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Old tweet deleter to delete old tweets, retweets quickly

Old tweet deleter to delete old tweets, retweets quickly

. 3 min read

Twitter remains an incredibly useful app for a lot of us in terms of career, networking, and sharing personal opinions. Nevertheless, it’s really easy to go with the flow on Twitter and often post tweets that will often jeopardize our relationship personally or professionnaly. Finding an old tweet deleter app or tool is the perfect way to get rid of all your old tweets if they can land you in an embarrassing spot at any given time.

If you’re one of those people who often regrets their old tweets or end up waking up to a drunk tweet, then a tweet deleter app is really helpful for you. It’s also useful for businesses and large corporates when their social media managers fail to understand their audience and associated emotions.

The main reason why you need to rely on third-party apps to delete multiple tweets is because this option is not provided by Twitter. Twitter clearly states that they do not provide a way to bulk delete tweets. Hence, if you’re looking for a faster way out, using reliable third-party apps like Circleboom for tweet deleting is the best way forward.

In this article, we will learn how to use an old tweet deleter app like Circleboom to quickly delete tweets.

How to delete old tweets and retweets with Circleboom

To delete all or some of your old tweets with Circleboom, follow the steps below:

  • Download your Twitter archive from Twitter by downloading your Twitter data. Once requested, Twitter will email your Twitter data to you within a few hours that you can use to delete tweets.
  • Login to the Circleboom dashboard and go to the menu on the left. Select “My Tweets” → “Delete old tweets.”
  • You will be asked to upload your Twitter archive. Upload your tweet.js file from your Twitter archive folder on Circleboom.
  • Select filters based on the tweets you want to delete. If you want to delete all tweets, retweets, and replies, then check all the boxes. If you only want to delete some items, check the required boxes.
  • You can also add additional filters like date filter, keywords, and language to delete tweets. By adding a date filter you can delete tweets between a certain time frame. By using keywords filters you can bulk delete all old tweets that contain that keyword, hashtags, etc.
  • After you have made sure that you have selected the right fields to delete old tweets, click on Approve. Remember that tweets once deleted cannot be recovered.

Sit back and relax!

If you’ve followed all the steps above then the only thing left for you now is to sit back and relax. Circleboom is a 100% Twitter compliant tool so it makes sure that your Twitter profile is completely secure when you delete the tweets. Also, the simple interface and easy steps makes a complex task a delight for you.

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Harshita Agrawal
Harshita Agrawal

Social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

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