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30+ Social media tools that can work for you: Ultimate List

30+ Social media tools that can work for you: Ultimate List

. 9 min read

We are all aware that social media is crucial for increasing brand awareness, generating more leads, and eventually converting more customers.

So, the question is, how do you manage all of your social media marketing responsibilities?

It's easy to become overwhelmed when you consider all of the tasks that social media marketers must accomplish on a daily basis.

You need to keep up with the new trends, regularly prepare a social media calendar, create the content, publish the posts at the best times, monitor the analytics, report the results and revise your marketing strategy.

Fortunately, there are various social media tools at your disposal. These social media management tools can help you optimize your operations, save time, reach out to your target audience at the right time, manage multiple accounts and monitor your performance.

As they come with many different benefits, it can be hard to choose which ones are the best for you. So, we felt it would be beneficial to highlight a few of the finest social media tools to assist you in deciding which is ideal for your company.

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What are the best practices for social media marketing tools?

Social media tools may sound very broad and serve various services and goals, but there are some key best practices and essential qualities to make use of social media marketing tools.

  • Easy to use

Social media tools are only useful if they are simple and intuitive to use. As the aim of using social media management tools is to optimize operations, save time and energy, they need to be easy to use.

For example, if the social media tools offer a different dashboard for every single action they offer, it can get much more complicated than before. That is why Circleboom Publish provides a single intuitive dashboard for designing, planning, automating, and publishing your content.

  • Effective time saver

Social media tools' objective is to help you complete a task in a shorter period with equal or better results.

Thus, you should be looking out for process automatization, shortcuts, and operational optimization while avoiding sacrificing quality. So, we suggest you double-check the process is still completed appropriately.

In social media management, being able to automize the process of posting can be an effective timesaver. With its ultimate social media scheduler, Circleboom Publish can help you schedule your posts for a future date for multiple social media platforms.

Circleboom Publish can help you schedule your posts for a future date for multiple social media platforms

Being one of the most effective social media tools, as you use Circleboom Publish, you don't need to be online all the time when you need to publish a post.

  • Boost your brand awareness

Social media is one most the most precious tool to reach out to your target audience and increase your brand awareness. To boost your brand, you need to provide engaging and interesting content to give a reason for individuals to follow your brand on social media.

To enhance your content, you can benefit from social media tools for designing, such as Canva. Another way to find engaging content is to make use of content curator social media tools. These tools can find interesting content based on your selected interest areas.

Circleboom Publish provides you both a built-in version of the ultimate designing tool Canva to enhance your content.

Circleboom Publish provides you both a built-in version of the ultimate designing tool Canva and an excellent Content Curator. With the built-in Canva tool, you can enhance your content with gripping visuals and provide informative content with its Article Curator to your target audience.

You can curate engaging articles with Circleboom Publish to boost your awareness
  • Budget-friendly and sufficient for your needs

Every brand has its unique features and needs. So, there is not a single answer for the best social media tools. You need to make sure that the social media management tools of your preferences answer your unique needs.

Every social media tool has different subscription offers based on the features they provide. Some of them are more comprehensive, and some are more focused on unique needs. So, the best option is to find a balance between the budget it requires and the features it provides.

For example, Sprout Social's regular membership package starts at $89 per month, and they also have two more options if you require more tools and services.

On the other hand, the paid subscriptions for Circleboom Publish start from $7,99 monthly and have various other plans with different features.  The Circleboom premium subscription plan is used by Netflix, Soundcloud, Roche, NBC, and many others. You can learn more about the features Circleboom Publish provides.

The Circleboom premium subscription plan is used by Netflix, Soundcloud, Roche, NBC, and many others

Social Media Automation Tools

Social media tools are widely used for process automation to save time and energy. Especially if you manage multiple social media accounts, things surely get messy and time-consuming.

As you automate some of the operational processes, you can focus more on the quality of the content and your overall marketing strategy.

Here are some social media tools for automation that you can benefit from.

  • Circleboom Publish – auto-post your content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, and Pinterest through a single dashboard.
  • RocketLink - shorten, brand and track URLs
  • Social Blade - verify influencers
  • Social Auditor - verify influencers
  • HypeAuditor - verify influencers
  • Crowdy - Collect and display testimonials & ratings
  • IFTTT – automate and integrate your tasks with each other
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Social Media Analytics Tools

Social media analytics is a data-driven way to understand better what matters to their brands' audience and what impacts their purchase decisions.

Social media marketers may use this information to create more tailored and relevant marketing experiences for their audience.

It is kind of impossible to keep track of your brand's performance manually. If you want to monitor your results professionally and adapt your social media strategy based on empirical data, it would be best to use a social media analytics tool.

You can check out the list below to find the best social media tools for analytics that can be an answer to your unique needs.

  • Circleboom Twitter – A comprehensive Twitter analytics tool to keep track of your tweets' performance and followers.
  • TapInfluence – Social media tools for analytics of influencers
  • BuzzSumo – Analytics of social engagement of any content
  • / Analytics for hashtags
  • Grytics – Analytics for FB Groups
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Social Media Tools for Design & Content Creation

Providing appealing visuals can help you to drive more traffic, increase engagement and brand awareness. This is the reason why social media tools for design and content creation are in great demand.

As professional social media marketers, you can be full of inspiring ideas. But it is another job to transform these ideas into reality. In this process, you can benefit from many social media tools for design and content creation purposes.

Here are some social media tools that many brands and professionals widely use.

It can get a little bit complicated to use different social media tools for each marketing and operational purpose. That is why Circleboom Publish offers you a built-in version of the ultimate designing tool Canva.

With Circleboom Publish, you can schedule your posts for a future date to auto-post your content, curate many interesting articles, and design your content through a single dashboard. Also, you can benefit from ready-to-use templates for each social media platform to maximize the effectiveness of your visuals.

On Circleboom Publish, you can enhance your content with the built-in version of one of the most popular social media tools for design, Canva, and make use of ready-to-use templates for social media platforms
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Social Media Tools for Marketing

Marketing is an extensive term including all the activities to promote and sell specific products and services. Thus, you can find many social media tools for marketing purposes with different features.

To choose the right social media tools or marketing, you need to be aware of your needs and goals.

We have gathered different social media tools for marketing with various features to provide you a range of possibilities in the market.

  • Circleboom – One of the most comprehensive social media tools for multiple platforms
  • Mention – Social listening tool
  • Google Alerts – Social listening tool
  • Unfold - Marketing tool for Instagram Stories
  • Google Trends – Marketing tool to identify trends
  • Buzzsumo – Marketing tool to identify trends
  • Google Primer - Marketing tools for self-development
  • Google Keep - A productivity tool for content calendars

Wrapping up

Social media management is definitely a tricky business with all the to-dos and responsibilities. It requires a lot of time and energy to create and publish content, keep track of your performance, analyze your customers' needs and modify your marketing strategies.

That's why there are many social media management tools out there to help you on this journey. The key is to find the best match for your unique needs and goals.

We hope that our lists for different categories of social media tools can help you find the best matches for you!

Circleboom Publish: Manage all social media in one place!
As Circleboom, we are now launching an all-in-one social media publish tool, Circleboom Publish to enable you to manage all social media in one place!

Zeynep Morelli

Digital marketer & social media enthusiast focusing on content and brand marketing.

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