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Social media management for Nonprofits: Quick & Effective Tips

. 10 min read

It is crucial to develop social media campaigns for nonprofits successfully, and more specifically, a digital presence.

Hereby, it becomes possible to generate alternative social media methods for nonprofits to function more efficiently and broadly. Because it is a necessary and critical factor for a participatory democracy model, and it's no longer just about creating a website.

NPOs operate for the good of society and build public opinion in this direction, cultivate a culture of pluralism and involvement by contributing to the solution of nonprofit issues. They are made up of individuals who volunteer to work together.

Brands and nonprofit organizations rely primarily on social media, which is also having a larger presence in everyday life.

Social media is used for public relations by both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. And it is regarded as a public space, and nonprofit organizations use it as part of their digital advocacy.

Volunteering and reaching out to other potential volunteers in-person and online is crucial for an NPO

Regular posting, strategic use of all platforms, and publishing blog posts are all part of a social media strategy for nonprofits.

Of course, producing this content necessitates keeping up with current trends, the desire to curate and create content, and a great deal of planning.

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Social Media For NonProfits

According to Nonprofit Tech for Good’s 2019 Global Technology Report, 90 percent of NGOs worldwide use social media to communicate with their supporters and contributors daily.

Social networking is successful for 94 percent of people in terms of online brand recognition, 80 percent in terms of recruiting event participants, 78 percent in terms of creating social change, 75 percent in terms of recruiting volunteers and encouraging people to take political action, and 72 percent in terms of online fundraising. So, we can presume that the benefits of social media for nonprofit organizations are now a piece of common knowledge.

How To Use Social Media For Nonprofit Organizations?

Let’s first start with general rules that will most likely work out for NPOs in different niches.

  • If you are giving fact-based information or summarizing a statement or topic, you should add links to the post and consider using than long URLs.
  • Texts should not be too long that will cause a reader to scroll and give up reading.
  • Private messages and feedback should be responded to appropriately.
  • It is best to use hashtags on relevant topics.
  • It will help if you like the pages of the organizations you are interested in.
  • If you manage a corporate account, you can share your schedule on the topics that concern you.
  • The live broadcast feature can be used for seminars or workshops.
  • On Instagram, information about an event or a subject should be displayed in a more structured manner by using features such as carousel, tagging, and story highlights.

Why Twitter matters for a social media campaign for nonprofits?

Twitter is an invaluable platform for NPOs as a channel to follow the hottest topics. Most people turn to Twitter to learn about news and even reach alternative news channels outside of mainstream media. And sometimes, they trust these Twitter profiles more than mass media.

Consider #blacklivesmatter or #metoo movement. Could these campaigns have the same impact without Twitter?

According to research and usage surveys, Twitter users collect significantly more funds online than non-Twitter NPOs. Aside from fundraising, it may result in increased visibility of a cause, more active volunteer participation, branding strategies, and much more.

Finally, Twitter is well suited to take a position as an opinion leader. While other applications feed the lifestyle dimension, Twitter is the most suitable medium to create advocacy campaigns and find a supporter for those who want to make a difference.

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How can Circleboom help you to establish a social media strategy for nonprofits?

Circleboom is an all-in-one social media content management and marketing platform with numerous features that will assist you in growing your Twitter account. Circleboom assists you in developing a 360° Twitter marketing plan that can help you meet your intended audience while saving both time and money.

Reputable NPOs prefer Circleboom

Well-known NPOs such as Human Rights Watch, American Red Cross, and BHF have chosen Circleboom to manage their Twitter accounts for building awareness and getting the best out of the Twitter strategy.

Circleboom is preferred by prominent NPOs and NGOs around the world

Circleboom, as a social media publisher and social media management tool, provides content curation options on Twitter, a social media management publisher tool to schedule your content, comprehensive Twitter user analytics, including information on your tweet performance, demographics of your audience, and follower characteristics, tweet performances.

Circleboom for Nonprofits

Circleboom offers a 30% discount on all of its plans to enable nonprofits to raise awareness, find more supporters and funders through contributing to their strategy on Twitter.

With Circleboom, NPOs can enjoy social media management features with a discount

Now on, let’s look at how to use Twitter for nonprofits in the best possible way and how Circleboom can help you at each step.

1. Create useful and retweetable content

A nonprofit that promotes getting retweeted by sharing unique, interesting content outperforms those who overburden their account with fundraising requests and self-promotional tweets.

