as a passport or driver’s license, will also be required. You will need to provide business-related official documents if you are creating a company profile.

You must fill out and submit this Facebook verification request form to be considered for Facebook verification.

But it is not that simple. Before devoting energy and getting high hopes for Facebook verification, you need to look at Facebook verification requirements to see whether you or your Page meets them.

As Facebook suggested, there are four criteria:

Authentic: Represent an actual person, company, or other legal entity.

Unique: The one and only person or company. Excluding language-specific Pages and profiles, only one Page or account per person or business may be validated. Facebook does not verify pages and common interest profiles (an example for this is Puppy Memes).

Complete: Include an about section, a photo for your Page or profile, and recent activity, which should include at least one post.

Notable: Represent a well-known, often sought individual, brand, or business. They look at Pages and profiles that have been published in many news outlets; however, they don’t look at paid or promotional content.

How to verify a Facebook page?

Step #1: Select Page under Verification type if this is for a business Page.

Then, select the Page you want to Verify from the drop-down list of pages.

To submit this form, you must be logged in as an administrator of the Business Manager account.

Following your selection, Facebook will require you additional documents as listed in the drop-down menu.

As you will see, you need to include a copy of your company’s phone or utility bill, certification of establishment, articles of incorporation, or tax exemption documentation for a business Page verification.

Step #2: Properly categorizing your account is critical because it helps Facebook determine whether you have enough relevant influence in a particular industry to justify verification.

So, make sure you choose the correct category and the country where your company is based.

Choose a relevant business category and write the country name

Step #3: Fill out the additional information requests.

Providing audience information, meaning in other languages, and external links to underline its relevance for Facebook verification can ease this process and increase the chances of getting Facebook verification.

Provide as much as information you can
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What to do to verify your Personal Facebook Profile?

If you want to get your personal profile verified on Facebook, you will fill out the same request form but choose the Profile option at the top.

And you will need to add the URL of your Facebook profile.

While other form questions remain the same, the documents you need to add here will be a driver’s license, a passport or an existing national identification card.

How to get a company page verified on Facebook?

You can get your company page verified on Facebook by following the above steps through the request form.

Or, you can go to the Facebook Business Manager and follow the steps. In order to do this, you need to be an admin of your Business Manager account.

Step #1: To begin, go to your Business Manager. And select Security Center from the drop-down menu.

To begin the Facebook verification process, click the “Start Verification” button.

Step #2: A four- or five-step verification process should look somewhat like below.

A list of legal businesses that match your submission will be generated by Facebook. Choose the appropriate company from the list.

Click Next after entering your company’s information.

If your company niche isn’t listed, you’ll have to supply official documents. You won’t have to do a different thing if your application is approved.

Step #3: For verification, you can receive a verification code via text message, phone, or email on your business phone number. And enter the code.

It’s worth noting that the option to enter a phone number may not be available in all countries.

Pro Tip 1: If your domain has already been verified, skip this step and click Verify us. Then go back to the Security Center and press the Continue button. Finish the domain verification process if you haven’t already.

Pro Tip 2: You need to do nothing else once you got the notification that your business has been verified. When the review is finished, you will be notified. In your Security Center, you may also monitor your status.

How to get my non-profit verified on Facebook?

Getting your non-profit Page on Facebook will be similar to filling the form by choosing your Page. A gray verification badge may be available if your Page is classified as a Company & Organization or a Local Business.

Verified Non-Profit Pages have the advantage of appearing higher in search results, attracting more visitors, and letting visitors know the Page is genuine.

Yet, if you want a fundraising tool to work on your Page and get a donation, it is another application process.

The country/region in which your organization is based determines your eligibility for Facebook’s Fundraising Tools. Any organization can be denied access to Facebook’s Fundraising Tools.

Check out Facebook Fundraising Eligibility for non-profit Page and your country status for this eligibility.

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How long will it take to get verified on Facebook?

The time it takes to get verified on Facebook varies by account. Although Facebook does not indicate a standard response time, you may get a response in 48 hours or as long as 45 days.

Because the Facebook staff will have to check your documentation carefully, verifying accounts representing companies may take longer.

What happens if Facebook rejects my verification application?

You can also resubmit your form after 30 days. It is important to kindly understand that completing the fundamental verification requirements does not guarantee verification.

Yet, if you want to improve your chances of being verified, you should put in more work.

Following a rejection, you can take the following steps to get verified on Facebook:

  • Contact Facebook customer service to learn more about why your application was declined. In this way, you will understand exactly what you need to do if you receive this information.
  • To gain a greater reputation and reach a larger audience, create more high-quality content and stick to a regular posting schedule.

Using Circleboom Facebook Scheduler, you may boost the value of your Facebook page. The tool offers RSS feed automation and article curation to get more ideas on what to post on the Facebook page. And also, you can design high-quality Facebook size banners for your posts with a built-in design tool. Then, schedule it.

Design, Schedule and Automate Facebook posts.
  • If you have other company social media profiles for your brand, make sure to promote them as well. This move will also increase your chances of becoming verified on such platforms. Using Circleboom Publish also enables you to post on different social media accounts of your business simultaneously.
You can post multiple social media accounts at once and keep all of them alive for more attention!
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Wrap Up

When it comes to Facebook verification, Facebook considers a variety of variables. Even if you are eligible for verification, filing a request does not ensure that you will receive a blue checkmark.

Nonetheless, given the badge’s trustworthiness, social credibility, and other perks, there is no harm in giving it a shot.

However, keep in mind that to be verified, you must first lay a foundation and polish your Facebook Business profile, which necessitates high-quality content, originality, and consistency.

But, you’re not alone here. Use Facebook schedulers to streamline your social media calendar and automate most work, such as content search, design, and posting on Facebook.

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