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12 Funny Twitter accounts to follow in 2024

12 Funny Twitter accounts to follow in 2024

. 6 min read

Sometimes humor can be all we need to overcome the obstacles and negativity we have been exposed to.

If you seek some funny Twitter accounts to follow, these funny Twitter accounts that we have listed will be the cure after such times.

Alongside our continuous attempts to make your Twitter accounts free of unwanted tweets and full of active Twitter followers, we have created a list of funny Twitter accounts that you should definitely follow for a humorous 2024.

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12 Funny Twitter Accounts for a Humorous 2024

Here goes our list of 12 funny Twitter account to follow in 2024;

1) @SteveMartinToGo

There is actually no need to tell about him. Steve Martin is a longtime funnyman who also knows how to turn any joke into tweet form.

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2) @badbanana

The Nebraska based creative director Tim Siedell is also a blogger who frequently tweets funny with elegant nuances and build-in dark humor.

3) @Queen_UK

It is a parody Twitter account of Queen Elizabeth herself. It is one of the funny Twitter accounts you can find. If you are interested in politics a bit and enjoying political jokes, this funny Twitter account is definitely for you!

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4)  @AlYankovic

Most probably, you already know him as the “Weird Al” and his brilliant parody tweets, which frequently go viral on Twitter. Definitely, All is one of the funniest Twitter accounts in 2024.

5) @meganamram

Megan Amran is an Emmy-nominated American comedy writer with more than 1 M followers on Twitter. We can define her as the girl of Twitter since she got famous on the platform.

6) @StephenAtHome

It would be difficult not to be amused by him. Stephen Colbert’s smart, funny throwaway tweets can strike anything on the earth.

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7) @jonnysun

Canadian comedian Jonny Sun is also one of the funny Twitter accounts with over half a million Twitter followers. You will miss a lot if you don’t follow him in 2024.

8) @Oatmeal

Matthew Inman, the @Oatmeal, is a funny Twitter account thanks to his hilarious comics, which he publishes too often.

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9) @DarthVader

It is not affiliated with the Star Wars productions. Darth Vader is also another funny Twitter account that tweets about things about Star Wars habitus. Nevertheless, it is a parody account; it presents smart, hilarious memes, news, funny discoveries, etc.

10) @thesulk

Copywriter Alec Sulkin has written for The Cleveland Show and Family Guy so far. His smart dark humor has passed him huge fame and a significant number of followers on Twitter. Frequently he tweets funny, hilarious, and smart tweets based on his pure genius.

11) @KenJennings

Keen Jennings tweets are always hilarious. He frequently tweets exclusive jokes about everyday life and social relations in the US. Dark humor is guaranteed indeed!

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12) @feministtwift

Feminist Taylor Swift is an absolutely fantastic funny Twitter account. She takes lines from the famous singer Taylor Swift and throws them in some feminist perspective. This Twitter account really worth to be followed in 2024!

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Wanna find some more funny Twitter accounts?

Let’s find some best Twitter accounts to follow and add some amusement to your life. What is waiting for? Let’s continue with our funny list, Twitter meme accounts, and funniest tweets of the year.

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Onur Ciddi

Visual Arts Enthusiast, Copywriter & Content Specialist at Circleboom

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