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I have 20 stores. How can I manage 20 Google Business Profiles for multiple locations?

. 6 min read

Imagine you're a business owner with not just one but 20 vibrant storefronts spread across the city or maybe even across several cities. Each store has its unique flair and customer base, yet they all share one common goal: to attract local customers by shining brightly on the digital map. In the age of smartphones and instant information, managing your Google Business Profiles for each location isn't just routine—it's absolutely crucial.

Google Business Profile Management is a serious task. It becomes more challenging when you have 20 shops to manage separately. Fortunately, you have the best assistant here, on Circleboom ⬇️
Google My Business Management: The Ultimate Guide for 2024!
You can create posts that keep your customers updated about your business. Here’s a comprehensive guide to managing your presence on Google Business Profile.

But let’s face it, keeping 20 separate profiles updated and optimized can feel like herding cats. From mismatched store hours during holidays to responding to a flurry of customer reviews, the tasks stack up quickly. However, with the right approach and tools, this daunting task can turn into a streamlined process that not only boosts your local SEO but also enhances your interaction with customers—making each of your store locations a local favorite.

This article is your guide through the jungle of managing multiple Google Business Profiles. Whether you're aiming to boost your search engine visibility, engage more effectively with your community, or drive more foot traffic to your stores, understanding how to master your online presence can transform your business. Let’s dive in and discover how you can manage those 20 profiles with finesse and perhaps even enjoy the process!

Manage multiple stores in one dashboard!

Manage multiple stores in one place!

Circleboom supports managing multiple social media accounts in one place! 


Challenges of managing multiple Google Business Profiles

Challenges of managing multiple Google Business Profiles
  • Keeping Updates Consistent Across Each Store

Ensuring that each profile is consistently updated with the latest information, such as changes in store hours, contact details, or safety protocols, requires meticulous attention to detail and can be time-consuming.

  • Creating Separate Image Designs

Each store may have its unique promotions, events, or local features that necessitate custom image designs. Coordinating these individualized visuals while maintaining brand consistency poses a significant challenge.

  • Sharing the Same Social Post to All Accounts

While it might seem efficient to share identical social posts across all locations, this approach can fail to engage local audiences effectively. Tailoring content to reflect local events, promotions, or interests while managing it from a central point requires strategic planning and execution.

  • Considering Local Time Zone Differences

For businesses spread across different time zones, posting updates, promotions, or responses at appropriate local times is crucial. Managing these differences to ensure timely and relevant engagement with local audiences adds another layer of complexity.

  • Automating General Posts

While automation can help streamline processes, setting up systems to automatically handle posts that are appropriate across all locations—without losing the personal touch or local relevance—requires sophisticated tools and careful programming.

  • Creating Special Events and Offers for Each Store

Each location might host local events or offer special promotions based on regional preferences or occasions. Planning and promoting these unique activities individually, yet efficiently, demands coordinated effort and resources.

Solutions to Challenges

The challenges of managing multiple Google Business accounts may vary, but the solution is one! I found Circleboom very useful in managing my 20 store accounts.

First of all, users can connect their multiple Google My Business profiles to the same Circleboom account. Let's say you are a chain business owner and have 20 shops scattered across the country. Connect all to one Circleboom account and manage them at once!

What can you do? You can create, design, edit, share, schedule ⬇️, and automate your Google Business posts. Create one post and share it on all your Google Business accounts!

10 Best tools to schedule Google My Business posts in advance!
There are several tools on the web that supports Google Business Profile scheduling! And, to help you schedule Google My Business posts in advance, we’ve put up a thorough guide that lists the top ten tools.

You know that visuals are quite important for businesses. Thanks to Canva, Unsplash, and Giphy integrations, you can create captivating images for your services and products.

Share high-quality photos

For example, you are a restaurant owner, and you want to share your menu on social media. You can design and share it on Circleboom for all your shops!


Let's say you want to organize some special events and give some offers to drive more traffic to your stores. The best and most effective way of announcing is social media. Thanks to Circleboom, you can create Events and Offers with special coupons and CTAs!

Add CTA buttons to your GMB posts on Circleboom Publish

If you are posting frequently ( and you should for optimizing your account and increasing your visibility), queue scheduling on Circleboom is just for you!

You are setting time intervals and automating your Google posts. Next time when you create a new design or a new text, you will just click on "Add to Queue," and it is done. Circleboom will know when it will be published!

Google Business Queue Settings

How can you decide the hours? You can set anything, but what is the best time to post on Google?

The best time to post on Google Business Profile
In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses looking to connect with their customers and grow their brands. And one of the most powerful tools in a business’s digital marketing arsenal is Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business or GMB).

You have popular times for your business provided by Google Maps:

Circleboom takes this information and gives a "best time to post" feature for users to maximize their impressions and engagement on Google Maps.

This is from Circleboom users:

So you can take this graphic and set your queue settings according to this information.


Circleboom also supports Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Let's say you have also Instagram accounts for your shops. You can manage all your accounts from the same place!

You can manage multiple Instagram accounts on Circleboom!

Manage multiple Google Business and Pinterest accounts at once!

Manage multiple shops in one place!

Circleboom supports Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Business Profile accounts in one place!


La Fin

I have 20 stores for my business all over the country. Each shop has its own Google Business and Instagram accounts. It was really challenging to manage them all, creating and sharing content for each until I found Circleboom!

I linked all 20 Google Business Profiles and Instagram accounts to one Circleboom account and managed them from the same place! I can create one content and share it on all accounts with one click! I can pick up the best times to maximize my impressions and engagement.

You can create, design, share, schedule, and automate your social media posts for Google Business, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest for multiple accounts with Circleboom!

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