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How do you copy Twitter / X followers?

. 6 min read
Twitter Quiz
Do you know how many followers Emma Watson has on Twitter? (Approximate number).
A) 270K
B) 2.7M
C) 27M
D) 270M

Emma Watson has exactly 27,156,586 followers on Twitter/X (26.06.2024). You can view and export the full list of Emma's followers on Circleboom!

Viewing and exporting 27 M followers may be a heavy load. You may need a more refined list, such as verified followers. I just checked; Emma Watson has 39 verified followers. You can download a list of these verified followers (some) and do whatever you want!

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Have you ever wished you could copy the followers of a popular Twitter account? Whether you're starting a new Twitter page, launching a marketing campaign, or simply wanting to grow your audience, copying followers from a similar account can be an effective strategy. I found myself in this exact situation when I decided to create a new page and wanted to attract followers who were active and engaged with content similar to what I was planning to share.

The Challenge with Twitter on Copying Followers

Initially, I thought copying followers directly from Twitter would be simple. However, I quickly discovered that Twitter doesn't support this functionality. The platform doesn't provide an easy way to copy or even view another account's followers in a manner that allows for seamless following. Frustrated and discouraged, I started looking for alternative solutions.

The best way to copy followers from a similar account is to identify the most engaged accounts. Here’s how you can find them ⬇️
How to find, list, and export your high-quality followers & friends on Twitter! Know your X audience better!
I want to show you a way of listing and exporting your high-quality followers and friends: Circleboom! Find influencers and high-quality people on X!

Discovering Circleboom Twitter

During my search, I stumbled upon Circleboom Twitter, a powerful social media management tool. Circleboom Twitter is designed to help users manage and grow their Twitter accounts more efficiently.

What is Circleboom Twitter?

Circleboom Twitter is a comprehensive Twitter/X management tool tailored for all Twitter/X users. It offers a wide range of features that make managing your Twitter account easier and more effective. Some of its key features include

One of the standout features for me was its ability to help identify and follow the followers of other accounts.

How to copy Twitter followers using Circleboom Twitter

With Circleboom's Twitter Search Tool, you can effortlessly search, sort, and filter followers and followings of other Twitter accounts.

Below, we have prepared a guide to searching for someone's Twitter followers with Circleboom Twitter.

Step #1: Log in to Circleboom Twitter.

If you don't have a Circleboom Twitter account, you can quickly sign up by clicking "Create an account."

You can search for someone's Twitter followers!

Step #2: Find the "Search" tool on the left-hand menu and navigate over it.

From the dropdown menu, select "Account Search."

Account Search

Step 3: To search for someone's Twitter followers, click the "Display Followers" option. You can also select "Display Friends" to search for who someone follows on Twitter.

Then, you need to type the Twitter account's username in the search bar.

Display Followers

Step #4: A follower list of targeted Twitter profiles will be listed.

You can check these accounts. If you wish, you can add them to your Twitter lists.

Step 5: Once the lists are ready, you can use the keyword search bar to search for a specific keyword to narrow the list.

Also, you can use the filter options to search someone's Twitter followers without eggheads, inactive or private accounts.

Advanced Filters

You can also watch our hands-on video to find out more ⬇️;

Search Twitter Followers

If you want to enjoy Circleboom Twitter services, you can download our iOS app below:

Circleboom Twitter iOS App

If you don't have an iOS device, no worries! Circleboom Twitter is working great on mobile browsers for Android users!

Practical Tips:

Target Active Followers: Focus on followers who are active and engaged, as they are more likely to follow you back and engage with your content. You can use Circleboom Twitter's filter options to search for someone's active and engaged followers.
Optimize Your Profile: Ensure your Twitter profile is appealing and relevant to the followers you’re trying to attract. A well-optimized profile increases the chances of new followers sticking around.
7 Twitter optimization tools range up your account!
We’ve got you covered. Here’s a diverse range of Twitter optimization tools that will make your account hit a home run.Twitter Analytics.
Engage with New Followers: Interact with the copied followers by liking, retweeting, and commenting on their tweets. This interaction can help build a connection and encourage them to follow you back.

Results and Benefits

By using Circleboom Twitter, I was able to effectively copy followers from a popular NFT account and significantly grow my audience. Not only did my follower count increase, but my engagement also improved. More followers meant more likes, retweets, and interactions, which boosted my overall Twitter presence.

After following to copy followers, if they do not follow you back, you can easily identify and remove these not-followers.
Twitter Follow Check: See who follows you & who doesn’t follow you back!
We highly recommend you do a Twitter follow check to track who has unfollowed you and who has not followed you back so that you may unfollow them to improve your ratio.


Copying Twitter followers can be a powerful strategy to grow your audience and enhance your Twitter presence. While Twitter doesn’t provide a direct way to do this, Circleboom Twitter offers a practical solution. With its smart search tools and follower analysis features, you can easily identify and follow the followers of popular accounts in your niche.

I encourage you to try Circleboom Twitter for your social media management needs. Whether you're looking to copy followers or manage your tweets more effectively, Circleboom has the tools to help you succeed. Give it a try and share your experiences in the comments below!

Arif Akdogan

Passionate digital marketer helping grow through innovative strategies, data-driven insights, and creative content. [email protected]

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