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Top 20 NFT Influencers on Twitter with the most followers!

. 15 min read

Twitter is an open university. There are great experts on the platform on any topic, sharing their knowledge for totally free.

The crucial part for you is to find them!

If you are looking for the top NFT influencers on Twitter to expand your vision, and establish or redesign your strategy on NFT and the crypto world, come closer!

I prepared a list of the top 20 NFT influencers on Twitter with the most followers!

Before giving this list, I want to show you how I found these NFT Twitter influencers.

Follow me!

How to find NFT influencers on Twitter

Doing good research is the key to finding anything, right?

I did my search with Circleboom Twitter.  It is a comprehensive Twitter management tool that helps you enhance your performance on the platform through various tools and features.

Circleboom - Twitter Account Management

Manage your multiple Twitter profiles professionally in one place!


One of the most compelling features of Circleboom is its "Search" module.

You can conduct detailed searches by keywords in Twitter profiles to find accounts for your niche or business.

You will type the targeted keyword and Circleboom will let you search in Twitter Bios and Profiles to find influencers and experts.

You can apply filters, too. For example, you may want to list only Twitter profiles with 5,000 and more followers! This way you can narrow down the results.

Let me show you how I used Circleboom to find the top 20 NFT influencers on Twitter.

All you need is to follow these steps:

Step #1: Log into your Circleboom account.

If it is your first try, you should create an account. It takes only a minute.

Step #2: Now, you should connect your Twitter account to Circleboom.

It is a totally safe process. Circleboom is a trusted Twitter partner.

Step #3: You are on the Circleboom dashboard now!

Navigate to the left menu and find "Search" and then "Smart Search."

Smart Search

Step #4: You should enter the term you want to search in Twitter profiles.

I wrote"NFT".

NFT search

You can also apply filters.

I want to list profiles that have more than 5000 followers. Also, I wanted to see only verified accounts. Last, I didn't want to see fake, inactive accounts.

Search filters on Circleboom

Step #5: Circleboom will list the results.

You can see their tweet, follower and friend numbers, their join date on Twitter, and how active they are.

Step #6: Then I selected the ones with the most followers and I created a Twitter list.

Circleboom provides the best Twitter List Manager available online.

Twitter List Manager

You can create a new Twitter list or add these profiles in bulk to an existing list.

Then you can name your new list and finish the process.

Name your new Twitter list

You can follow these NFT influencers on Twitter without "following" them.

Now we can closely examine these top 20 NFT influencers on Twitter with the most followers.

Top 20 NFT influencers on Twitter with the most followers

Here is the list of the top 20 NFT Twitter influencers with the most followers.

#1 Dez Bryant

Follower number: 3.4M

Twitter username: @DezBryant

In the ever-evolving realm of NFTs, Dez Bryant emerges as a prominent figure, commanding a sizable and captivated audience drawn by his magnetic charm and unparalleled engagement.

His meteoric rise to prominence was as a dynamic wide receiver for the renowned Dallas Cowboys. However, Bryant's multifaceted talents extend beyond the football field. He is the visionary force behind Personal Corner. This ingenious venture harnesses the potential of blockchain technology to empower athletes in cultivating vibrant communities and fostering connections with their ardent fanbase. This entrepreneurial leap was his gateway to the dynamic realms of NFTs and blockchain innovation.

Seamlessly traversing the worlds of athleticism and cutting-edge web3 innovation, Bryant occupies a unique crossroads where sports and NFTs converge. This convergence positions him at the zenith of influence, a coveted vantage point within the realm of influencers, where his impact reverberates across the dynamic landscapes of sports and NFTs alike.

#2 Sir Kunt - Crypto & NFT

Follower number: 2.2M

Twitter username: @SirKunt

Sir Kunt is an active Twitter user with more than 12k tweets so far. Sir Kunt is a prominent figure within the NFT community, recognized for their contributions in providing perspectives, evaluations, and discussions related to NFT initiatives. Their Twitter posts frequently include information about up-and-coming artists, distinctive NFT releases, and reflections on the ever-changing NFT environment.

#3 Kevin Rose

Follower number: 1.6M

Twitter username: @kevinrose

Hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Kevin Rose shines as a luminary in the realm of NFTs. He's earned his place among the illustrious figures in the digital sphere, securing spots on both Time's esteemed roster of the 25 most influential individuals on the web and Forbes' distinguished list of top 25 web luminaries.

