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10 Best Twitter management tools for Marketers

10 Best Twitter management tools for Marketers

. 11 min read

Even when you are responsible for only one Twitter account, managing Twitter is not an easy business.

To implement an effective Twitter marketing strategy, you need to analyze many insights concerning your content and audience with a full-fledged Twitter tool for marketing.

Creating a strategic marketing plan for Twitter is hard on its own. The implementation and execution of the marketing plan create more operational workload on top.

That is why numerous Twitter management tools are out there to help you throughout the planning and execution of a Twitter marketing plan. But tools for Twitter marketing are so many that it gets a little confusing to choose the right ones for you.

First, you need to make sure that the app is safe to use and respectful of your privacy.

Then, you need to identify your needs and find one compact tool or a selection of tools suitable for you.

In this article, we will try to help you find the best Twitter tools to execute your marketing plan while saving money, time, and effort.

The Most Comprehensive Twitter Tools for Marketing

Twitter management tools can help you manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule your tweets, find content ideas, keep your Twitter clean from spammers, fakes, eggheads and inactive/overactive accounts, manage Twitter ads, analyze your followers, and many more.

#1 Circleboom

Circleboom is a compact all-in-one social media management tool that will help you grow your Twitter account with the many features it offers.

Circleboom Twitter Management Tool

But before moving on to the details of the tool, let us comfort you with the privacy and security policies of the tool.

Your security is the top priority

As of the beginning of 2018, Circleboom has successfully passed Twitter's strict controls and has not received any rule violation warnings since then.

If Twitter decides to change any rules and regulations, Circleboom will comply with them as it is fully compatible with current Twitter policies and aim to remain so.

For example, you will see many Twitter tools for marketing that allow bulk and automated requests. But these actions do violate Twitter rules, so that is a risky move that may endanger your Twitter account completely.

These actions are not allowed on Circleboom, as your privacy and security come first.

Many well-known international companies such as Netflix, Bayer, Roche and Soundcloud choose to use Circleboom

Easy to use with a user-friendly interface

Circleboom is a compact Twitter management platform, and even there are many tools in itself, the smartly designed interface is very easy to learn and use.

You can reach out to all of the tools on your dashboard menu, a simple yet effective user interface.

5 Excellent Twitter Tools for Marketing of Circleboom

Let's go over these outstanding tools of Circleboom to see if Circleboom is a match for your needs.

Discover & Publish

For a good Twitter marketing strategy, always-on content is very crucial. You need to create interesting and unique content for your audience to stay on their mind.

But an effective content strategy can be very exhausting as it requires a lot of time and effort.

Well, if this is the case for you, Circleboom's Publish Tool is here to help you out.

Circleoom curates many relevant and up-to-date content among thousands of blogs and websites.

All you need to do is select your interest categories, and Circleboom will provide you a selection under these categories.

Circleoom curates many relevant and up-to-date content among thousands of blogs and websites

Also, you can automate your content on Twitter with the schedule your tweets option.

You can create a posting queue with precise timing to identify the post frequency, start and end time easily.

The feature will help you to overcome many operational workloads which need to be done manually without Circleboom.

My Tweets

People prefer easy-to-use and neat information sources to prevent time-consuming and misleading content.

So, it is important to keep your Twitter account nice and clean.

If you are not sure about where to start and how to organize your Twitter, Circleboom's My Tweets Tool can guide you through the process.

You can easily clean up all your tweets and replies with one click or handpick those you desire to remove with Circleboom.

If you need a fresh start, you can easily clean up all your tweets and replies with one click or handpick those you desire to remove.

You can also list, filter and sort your retweets and remove the undesired retweets one by one or in bulk.

Moreover, if you change your opinion on a specific issue or just don't prefer to show it on your Twitter page, you can search for that specific @mention or #hashtag with the free-text search option of Circleboom and clean up all the tweets you want.

Repositioning is a must-have for an effective marketing strategy. If you don't think that your past likes are compatible with your new Twitter marketing strategy, you can use the "unlike all" feature of Circleboom to take back all your likes or cherry-pick the undesired ones and unlike them.

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Smart Search

Reaching out to your target audience is the key to marketing. Trying to find your target audience can be like looking for a needle in a haystack on Twitter.

With Circleboom's Smart Search Tool, you can search for related hashtags and keywords through the bio and tweets of Twitter users.

So, save your money, time and effort to build a strong marketing strategy; Circleboom will help you execute with its best tools for Twitter.

The Circle

We are all aware of the importance of a good follower/following ratio; it makes your Twitter account way more credible and attractive.

The first step to having a healthy follower/following ratio is to identify non-followers, inactive users, fake and spam accounts and remove them from your following list.

You can do this cleaning on Twitter manually, but it will surely take some time as you need to control every account one by one.

With Circleboom's The Circle Tool, you can identify spammers, fake accounts, inactive & overactive accounts, eggheads and non-followers only with one click.

With Circleboom's The Circle Tool, you can identify spammers, fake accounts, inactive & overactive accounts, eggheads and non-followers only with one click, and you can organize your list to be more attractive.

User Analytics

You need to establish your marketing plan based on data-driven insights. Otherwise, it will only be a trial and error with huge possible risks.

One of the best tools for twitter analysis is Circleboom's User Analytics which gives you in-depth insights to your audience.

Circleboom's User Analytics gives you in-depth insights of your audience.

If you are managing an international Twitter account, the language stats of your followers can be useful for you; you can include unique content for the majority of languages to make them feel special and strengthen your bonds.

