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How to use Clubhouse: The Ultimate guide to Clubhouse

. 8 min read

The Clubhouse app, which has lately gained a lot of traction after internet celebrities flooded there, has also gotten a lot of coverage. By choosing a different path from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Clubhouse does not allow visual or written communication, setting a new standard in social media.

This social media feature, which has a unique concept and is available exclusively to iPhone owners.

The big question here how to get Clubhouse for Android users? However, the application has not yet been released for Android Play Store, and developers state that it will soon be published.

Clubhouse app allows only audio streaming, and it is only accessible by invitation, uses a different acquisition system.

How to get into the Clubhouse App?

You can get and use the shared invitation code by following #Clubhouse hashtags on Twitter.

To be a part of the Clubhouse app, you must have the Clubhouse App invite code. There are two ways to get the invitation currently available.

Method #1: You can receive an invite code when a person using the application sends you an invitation from the application.

Method # 2: After the application has been downloaded, you need to link your phone contacts. If someone uses your phone directory application, a message is sent to that person to send you an invitation. The person may send a clubhouse invite code after he or she sees this notice.

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Alternative Method to Get into Clubhouse App

Having Clubhouse invite code posted on Twitter

You can get and use the shared invitation code by following #Clubhouse hashtags on Twitter. If there is no Clubhouse app user between your contacts, you may follow the hashtag and join the people who want to receive invitations by tweeting with the #Clubhouse hashtag on Twitter. Don't you know how to follow a hashtag on Twitter, then you should check our article on how to follow a hashtag in 2021.

How to register the Clubhouse App after getting the invite code?

It would be best if you built a profile inside the application after downloading the Clubhouse application. The program requires you to write your real name as Name-Surname, to generate a @username that has not been generated by some other user before. It is possible to link your Twitter account if you do not fill in all the personal info forms. Then asks for permission to access your phone directory and microphone.

Rooms in the Clubhouse App: Areas of Interests

Clubhouse's biggest asset is the sheer variety of interactions you are capable of having

After you register with the Clubhouse and create a username, the app will share a list of interests to recommend conversation rooms according to your interests.

You can choose a conversation room you may interest in among technology, sports, leadership, marketing, education, psychology, etc.

When you enter a room, you start by listening to a conversation, and then you can decide whether you want to sit there, listen, or want to talk. In this case, you need to tap the 'Hand' button to ask the moderator to grant you this authority.

The other choice is for you to start your room. In which case, you will have the ability to name the speakers, the subject and anything else.

What kind of conversation is going on here?

Upon entering the app and in the 'Explore' area of the application, you have a chance to check for conversations that are sorted by categories. You can then listen to them when you are driving, cleaning your house or doing something else, so it's a seamless experience.

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The Icons in the Clubhouse App

  • A green icon accompanies the moderators' profile photos.
  • The confetti icon next to the profile photo indicates that the user entered the app under a week.
  • The microphone indicates the participant's speaking status on and off signs next to their profile picture.
  • On the conversation room screen, you can see user profile pictures. You can view the bios of these users and follow them.
  • In the conversation room, the hand symbol indicates that you want to talk.

Is it like a Podcast?

Many of the participants are using their iPhones to communicate rather than expensive recording equipment. Hence it transforms into a phone conversation.

There is no professional editing, sound effects, transitions, or not official ad intros, etc. The environment is much more flexible than podcast channels. Each room can talk about a different topic and with a different tone and style.

Is it like Zoom, Google Meet etc., without video?

By default, Zoom meetings are closed to the general public. However, it can be compared to Zoom audio calls in several ways. On the other hand, Clubhouse app conversations are available to any participant who can find it, not only a selected group. And since the platform removes the need for concentrating visual content, it should enable people who have something relevant or intelligent to say and speak up.

What does the Clubhouse App offer in the future?

Some marketers may consider this platform having a limited audience to invest in high amounts

The clubhouse app is for people who enjoy talking but lack an audience and regular users who want to be in interesting discussions.

Even though Clubhouse was getting more popular each day with only IOS users and succeeded in attracting more than 10 Million users today, some marketers may consider this platform having a limited audience to invest in high amounts. However, it is undeniable that a new wave of social media marketing is at the door.

A new medium for creating brand awareness

Daily/weekly story-driven series with creative Clubhouse rooms is a well-known practice. Brands can create their weekly conversations by generating insightful, thought leadership debates that are motivated and well-designed based on their communities' needs and desires.

Building trust and grow a sincere community

Customers want to know that companies care for their customers and express their beliefs in this state of economic turmoil and frequent news items. Although producing a live, unfiltered, unrehearsed Room relevant to your brand's niche has the potential to make certain brands appear more genuine, friendly, and trustworthy.

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Influencer marketing with its new form

Some Clubhouse app users gain traction in their fields, amassing thousands of followers, even hundreds of thousands. When they host a Club, they instantly attract a huge, enthusiastic audience that takes part in the discussion.

Brands may sponsor a weekly session or give their products a focal point for discussion to encourage a new way of influencer marketing while creating alternatives for themselves to swipe up link stories and promote video content.

It is an experimentation platform that is evolving in itself with each new day. The Clubhouse was a forum where famous people, CEOs, Tech Industry investors, and even some of the Internet's biggest global influencers might have unfiltered audio group chats about their lives, interests, careers, or markets until a few months ago. But know, there are a variety of conversation rooms where cultural, political, or business topics are thoroughly discussed.

In contrast, some others may have an audio performance by role-playing or storytelling session. For instance, black performers have hosted a Room in which an audio version of Lion King has been performed. So, there are no clear-cut expectations from the Clubhouse app yet, and any creative person can try new things and gain popularity out of the blue.

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Is Clubhouse on Android? Sad but true; it is not there yet!

Is Clubhouse on Android? Sad but true; it is not there yet!

The software is currently only available in the App Store for iOS users. Clubhouse for Android users is coming soon, so stay tuned.

Because the Android app's developers have confirmed that they are already working on it, the publication is still unknown.

While the Clubhouse app is not yet available on Android, some fraud threats are already circulating. You should not, under any conditions, download an APK from the Internet that claims to carry Clubhouse to your Android phone. The majority of the time, the apps marketed as Clubhouse for Android users are malware.

It is also not to download an app of the same name from the Play Store. It is a project management app that has nothing to do with the real social media app.

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Final Verdict

Will the audio room trend linger here for a long time? It is quite possible to say yes because Twitter is already working on "Twitter Spaces," which will open up to Android users ahead of the Clubhouse app.

The Clubhouse may take a little longer to arrive on Android. In particular, some industry experts believe that Android will not arrive until the platform has improved security and privacy concerns. Until Clubhouse comes to Android, it appears that Twitter, Facebook, or other brands will fill the void.

Titles and descriptions, scheduling choices, resources for co-hosts and moderators, guest lists, and other Space features are discussed and shared with the public as they're planned and prototyped. From a functionality and accessibility standpoint, Twitter has modified the display cards that show in the timeline and renames its "captions" feature to become more meaningful.

When looking from a market or brand perspective, having an IOS and Android users audience can seem much more feasible and beneficial. Given that we all agree people loved audio rooms that facilitate them to continue running their errands, and all of us experienced screen fatigue to a certain extent, one can assume that other audio-room social media platforms can have a chance too.

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