His presence resonates beyond the digital sphere, gracing prestigious platforms that include renowned podcasts and shows like the captivating Jimmy Fallon spectacle, the inquisitive Joe Rogan Experience, the thought-provoking Charlie Rose Show, and the enlightening Tim Ferriss showcase.

Within the dynamic landscape of NFTs, Rose's endeavors have been numerous, yet one standout achievement places him firmly in the spotlight. As the ingenious co-founder and CEO of the visionary enterprise behind the creation of Moonbirds, a captivating and widely embraced NFT collection, Kevin Rose leaves an indelible mark on the NFT landscape.

#4 The Toriant

Follower number: 1.2M

Twitter username: @TheToriant

The Toriant is an influential Crypto guru with 1.2 million followers. You can find amazing campaigns and promotions if you follow The Toriant.

#5 Crypto King

Follower number: 880K

Twitter username: @CryptoKing4Ever

Crypto King, a prominent figure in the world of cryptocurrencies, boasts an impressive following of over 800,000 Twitter users and has shared a wealth of knowledge through 34.6K tweets. This influential profile predominantly focuses on crypto competitions, contests, and promotions, serving as a community leader within the cryptocurrency sphere. With a finger on the pulse of the crypto landscape, Crypto King's engaging content keeps enthusiasts informed and engaged.

Crypto King's Twitter presence is a hub of crypto excitement, with a dedicated following that eagerly participates in contests and competitions related to digital assets. With its extensive experience and substantial tweet count, this account has emerged as a go-to source for the latest developments and opportunities in the crypto world, cementing its status as a community leader in the field.

#6 Nora Estia - Crypto Giveaways

Follower number: 790.9K

Twitter username: @NoraEstia

Nora Estia is a very active Twitter user with more than 75k tweets. You can find very useful and informative tips about NFT, Bitcoin, and crypto.

You can also find retweets from other NFT-related accounts on Nora Estia's profile. So, you can discover other influencers through its profile.

#7 Pranksy

Follower number: 436K

Twitter username: @pranksy

Pranksy holds a prominent position within the NFT community on Twitter. A recent venture involved Pranksy teaming up with crypto artist Josie Bellini to offer NFT mystery boxes, which garnered swift sell-outs.

Moreover, Pranksy has a strong focus on fostering a sense of community. In addition to consistent interaction with followers on social platforms, Pranksy orchestrates a range of gatherings and activities. For instance, a notable example includes a recent street art tour conducted via a double-decker bus.

#8 Princess

Follower number: 362K

Twitter username: @princesspromos_

Princess, a prominent figure in the crypto realm, commands an impressive audience of over 362k followers on Twitter, where she has shared a trove of insights across 30k tweets. Her influential profile predominantly revolves around crypto competitions, contests, and promotions, establishing her as a central figure within the cryptocurrency community. With a keen eye on the dynamic crypto landscape, Princess's captivating content keeps enthusiasts informed and engaged.

Princess's Twitter presence shines as a vibrant hub of crypto enthusiasm, attracting a devoted following that eagerly participates in contests and competitions related to digital assets. Backed by extensive experience and a substantial tweet history, this account has solidified its role as a trusted source for the latest developments and opportunities in the crypto universe, firmly establishing her position as a community leader in the field.

#9 Farokh

Follower number: 347.6K

Twitter username: @farokh

In your quest to uncover notable NFT influencers for collaboration or inspiration, Farokh undoubtedly merits your attention. In his distinctive parlance, Farokh presents himself as a proactive agent driven by the urge to craft, amass, absorb, and harmonize.

Presently, he's engrossed in crafting the foundations of a decentralized web3 media establishment. This formidable endeavor helps Farokh maintain an astonishingly prolific presence on Twitter, composing an impressive symphony of around 75 daily posts.

While Farokh's endeavors are deeply intertwined with the NFT and crypto realm, his Twitter canvas paints a multifaceted portrait. Beyond NFTs and cryptographic collaborations, his posts seamlessly embrace broader societal dialogues, delivering motivational cadences and heartening narratives that kindle hope.

#10 Wendy O

Follower number: 347.2K

Twitter username: @CryptoWendyO

With a passion for both cryptocurrency and NFTs, CryptoWendyO offers a wealth of knowledge on these topics. Her tweets often include analyses, predictions, and discussions about the NFT market and its impact on the broader crypto ecosystem.

