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Can you share an article on LinkedIn Company Page? Yes, in seconds!

Can you share an article on LinkedIn Company Page? Yes, in seconds!

. 6 min read

LinkedIn is where two worlds collide. On the one hand, it is occupied by job seekers, juniors who try to promote themselves, and seniors who are in the search of better environments.

On the other hand, a professional, inhumane atmosphere exists. They are real people or brands, organizations. In this sense, LinkedIn company pages are one of the centers where these professionals meet and communicate.

As LinkedIn grows and more companies are interested in being represented in the digital world, LinkedIn company pages are improving qualitatively and quantitatively. This makes them more and more important channels to follow the latest developments in special topics and areas.

One of the most preferred, trusted, and effective ways to share developments and information is through articles. This basic, old method of spreading information is still a powerful method to go deep about events and make your knowledge reach a wider audience.

That’s why knowing how to post articles on the LinkedIn company page becomes a key point to provide a healthy interaction between professional actors and boost engagements through your brand.

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How to share an article on LinkedIn company page?

If you decided that articles are the best way for you to be active on LinkedIn and reach outer spaces, you have more than one solution to post an article on your LinkedIn company page.

You can publish an article on your LinkedIn Company page even without leaving LinkedIn.


Use Circleboom Publish.

You can use third-party tools to manage your multiple LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn Company Pages. Circleboom Publish provides the best tools to create the greatest LinkedIn content on the simplest dashboard ever.

Circleboom supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile and Pinterest.
You can select multiple accounts ın Circleboom Publish.

You can write down your article and/or add URLs of pieces you find valuable to share with your audience on the post-creation page of Circleboom Publish.

Circleboom Publish helps you write LinkedIn articles
It is easy to create compelling LinkedIn content on Circleboom Publish.

A wonderful feature of Circleboom Publish is ‘Discover Articles’.

If you don’t have enough creativity for today or you don’t want to search site by site to find a quality article to publish on your LinkedIn Company Page, set your interests and let Circleboom find the best articles based on them.

Articles form all over the world are on Circleboom
You can manage your interest areas and find related articles on Circleboom.

The only thing you need to do is selecting the best article(s) to publish on your LinkedIn Company Page.

Circleboom Publish provides many articles on many subjects
You can select multiple articles and share them with your LinkedIn audience.

You can post the article you selected immediately or schedule it for a later time on Circleboom Publish. Also, you can adjust your Queue settings and set a continuous plan for your article publishments.

Schedule your LinkedIn content on Circleboom
You can post or schedule your LinkedIn articles easily with Circleboom Publish.

In addition to all these, if you want to keep your LinkedIn Company Page always fresh but can not spend time to produce or find content daily, Circleboom comes with a solution again.

Best Time to Post on LinkedIn: The Optimum Days and Hours
Determining the best time to post on LinkedIn is crucial. It is also important to give you a clue for the best times of day to post on LinkedIn.

You can connect RSS Feeds to your multiple LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn Company Pages. Therefore, you can share articles from the sources you want and do not need to mind for the LinkedIn Company Page(s) every day.

Keep your profiles always fresh
Add multiple RSS Feeds to your multiple accounts.

Last but not the least, Circleboom Publish has great add-on tools to enrich and enhance your LinkedIn content in various ways.

Canva, Unsplash and Giphy are available on Circleboom Publish.
Create excellent content with Canva on Circleboom Publish

You can also watch our hands-on video to learn how to use the Discover Articles feature on Circleboom Publish and find quality articles to share on LinkedIn Company Page(s).

Method #2:  

Write your article on your LinkedIn Company page. Yes, it is true. You can write and publish your article on LinkedIn easily.

Surely you have character limits on LinkedIn. For an article body, you can write up to 110,000 characters that are, I think, highly enough.

You can curate amazing articles with Circleboom Publish
You can write an article on LinkedIn Company page.

The very basic condition for that you have to be the admin of this LinkedIn Company page. If you are, you have every tools and option to write a quality article.

You have the necessary tools to write an article on LinkedIn.


Share the URL of the article you want to publish.

Whether you wrote on another platform or found a valuable article, you can share its URL with your audience.

Circleboom Publish supports LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn Company pages.
You can copy and paste an URL on LinkedIn posts. 

You can add hashtags and mention people on your LinkedIn Company Page posts to attract attention to your content.

You can tag people or use hashtags to reach more audience with your article on LinkedIn.

Wrapping Up

LinkedIn Company Pages are one of the central channels in the digital world where brands and companies promote themselves and interact with other people and organizations to improve their brand awareness.

Sharing articles on Company pages is a trusted way to provide this interaction. LinkedIn has its own tools to write and publish articles. Users can also Circleboom Publish to write, curate, and post articles to reach a wider audience.

Circleboom Publish supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile at affordable prices.

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