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How to delete all tweets Reddit compilation: The best questions and answers!

. 6 min read

If you want to delete all your tweets and don't know how to do it, Reddit is a good source of first-hand information on how to mass delete tweets, like many other topics!

I've compiled the best questions and answers (if there are any) from many Reddit users to show you the best methods to delete your tweets and clean your Twitter account.

If you can't find the question or the answer to the tweet-deleting-related problems in your mind, do not worry! We have an amazing solution to clean your Twitter: Circleboom!

Delete all tweets, retweets, and likes with Circleboom!

Clean your Twitter account safely and quickly!


Let's start!

#1 How to delete all previous tweets

"I have approximately 10,000 tweets on my account. How can I delete these all in the fastest way possible?"

Visit Reddit to see the original question!

Answers to this question are actually not quite helpful and correct.

One user said you can create a new account on Twitter, and the other one claimed that nothing can make them "vanish forever."

First of all, you don't need to delete your Twitter account and create a new one. And, if you use the right tool, you can delete your tweets at once and forever.

Thanks to Circleboom, you can delete 10,000 tweets and more in one sitting.  Circleboom enables users to delete more than 3,200 tweets!

Once you do it, they will vanish forever, you can be sure! Circleboom is an official Twitter partner, so you can feel always safe!

Also, there are alternative tools mentioned in the answers:


#2 Delete all circle tweets

"Idk if I already asked this in here, but is there any way of deleting all the tweets I've made in my private circle? Now that Elon is going to remove them, i fear they may be exposed for everyone. Maybe a Chrome extension? Or a site?"

Visit Reddit to see the original question!

There are no answers to this question on Reddit. Fortunately, we have!

If you want to delete your "circle tweets," you can utilize Circleboom! Circleboom helps you delete your tweets in bulk and apply filters like keywords and dates to find some of your tweets and delete only them.

#3 Delete all tweets/likes

"Website were supposed to delete old tweets/like with one click.

Is there any website provide this service? is a scam unfortunately. After I paid and subscribed, the site didn’t work and they say there is no refund? This is what they say and I didn’t even ask for refund."

Visit Reddit to see the original question!

This Reddit user complains that doesn't work and he/she can't delete all tweets and likes.

Like deleting is a good mention here because not all tools allow users to delete Twitter likes.

Thankfully, Circleboom enables you to delete all Twitter likes with one click. You can clean your Twitter account and erase your favorites.

#4 How to delete all my tweets without giving up all my data

"Hi all,

I would like to delete tweets in mass, and I know there are third-party websites which help doing this.

However, I’ve seen many comments claiming once you use them, you give up all your information, date, times, etc. to the third-party website.

Is there a tool which is not keeping the data of the account and allows to delete tweet in bulk?

Thank you for your time."

Visit Reddit to see the original question!

This Reddit user questions the safety of third-party apps. The fear is that when you give access to third-party tools, they can use all your Twitter data. This is a true claim!

That's why, you should use a safe tool to delete your tweets. Circleboom, as I mentioned above, is an official Twitter partner. So, Circleboom is a safe tool to delete your tweets, retweets, and likes.

People advised the owner of the question to delete the Twitter account under the question.


#5 Why doesn't Twitter allow an option to mass delete all your tweets in one go?

"You can do that with bookmarks so why don't they do this with tweets.

As soon as I got my account restored after a couple of years I was prepared to start over and turn my twitter into a faceless burner account. But there is no option to delete all your tweets.

No I didn't write bigoted tweets but I got trolled by bullies for an unflattering pic of myself that I posted years ago after I dissed an abusive celebrity. Also I have IG so I didn't feel the need to show my face and identity on Twitter.

Twitter is weird for not having this option. Yes i get people will say oh no its weak stand by your opinion but I feel like people should have the option to mass delete their old tweets without resorting to third party websites that don't even work."

Visit Reddit to see the original question!

Yes, Twitter has no option to delete tweets in mass natively. Users should use third-party tools like Circleboom to mass delete tweets.

Safety is the most important factor when selecting a third-party tool to delete your Twitter data.

#6 Delete all Tweets except a handful

"I've tweeted 1000s of times on an anonymous account. I'd like to ultimately change it to tweet under my own name, but want to delete most of what's currently there first. However, there are 20-30 tweets that have got a lot of engagement and that show my interest in a subject in a positive way that I do not want to be deleted. only lets you delete all or selectively delete, but not do what I want (delete all with exceptions). I've tried editing the tweets.js file in my archive to take out the tweets that I want to save and then upload the archive with that updated file, but the upload keeps failing (either because I previously uploaded the whole archive, because I've made a mistake when removing tweets with a bracket or comma or something, or because other files in the archive reference the tweets I've removed which is freaking it out?).

Any ideas of (a) a tool that natively lets me do what I want or (b) a way to make tweetdeleter or similar do what I want? Happy to pay something for a tool if required.


Visit Reddit to see the original question!

If you want to delete all tweets but keep some, Circleboom is the best way to do it!

You don't need to delete them manually, as advised under the question!


Final Words

In wrapping up this insightful journey through the Reddit community's most pressing queries and enlightening responses about deleting tweets, one tool consistently emerges as a standout solution: Circleboom. Our exploration has highlighted common concerns and challenges faced by Twitter users and underscored Circleboom's effectiveness in addressing them. Whether it's the need for a clean slate on Twitter, managing digital footprints, or simply starting anew, Circleboom has proven a reliable and user-friendly ally. Its robust features go beyond tweet deletion, offering a comprehensive suite of tools catering to various Twitter management needs. This compilation of Reddit's best questions and answers reaffirms the importance of having the right tool at your disposal in today's digital age, where managing your online presence is crucial. Circleboom stands out as an invaluable resource for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of Twitter with ease and efficiency.

As we conclude, remember that the digital world is ever-evolving, and so are our interactions within it. Tools like Circleboom simplify these interactions and empower users to maintain control over their digital narratives. Whether you're a seasoned Twitter veteran or a newcomer to the platform, understanding how to manage your account effectively is vital. With Circleboom, you're well-equipped to do just that.

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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