#11 chita glorya

Follower number: 324.6k

Twitter username: @chitaglorya3rd

chita glorya, a notable figure in the crypto arena, commands an impressive following of over 324k Twitter followers and has shared a wealth of insights across 10k tweets. This influential profile primarily centers around crypto competitions, contests, and promotions, positioning chita as a central figure within the cryptocurrency community. With a sharp focus on the ever-evolving crypto landscape, chita glorya's engaging content keeps enthusiasts informed and engaged.

chita glorya's Twitter presence serves as a lively hub of crypto enthusiasm, attracting a dedicated following that eagerly participates in crypto contests and competitions. Backed by extensive experience and a significant tweet history, this account has firmly established itself as a trusted source for the latest developments and opportunities in the crypto world, cementing chita glorya's role as a community leader in the field.

#12 gmoney.9dcc.eth

Follower number: 301.2K

Twitter username: @gmoneyNFT

GmoneyNFT is a voice in the NFT community known for sharing insights, reviews, and commentary on NFT projects. Their tweets often feature updates on emerging artists, unique NFT drops, and thoughts on the evolving NFT landscape.

#13 Franklin

Follower number: 170K

Twitter username: @franklinisbored

Franklin is a very active Twitter user with 56K posts. You can find informative tweets on its profile. He is a Bored Ape holder.

#14 4156

Follower number: 149.4K

Twitter username: @punk4156

Known for their insights into the NFT and crypto world, this influencer offers a blend of informative content and engaging discussions. They frequently share updates on NFT projects, market trends, and technological advancements.

#15 UNE

Follower number: 68.9K

Twitter username: @UNE_METAVERSE

UNE is not a very active Twitter NFT influencer but it provides amazing promotions and information about the latest NFT projects, collaborations, and live events.

#16 Mido Crypto

Follower number: 49.1K

Twitter username: @midogives

Mido Crypto is another important NFT influencer on Twitter. It has more than 23K tweets and is quite active on Twitter.

It also promotes other NFT and crypto accounts on its account. That makes it a good opportunity to be familiar with the NFT universe.

#17 Mr Mo {313}

Follower number: 27.713

Twitter username: @yinkadek

Mr Mo {313} is a very old and active Twitter account with 55K tweets. It aims to educate people about NFT, blockchain, and general financial issues.

This profile has great tips and tricks for specific NFT projects and cryptocurrencies.

#18 Mr F

Follower number: 13.8K

Twitter username: @MrFwashere

Mr F is not very active on Twitter. It has only 623 tweets but you can find useful technical tips about NFT projects and cryptocurrency.

#19 ElvishMagic

Follower number: 15.6K

Twitter username: @elvishmagicpad

It is a new account on Twitter, but it is quite active with more than 200 tweets. You can find great tips for the latest NFT projects and related accounts.

#20 Scott

Follower number: 20.7K

Twitter username: @Scott_eth

Scott is an active NFT influencer and also a product owner. You can follow the tips on its profile and the latest developments of its NFT project.

It is the end. Now you know the top NFT influencers on Twitter with the most followers. You can create a Twitter list with these accounts and follow their updates without missing any tweets!


Did you know you can make an NFT as your Twitter profile picture?

You should follow these steps to make an NFT profile picture on Twitter:

Step #1: To get started, go to your profile and click on your profile picture. The enlarged view of your profile picture will show a button labeled 'Edit'. Click on this button to proceed.

When you click on the 'Edit' button, Twitter Blue will give you three options: take a photo, choose an existing photo, or choose an NFT. Select the 'Choose NFT' option. If you don't have Twitter Blue, only the first two options will be available.

Step #2: This will take you to a page that explains more about NFT profile pictures on Twitter.

At the bottom of this page is a button labeled 'Connect my wallet'. Click on this button to proceed. The following wallets are currently supported by Twitter:

  • Argent
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Ledger Live
  • MetaMask
  • Rainbow
  • Trust Wallet

How to connect your wallet is a different thing than entering a wallet address to receive crypto tips. If you have already entered a wallet address to receive tips, you must still connect your wallet to display NFTs. If you connect your wallet to reveal an NFT and want to receive tips, you still need to enter your wallet address.

The process for connecting your wallet may be slightly different depending on which wallet you use. In this article, we used MetaMask, which required us to take additional steps to display an NFT in MetaMask.

Step #3: Select your NFT to make a Twitter profile picture.

Once your wallet is connected, select the NFT you want to display. The process for choosing an NFT may differ depending on which wallet you have and how that wallet connects to your NFTs.