Another important demographic data that Circleboom provides is the gender stats. Twitter has been using gender data for years to specialize its advertisements based on its users' gender status, but unfortunately, they don't share this data.

As you access this gender stat with Circleboom, you can create more relevant content for your followers.

You access gender stat with Circleboom and you can create more relevant content for your followers.

In addition to demographic data, Circleboom also helps you analyze your audience with followers' characteristics and the best time to tweet and interest cloud tools. For instance, you can learn your audience's interests and the best time for you to tweet.

Circleboom's User Analytics tool provides you the major tweet stats and followers growth so that you can understand which content works best for your audience.

Concluding Note: Furthermore, Circleboom is preparing to launch Circleboom Publish, a multiplatform Social Media Scheduler with the slogan "the most intuitive Social Media Publish Tool to manage all social media in one spot."

Users may manage their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Pinterest accounts from a single dashboard with Circleboom Publish.

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#2 Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is Twitter's native analytics tool that keeps track of general key metrics like impressions, engagement rates, top tweets, top mentions and top followers.

And it's free! You can keep up with your cumulative performance for a specific period or analyze each tweet's performance.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics can help you have a general opinion about your performance; it will tell you which of your tweets are performing better in terms of engagement and impression, but it won't provide you with an in-depth analysis of your followers and interests.

#3 Brandwatch

When it comes to keeping track of your marketing campaigns, Brandwatch is a well-known Twitter tool for marketing that provides insights about your campaigns and your competitors.


Many marketers use this tool to keep up with their influencer marketing and social lead generation campaigns with in-depth analysis.

Unfortunately, it comes pricey. Brandwatch Analytics pricing now starts from $1,000 per month.

#4 TweetReach

TweetReach delivers in-depth Twitter statistics and allows you to plan your Twitter marketing and public relations strategy.

You may monitor how your tweets are performing and identify and drive audience engagement using its capabilities.


However, a Twitter management solution does not include additional social media networks.

Also TwitterReach is expensive (at most 199$/month).

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#5 Sprout Social

Sprout's Twitter integration can help you plan and publish your content, analyze key metrics, create a collaborative workflow process and increase interaction with your followers.


You can manage multiple Twitter accounts on a single dashboard, and its collaborative tools help you establish a healthy workflow for your team.

If CRM is important for your business, Sprout Social's Smart Inbox will help you organize your Twitter messages.

The standard paid subscription starts from $99 per user per month.

#6 Socialbakers

Socialbakers is another well-known Twitter analytics application that includes several useful tools for collecting and presenting Twitter account statistics.


However, it comes with a salty basic pricing plan that, if invoiced annually, would cost you $200 each month.

As a result, it is not quite appropriate for small businesses or social media experts to utilize a few social media accounts.

#7 Adglow

If you are looking for the best tools for Twitter paid advertising campaigns, Adglow may be the answer for you.


You can grow your Twitter audience with an Adglow brand growth campaign, build a database of leads and increase your impression and engagement rates to build a deeper dialog with your target audience.

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#8 Salesforce Marketing Cloud

If you want to connect your marketing efforts with sales and service, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be your solution as a comprehensive marketing tool for Twitter.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

You can learn valuable insights from real discussions of your audience gather relevant feedback from your marketing, service, and sales campaigns from the office or on the mobile app.

With its customizable dashboards, you can watch for trending topics to build your Twitter marketing strategies.

Also, you can monitor machine-learning sentiment analysis to evaluate the changing needs of your target audience and take action on the same dashboard.

If you want to track down your campaigns with detailed reporting, one of the best Twitter tools for marketing Salesforce Marketing Cloud can make it much easier for you.

#9 SocialPilot

SocialPilot is one of the greatest Twitter management solutions available.

It allows you to link over 50 accounts, search the web for related and evergreen material, schedule tweets, and analyze your Twitter account.


It does, however, come at a pretty steep cost. The cheapest option starts at 85 dollars per month if you pay annually; otherwise, it's 100 dollars per month.

As a result, if you run a non-profit or a small business, it might be a bit of a sour pill.

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#10 Sprinklr

Spirnklr is a social media management application that allows you to provide quick and effective customer service via Twitter.

You can efficiently handle community outreach for your clients using Sprinklr. On social media, the company's motto is "humanizing the care experience."


Sprinklr allows you to engage directly with potential customers using Twitter Direct Message without waiting for them to initiate a discussion.

In general, the firm provides assistance to corporations.

Final Verdict

Twitter management requires multi-faceted operation if you aim to take advantage of your Twitter account's full potential. From content creation to monitoring your marketing strategies' results to CRM, it requires a lot of time and effort.

Surely, one of the most effective ways to manage a Twitter account is to get help from third-party applications.

Twitter tools for marketing can help you with the operational workload, provide useful insights about the market, your competitors and your target audience, monitor your Twitter Ads, and provide detailed reports about your strategies.

But we know that it can be hard to choose tools for Twitter marketing as there are many of them in the market.

To make the selection easier, you can first identify your priorities and main needs and find the best Twitter tools for marketing by evaluating your budget options.

Always keep in mind that some of these third-party Twitter tools for marketing do not comply with Twitter's rules and regulations, and in this case, your Twitter account may be in danger.

To avoid this scenario, you should read the terms & policies of the Twitter tools for marketing and check their references to understand the provider's credibility.

Why well-known businesses prefer Circleboom
Circleboom is an all-in-one social media management tool that will help you grow your Twitter account with many features it offers.

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