While trying to make your content likable and retweetable, you can use the retweet feature as well. Retweets can be used to curate useful content. Instead of just tweeting about its services, OnGood, for instance, curates good content shared by other nonprofits by retweeting their posts.

Users rarely retweet casual communication tweets, but nonprofits can adopt a retweet strategy that includes sharing quality content with links to information sources such as news or articles.

Here you can use Circleboom’s Publish tool to find relatable and most popular content related to your niche and selected interest areas.

Circleboom Publish Tool offers you interest areas to choose from

After selecting your interest areas, the tool then offers you the latest and popular articles on your selected interest areas.

These articles include popular website blogs or news that you can share with your audience

Also, you can receive content from any RSS feeds.

You can add RSS feeds to Circleboom publish tool

Circleboom also offers the option of scheduling and editing the caption of these posts. So, you can eliminate the stress of finding content.

You need to curate and schedule your content with Circleboom Publish Tool and customize your caption with your wording. In this way, you can tell your followers why you shared this content and its useful information.

Edit your caption and schedule it within one tab
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2. Tweet or retweet multiple times a day, but evenly distributed

Sending several tweets every hour will dramatically reduce your click-through rate and ultimately bore your followers. However, manually keeping track of time and alert yourself or your team members can become a job in itself. So, you can automate this process and schedule content for your content for later.

In the Circleboom social media scheduling tool, creating a queue makes it extremely simple to plan tweets. Creating your tweets beforehand and adding them to the day and time settings will do the work for you.

You can also monitor the tweets that are sent and when they will be released, giving you a clear picture of your scheduled tweets.

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3. Get to know your followers

Uncovering user analytics and understanding the intended audience rely upon the core of most digital marketing strategies. The same goes for Twitter as well.

Circleboom offers you a variety of data on follower characteristics. Even the gender of the followers, which is not that quite common in Twitter management tools.

You can look at the Twitter User Analytics sub-categories that Circleboom offers to its users.

Circleboom User Analytics feature offers information on follower growth, characteristics, and tweet stats

4. Uncover what your followers want from you

With the Interest Cloud feature, you can monitor what your followers talk about and mention. This tool actually analyzes each tweet, retweet and likes of your followers so that it can create a word cloud for you to utilize as topics or keywords. This interest cloud graph looks like it below.

Circleboom's Interest Cloud will give you an idea about what your followers want to read

Yes. Anyone who uses Twitter for professional business or as a tool to create awareness, Hashtags can work like magic sometimes. But it is not about spamming every tweet with all possibly related or most popular hashtags. As an NPO, you need to maintain your reliable profile and benefit from the popularity of certain hashtags to find more followers.

So, how to do that?

Maybe you have tried copying and pasting popular hashtags from similar accounts or searched them on the web, but how to find trending hashtags for your niche?

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Choosing and following the right trending Twitter hashtag will eventually boost your content and awareness among your followers and target audience.

Circleboom Smart Search tool offers live keywords and hashtags, and you can use this smart search tool to find your target audience.

You can easily locate potential followers and peers by using this fantastic tool at any time. You may use various hashtags to look for people who have similar interests and preferences to you, which are potentially your prospect followers.

Circleboom smart search offers various filters to find a relevant audience

You can also search keywords and hashtags on your follower list and narrow down the results by filters.

Location, language, keywords are possible filters to narrow your shortlist

6. Find the best time to post on Twitter

Aside from creating the best content, timing plays a major role in engagement, shares, and any kind of viral effect. To reach the best performance on each tweet, you need to find the most suitable time to tweet based on your audience's behavior. But, as far as we know, Twitter Analytics or any other tool other than Circleboom does not provide this function.

Circleboom's Best Time to Tweet feature is the simplest way to determine the best time to post on Twitter because it collects information from all of your followers and friends and suggests you the best time each day.

Finding out the best time to tweet will reveal the real value of your post
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Wrapping Up

For an NPO that aims to create awareness, obtain funding, and reach out to larger audiences, social media presence is important more than ever. Twitter, in particular, can be the most suitable medium since most users tend to use Twitter to get information, react to the news, or show varying degrees of awareness and do something for the better.

Circleboom features can help NPOs to boost their presence and make their lives easier. That's why many prominent NPOs and NGOs, like from British Heart Foundation to UNICEF, prefer the social media management features of Circleboom. For more information, you can also look at our article on why well-known businesses prefer Circleboom.

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