Once you select the NFT, you want to use as your profile picture. It would be best if you cropped it. This is because verified NFT profile pictures appear as hexagons instead of the usual circle. You can make any NFT your profile picture on Twitter, but only NFTs you own can appear as hexagons. This is the whole point of the process.

Once satisfied with the crop, click "Done" to proceed.

That's it! Now, you can make your Twitter profile picture from an NFT.

Important Note: You should do this on your Twitter app. This feature doesn't work on the desktop.

If you want to grow an NFT or blockchain Twitter community, there are some helpful actions that you can take to make everything easier for you!

And, Circleboom is your assistance in every step you take!

What are those effective practices?

How to grow your NFT community on Twitter

You can:

  • Share Twitter threads and attract attention
  • Make announcements
  • Use polls and organize Q&A sessions
  • Know your audience better and create content in their interests

#1 Share Twitter threads

Twitter provides users with a concise canvas for expressing their thoughts within a Tweet. In its microblogging format, each Tweet is limited to a maximum of 280 characters.

However, when you're aiming to delve deeper into your message, you have the option to construct your content as interconnected Tweets, forming engaging Twitter threads.

Twitter Thread Scheduler

Craft & Schedule your Twitter threads on Circleboom!


As the blockchain landscape evolves and unfolds its capabilities, conveying groundbreaking insights about your project or the industry demands more characters than a single Tweet allows. This transforms your Twitter profile into an inviting realm where individuals flock to uncover valuable insights into the world of cryptocurrency systems.

#2 Make announcements

In the modern era, a vast majority of individuals seek to stay informed through the latest news and updates available on Twitter.

It's essential to consistently share current news and pertinent insights related to your industry, business, or relevant domains. By disseminating timely updates and informative reports, you can cultivate a stronger bond between your audience and your business or sector, fostering a deeper sense of connection and familiarity.

#3 Use polls & organize Q&A sessions

Engaging your audience through Twitter polls provides a valuable avenue for interaction. These polls offer insights into people's preferences and inclinations, allowing you to gather information on their preferences and opinions.

In turn, this interaction enables individuals to influence the decisions your business makes, while your company gains valuable insights into the interests of your target demographics. Participating in a Twitter poll is an enjoyable and thrilling experience for users.

Given that blockchain is relatively new to many, people are eager to comprehend its intricacies and your brand's role within it. Organizing question-and-answer sessions serve as an effective approach to fostering communication and expanding your brand's blockchain community on Twitter.

Inviting inquiries from those interested in your brand or project and offering informative responses hold immense significance in promoting your business and providing clarity on various aspects.

#4 Know your audience better and create content in their interests

To foster the growth of your blockchain community on Twitter, it's crucial to approach your profile professionally. Effective Twitter usage involves closely monitoring your network. As you endeavor to expand your blockchain community, employing your profile strategically becomes paramount. Consequently, the analysis of follower and friend data holds equal importance, serving as a foundation for constructing robust digital strategies that resonate with your expanding audience.

Maintaining a steady stream of pertinent and captivating content plays a pivotal role in drawing and retaining followers. Ensure a consistent flow of posts detailing your project's advancements, forthcoming events, or noteworthy developments. Boost your presence and credibility by engaging with influencers and fellow members of the crypto sphere.

Leverage fitting hashtags and trending subjects to partake in broader discussions within the industry. Additionally, cultivate your project's reputation as a trailblazer by disseminating enlightening and educational materials.

Circleboom offers a great feature to catch the topics that your audience will be interested in: Twitter Interest Targeting!


You know what your Twitter followers are tweeting about! So, if you create related tweets, your chances will be higher for more engagement! This is the beginning of growing your blockchain community on Twitter.

For more information on growing your NFT community on Twitter, you can read our detailed guide here:

How to Grow a Crypto Community: The Best, Tested Strategies!
The importance of having a strong crypto community cannot be overstated, as it plays a pivotal role in the success of any cryptocurrency project. A vibrant and engaged community not only fosters trust and credibility but also helps in spreading awareness and driving the adoption of the project.

Final Words

I prepared a list of the top 20 NFT influencers on Twitter so that you can enhance your knowledge and experience by following their tips. You can create a Twitter list only with them and follow them without disrupting your follower/following ratio.

As I explained above, I found these NFT influencers with Circleboom's advanced "Search" tool. You can find profiles by keywords. You can filter your searches by follower numbers, join dates, verify status, etc. So, you can find really authoritative Twitter profiles on any topic.

You can use these amazing Circleboom features at affordable prices.

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)