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Top crypto influencers on Twitter (Circleboom's own list!)

. 4 min read

Twitter has become the digital agora where crypto influencers share insights, trends, and predictions that could make or break fortunes overnight. Even though these valuable insights, news, and analysis help you stay ahead of the curve, it can be tough to know where to turn for reliable insights within the constant stream of info.

Don’t worry, though, as this post also aims to teach you how to fish, on top of giving you a list to start with. The list will be formed of crypto influencers on Twitter whose tweets have the power to sway markets and whose foresight opens a window into the future of finance. And by the end of this post, you’ll see how Circleboom will be one of your best friends in the crypto world.

Circleboom Twitter

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How to find Twitter crypto influencers

Using Twitter's advanced search and arranging it all manually is always an option, but Circleboom also has its own Twitter influencer search feature that will help you find the crypto influencers on Twitter.

Let me tell you how I created this list with Circleboom, and I'm sure it'll serve as a guide for you too.

Step #1: On the dashboard of Circleboom, there is a tab for its "search" features. Under that, I proceeded with "Find Influencers".

Step #2: Once there, I typed in the word "crypto". I also checked the box only where it says "High Engagement Influencers"

Step #3: I also filtered the results out to find only the best ones without having to go through thousands of Twitter accounts. Raising the minimum follower count and all that, you know.

Step #4: Then, I sorted the accounts that appeared before me by the number of followers, and I got a list of top crypto influencers on Twitter.

Top 5 Twitter crypto influencers

Here are the top 5 crypto influencers on Twitter from the list I had based on the follower count:

  1. @LeOrbid: 3.5M followers
  2. @TheMotre: 3.3M followers
  3. @coingecko: 1.9M followers
  4. @AltcoinDailyio: 1.5M followers
  5. @ranpromoter: 738.4K followers

You can also do the same with different keywords, such as "NFT", for example, to find NFT influencers.

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I didn't need it, but with Circleboom, you can also add these profiles to your Twitter lists or export them into CSV for deeper inspection.

Remember these while working with Twitter crypto influencers

  • Do your own research: Don't blindly follow any advice from a Twitter crypto influencer. Use their insights as a starting point for your own research before making any investment decisions.
  • Consider your interests: Follow influencers who focus on the areas of crypto that interest you most, whether it's technical analysis, project updates, or overall industry trends.
  • Be cautious: Be wary of influencers who make unrealistic promises or promote questionable projects. In other words, avoid fake influencers.

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